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Thread: Spiritus Mundi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Andro does not have the Philosopher's Stone.
    Correct. I have openly admitted to that. However, I never said where's I'm at in the process. But I'll leave you to speculate, because you're so good at this

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Andro has done a lot of work in his days and Andro has seen a lot.
    "In his days"? LOL. Are you by any chance implying that my alchemy days are over? My work and research are alive and well, thank you very much

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Do you think Green Lion with his elaborate words and long posts has accomplished something worthwhile?? Does Salazius making gold disappear strike awe in your heart? Can Zoas' method of working produce what you earnestly desire?? What do you think Z 0K can accomplish worthwhile?? Why put any value in the words Cyrano types??
    You don't know any (or most) of the people you mention. Particularly, I seriously doubt you know ANYTHING about the more advanced work of, for example, Salazius or Green Lion. Also, z 0K has admitted that he has achieved some excellent medicine. Maybe it's not THE STONE (yet), but it's definitely "something worthwhile".

    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    our spanish friends
    I suggest to exercise extreme (pre)caution in this area. Things are not what they seem. Nuff said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    The old books have the answers. Your contemporaries do not have the answers.
    This logical fallacy is known as "Appeal to Antiquity". Who knows, maybe some of the people who would have written books then - are writing on forums now

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    no one here has what you want.
    You don't know everyone here. Much better to speak for yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Your obsession with "capturing SM" is not anything many Adepts (the true Sages) preach or even talk about. It is almost exclusive to this forum.
    Actually, not really. The more/most rare books (many not even translated into English), talk quite a bit about this. Many super-rare R+C texts are available exclusively in German, and even so, they're difficult to find and decipher. Deciphering an old MS in tiny Fraktur/Gothic handwriting is not the easiest task in the world for most people...

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    As far down your throat Andro's dick is
    Let's leave my dick and EM's throat out of this discussion, please. Unless you're jealous
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    @ Schmuldvich

    There's an old saying ... "it takes one to know one"

    I would suggest that if you had SM and the understanding
    of IT then you would probably recognize most easily the
    other members of the forum that are in possession of IT also.

    Does this sound logical to you ???

    A very likely scenario: No SM = No Alchemy

    Does this also sound logical to you ???

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    but I think a bit of clarity would be necessary in 2018 there are those who claim that the MS exists and that has been identified in the ANDRO laboratory and others claim to be instead JDP (which also very rightly supports the indispensability of external solvent creation secret and svp nb that is an alchemical path also true and right to read that weidenlfeld prodromus kunkel plot etc et etc) along with high laughs and mocks on the SM and maybe he is right?
    who is right ... ?
    in MIHO I refrain and study if you? or if not?
    and I look for a series of verifications and not only archaeological charts and theoretical hypotheses or inconclusive photos of the I say and I do not say that they are so fashionable

    According to me in 2018 and not in the 1400 or 1700 centuries we must take all the enormous opportunities that science offers to clarify and it seems that soon they come out publishing where the topic SM and the various arcane alchemical secrets will finally be addressed and totally as it is explicitly explicitly eviscerated .
    But finally not in the usual closed and stale salons and some alchemists or some scientist their acolytes who claims to have analyzed it at the laboratory I think we are in 2018 and finally it is time to unveil the alchemy that perhaps will be the real alternative for the humanity and perhaps it will be a real panacea for physical ills and will give everyone the ability to care and regeneration etc and to remove the "blocks" of interiors that have always been imposed by the owners of the "world" and their puppets to prevent the real evolution..

    But on this I know that others do not think so here.
    But these are their different opinions and if they keep them with all respect to me / we do not care.
    Both history and science is already making them opaque and their alchemical vision is already stale and overcome by time and never the rc etc etc were so closed and dulled even the rc to their withdrawal published all Secret Extasi of Federico Gualdi the Toeltuis addiritura the solar arcana divine alchemy, etc etc, leaving the golden thread to be repeated to posterity and resume practicing and spreading the arcane thanks to the above texts and many others left us with very explicit instructions left by them (and this for the ignorant and simply history, for example, as I have already said, read the preface by fr Damerion to the book published by RC the secret of the astral dust and this is history).

    But sooner or later (as I said) with the serious sarabande of publications that is going to be implemented (from various European circles etc very experienced in alchemical practice in symbiosis with true scientists of open mint) even the "well thought" orthodox alchemists of the various cenacoli and cenacoletti and more or less closed circles will realize it and from the same history will be overcome and put rightly in mothballs to observe amazed or perhaps disgusted.
    and a prelude to the future games of ludi where we will really see some beautiful with good peace of the orthodox alchemists.

    Now on this strangely it also arrives almost synchronic (but well disjointed (and we know this very very well...) and not agreed but only strangely sync will be the wind of innovation and unveiling that by now many parts is blowing ..) to this a curious other article just left the rhoend in his blog

    nd (rhoend that obviously should always be taken with so much huge granus salis especially given its past some fake etc but still keeping in mind this always) the article is affected and I think the complete one that contains what they tell me the following
    natural elements explained and related as a magnet or a product of MS

    disulfide of molybdenum


    sulfuro de hidrógeno.

    not that strange identification with it of the MS
    and if so it is also announced then its new book announced that apparently will be on this line early scientific alchemical scientifically identifying the MS and that makes it become curious and perhaps interesting (and this I think JPD will please smokier alchemical and not explicit and not reproducible theories because they lack serious data and / or the very ostracized precise recipes but finally serious scientific bases to be vivisected and so relying on finally to serious scientifically tested findings we will see if the hypothesis of what it is and how to catch it SM and how are they valid or not?)

    BUT this article attached here and the future book is only a small synchronicity because the wind of unveiling that will blow will be a real storm that will wipe away all the alchemical opulence and you will see if you will see some good because in addition to the strange synchronicity of the curious articles (even if discussed and questionable rhoend) even in Europe the wind of renewal will rage and wipe away all the alchemical opulence because (as we already said in other posts) from various parts and with various alchemical scientific foundations we are preparing
    large and important publications on MS and arcana of alchemy and comparisons of them to a science vision that finally changes course and begins to seriously analyze alchemy publicly and explicitly. And this all to the face and with good peace of the "well thought out" orthodox alchemicals who are in the cantucci reserved to study and experiment with each other or with 4 equally "well-thinking" scientists and opsoleti their acolytes that in the face of science and scientific progress of humanity are kept for their research and analysis but NB scientists who are not obsolete will soon remedy all this, as I have already said in various posts, all this is just a matter of time, and willy-nilly "the well-thought alchemical" humanity will find its liberation and the achemy will be pivotal to it. central engine there is only waiting for publications etc and just well see and observe this and everything will gradually change with peace of mind who does not share this true wind with obscure that I will blow very

    soon in all the alchemical

    and pro salute populi per tutta l'umanità for all humanity
    .................................................. ....

    ma secondo me un po di chiarezza sarebbe necessaria nel 2018 c'è chi sostiene che lo SM esiste e che addiritura è stato identificato in laboratorio ANDRO e altri asseriscono di si invece JDP (che anche molto giustamente sostiene l'indispensabilità della creazione esterna del solvente segreto e dello svp nb che è una via alchemica anche essa vera e giusta si legga a ciò weidenlfeld prodromus kunkel plot etc et etc) assieme ad alti ride e si irride sullo SM e forse ha ragione ?
    chi ha ragione ... ?
    a MIHO io mi astengo e studio se si ? o se no ?
    e cerco serie verifiche e non solo carte archeologiche e ipotesi teoretiche o foto inconcludenti del dico e non dico che sono tanto di moda

    Secondo me nel 2018 e non nei secoli 1400 0 1700 bisogna prendere tutte le enormi opportunità che offre la scienza per fare chiarezza e pare che presto escano pubblicazione dove l'argomento SM e i vari segreti arcani alchemici verranno finalmente affrontati e totalmente come è giusto esplicitamene sviscerati .
    Ma finalmente non nei soliti salotti chiusi e stantii e di alcuni alchimisti o qualche scienziato loro accoliti che asserisce di averlo analizzato al laboratorio io ritengo che siamo nel 2018 e finalmente è giunto ora di disvelare l'alchimia che forse sara la vera alternativa per l'umanità e forse da essa verrà una vera panacea sia per mali fisici e dara a tutti capacita di cura e di rigenerazione etc e sia per rimuovere i "blocchi"interiori di impostateci da sempre dai padroni del "mondo" e i loro burattini per impedire la vera evoluzione..

    Ma su ciò so bene che altri non la pensano cosi qui.
    Ma queste sono loro opinioni diverse e se le tengano pure con tutto il rispetto a me/noi non interessano.
    Tanto la storia e la scienza li sta già rendendo opsoleti e la loro visione alchemica è già stantia e superata dal tempo e mai i rc etc etc furono cosi chiusi ed ottusi anzi i rc al loro ritiro pubblicarono tutto Extasi segrete di Federico Gualdi il Toeltuis addiritura l'alchimia solare arcana divina etc etc lasciando il filo d'oro da riannodare ai posteri e riprendere ad praticare e diffondere gli arcano e cio grazie ai testi suddtti e molti altri lasciateci con istruzioni molto esplicite da loro lasciate (e ciò per gli ignoranti e semplicemente storia ad esempio di ciò come già dissi si legga la prefazione di fr Damerion al libro pubblicato da rc il segreto della polvere astrale e ciò è storia).

    Ma prima o poi (come già dissi)con la seria sarabanda di pubblicazioni che sta per essere attuata (da vari ambienti europei etc molto esperti nella pratica alchemica in simbiosi con veri scienziati di menta aperta) anche i "ben pensanti" ortodossi alchimisti dei vari cenacoli e cenacoletti e circoli più o meno chiusi se ne renderanno conto e dalla storia stessa saranno superati e messi giustamente in naftalina ad osservare stupiti o forse disgustati il tutto.
    e a preludio dei ludi giochi futuri dove ne vedremo veramente delle belle con buona pace degli ortodossi alchimisti .

    Ora su ciò stranamente arriva anche quasi sincronico ( ma ben disgiunto (e noi questo molto molto bene lo sappiamo ...)e non concordato ma solo stranamente sincronico sara il vento di innovazione e disvelamento che da molte parti ormai soffia ..) a ciò un curioso altro articolo appena uscito dal rhoend nel suo blog

    nd (rhoend che ovviamente va sempre preso con tanto tanto tanto enorme granus salis specialmente visto i suoi trascorsi di alcuni falsi etc ma comunque ben tenendo presente sempre ciò) l'articolo è interessate e penso che quello completo che contiene a quanto mi dicono i seguenti
    elementi naturali spiegati e in relazione come magnete o e prodotto dello SM

    disulfuro de molibdeno


    sulfuro de hidrógeno.

    non che strane identificazione con esso dello SM
    e se è cosi come si annuncia anche dunque il suo nuovo libro annunciato che a quanto pare sara su questa riga anticipata scientifica alchemica con scientificamente l'identificazione dello SM e cio lo fa divenire curioso e forse interessante ( e ciò penso a JPD fara piacere non più fumose teorie alchemiche e non esplicite e non riproducibili perche mancanti di seri dati e o delle tanto ostracizzate precise ricette ma finalmente serie basi scientifiche da vivisezionare e cosi appoggiandoci a finalmente a seri riscontri testati scientificamente vedremo se le ipotesi di cosa è e come si cattura lo SM e come hanno validità o ?no ?)

    MA questo articolo qui allegato e il futuro libro è solo una piccola sincronicità perche il vento di disvelamento che soffierà sara una vera tempesta che imperverserà spazzerà via tutto l'opsoleto alchemico e vedrete se ne vedranno delle belle anche perche oltre alle strane sincronicità degli articoli curiosi (del seppur discusso e discutibile rhoend ) anche in europa li vento di rinnovamento imperverserà e spazzerò via tutto l'opsoleto alchemico perche (come già dicemmo in altri post ) da varie parti e con varie fondazioni alchemico scientifiche si stanno preparando grosse e importanti pubblicazioni su SM e arcani dell'alchimia e comparazioni di essi a una visione scienza che finalmente cambia rotta e inizia ad analizzare seriamente l'alchimia pubblicamente ed esplicitamente .

    E ciò tutto alla faccia e con buona pace dei "ben pensanti" ortodossi alchemici che se ne stanno nei cantucci riservati a studiare e sperimentare tra di loro o con 4 scienziati altrettanto "ben pensanti" e opsoleti loro accoliti che alla faccia della scienza e del progresso scientifico dell'umanita si tengono per loro ricerche e analisi ma NB altri scienziati non opsoleti rimedieranno molto presto a tutto cio .

    tanto come già ho detto in vari post tutto cio è solo questione di tempo e volente o nolente "i ben pensanti alchemici "l'umanità troverà la sua liberazione e l'achimia ne sara perno e motore centrale c'è solo di attendere pubblicazioni etc e solo ben vedere e osservare cio e tutto gradualmente cambierà con buona pace di chi non condivide questo vento di vera conoscenza che soffierò molto presto in tutto gli ambienti alchemici e pro salute populi per tutta l'umanità

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfr View Post
    I look for a series of verifications
    The best way to get "verifications" is to do the work yourself. Or to witness it "first hand".

    If anyone can think of a better way, please post it.

    Quote Originally Posted by above referenced blog
    Last year, a research team in Australia, invented a sort of hygroscopic gel with a curious and interesting feature.

    So interesting, that I can only talk about it in Patreon.
    I did a quick Google search with some of the keywords and this is what came up:

    Quote Originally Posted by alfr View Post
    and if so it is also announced then its new book announced that apparently will be on this line early scientific alchemical scientifically identifying the MS and that makes it become curious and perhaps interesting
    Apparently, this book will teach you, in a simple manner, the full and complete practice and science of making the stone.

    Maybe the wait is over?

    If you decide to get the upcoming book and subsequently make the stone, I'll be the first to congratulate you.
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    Dear Andro that beautiful jokes lol lol but if you read the post I well said well

    1) I said that the article on SM and book his future book of rhoend (rhoeden that I repeat always should be taken with super granus salis) indicates disulfuro de molibdeno Molibdenita sulfuro de hidrógeno.and that it hypotesis are allcurious to think about carefully

    2) but also I said that soon alchemists are not opaque and scientists are not opaque with opsolete old and stale old alchemical mentality that respect but that absolutely do not share and share and that unlike their alchemists and scientists instead with really open mind with which I For years we have been working and with whom we are in contact, they will soon publish publications that are in harmony with us on the scientific unveiling of the various alchemical arcana

    3) and that if you read well in my opinion will gradually graduate to change the knowledge that science has of alchemy and from there everything will change

    4) and dear Andro on stone and elixir realization that what we say no one in us and you and no one here or other parts (and wrist of various environments and serious alchemical European qualifiers etc we have it well) has never reached the stone to our warning is because it lacks the key to the final solar multiplication indicated by hermogene and tothat read well hermogene StabFeuer e
    ekasrtausen arcana diva gualdi etc but that is a high issue that for now I throw them but also for now I will leave

    5) for which there is little to make jokes so much nobody including you has achieved anything serious and neither us nor you we are all seriously just trying different methods
    and what we all more or less we and others have all achieved only in the mutual diversity and methodologies es SVP solvents secrets salmiack di diana withe etc and so said SM etc (NB all results and products phil that for your info and for info to others from have already been widely obtained all by us and by our collaborators and contacts have all been widely in various ways various subjects and various methodologies results all widely obtained by us and NB and same results as they are but as you Andro well you know are only various white or red waxes or so called false prophets and they are all without any or minimum capacity and these as you know well you Andro are the same as in qualified serious and profound alchemical environments have been obtained only it
    NB and all have until proven otherwise and they have not obtained only that .. )
    only that the beautiful red waxes and so called false prophets or that are interesting and not usual solvents
    but all without any potentiality from what is well established, that is, apart from illusions and chimeras and stupas, and lies that many asserted and said on this

    we and others with whom we collaborate have decided to release precise alchemical keys and precise publications that will in fact make opaque and obsolete closures on alchemy existing in various environments

    6) however Andro as well as you well know nobody has arrived to anything if you do not wax red and or so-called beautiful false prophets of nil or minimal capacity
    therefore taken note of this...
    therefore now let's see if now a serious science open and wisely now oriented having the exact identification of processes and materials etc and relying on series and traditional and so much abhorred recipes of the rc etc we'll see if maybe they will come to the head of something and then spread it always and only pro health populi

    my best regard alfr

    Book etc ancient rc and method on SM

    Andro about these you say

    Actually, not really. The more/most rare books (many not even translated into English), talk quite a bit about this. Many super-rare R+C texts are available exclusively in German, and even so, they're difficult to find and decipher. Deciphering an old MS in tiny Fraktur/Gothic handwriting is not the easiest task in the world for most people...

    ok this it is true special on rc text manuscript operative so can you put some title and exact reference of this very tanks

    caro andro che belle battute lol lol ma se rileggi il post io ho ben detto ben altro

    1 ) ho detto che il l'articolo su SM e libro suo futuro libro di rhoend( rhoeden che ripeto sempre va preso con super granus salis ) indica disulfuro de molibdeno Molibdenita sulfuro de hidrógeno che questa ipotesi sua indica cosa curiose su cui attentamente pensare

    2 ) ma altresi ho detto che presto da alchimisti non opsoleti e scienziati non opsoleti con opsolete vecchi e stantie mentalità vecchie alchemiche che rispetto ma che assolutamente non condivido e condividiamo e che a differenze di looro alchimisti e scienziati invece con mente veramente aperte con cui io noi gia da anni lavoriamo e con cui siamo in contatto presto faranno pubblicazioni mirate concordamente a noi sulla disvelazione scientifica dei vari arcani alchemici

    3) e cio se leggi bene a mio nostro avviso iniziera graduatamente a modificare la conoscenza che la scienza ha della alchimia e da li tutto cambiera

    4) e caro andro su realizzazione pietra ed elixir che che se ne dica nessuno ne noi te tu e nessuno qui od altre parti (e di polso dei vari ambienti seri e qualificati alchemici europei etc noi lo abbiamo bene ) ha mai raggiunto la pietra a nostro avviso è perche manca la chiave della moltiplicazione solare finale indicata da hermogene e a cio leggere bene hermogen StabFeuer..
    ekasrtausen arcana diva gualdi etc ma cio è un'alta questione che per ora butto li ma anche per ora tralascio

    5 ) per cui c'è poco da fare battute spiritose tanto nessuno compreso tu ha realizzato nulla di serio ecio ne noi ne te ne altri ci stiamo tutti seriamente solo che provando su varie vie metodologie
    e cio che tutti piu o meno noi tu e altri si hanno tutti solo realizzato nelle reciproche diversità e metodologie es SVP solventi segreti salmiack di diana biaco etc e cosi detto SM etc (NB tutti risultati e prodotti phil che per tua info e per info ad altri da sono gia stati ottenuti ampiamente tutti essi da noi e dai nostri collaboratori e contatti sono stati tutti ampiamente in varie vie varie materie e varie metodologie risultati tutti ampiamente ottenuti da noi e NB e stessi risultati che sono pero come anche tu Andro ben sai sono solo varie cere bianche o rosse o cosi detti falsi profeti e che sono tutti senza nessuna o minima capacita e questi come sai bene anche tu Andro sono gli stessi che in seri qualificati e profondi ambienti alchemici si sono ottenuti solo essi
    NB e tutti hanno fino a prova contraria e non menzogne hanno ottenuto solo cio ..) solo che delle belle cere rosse e cosi detti falsi profeti che fanno da interessanti e non usuali solventi
    ma tutti senza nessuna potenzialità da cio e ben constatato cio a parte illusioni e chimere e fandonie su cio

    noi e altri con cui collaboriano abbiamo deciso di rilasciare precise chiavi alchemiche e precise pubblicazioni che di fatto renderanno opsolesti e superati le chiusure sull'alchimia esistenti in vari ambienti

    6 ) comunque Andro come anche tu ben sai nessuno è arrivato a nulla se non cere rosse e o dei cosi detti bei falsi profeti di nulle o minime capacita
    dunque preso atto di cio...
    ora vediamo se ora una scienza seria e aperta sapientemente ora orientata avendo la esatta identificazione di processi e materie etc e basandosi su serie e tradizionali e tanto tanto aborrite ricette dei rc etc vedremo se magari loro arriveranno a capo di qualcosa per poi diffonderla sempre e solo pro salute populi

    my best regard alfr


    Book etc ancient rc and method on SM

    Andro about these you say

    Actually, not really. The more/most rare books (many not even translated into English), talk quite a bit about this. Many super-rare R+C texts are available exclusively in German, and even so, they're difficult to find and decipher. Deciphering an old MS in tiny Fraktur/Gothic handwriting is not the easiest task in the world for most people...

    ok this it is true special on rc text manuscript operative so can you put some title and exact reference of this very tanks
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    Some helpful quotes

    To grasp the invisible elements, to attract them by their material correspondences, to control, purify and transform them by the living power of the spirit, this is true alchemy.
    Comte de Gabalis
    We have only to concentrate the Fire of the World in a globe of crystal, by means of concave mirrors; and this is the art which all the ancients religiously concealed, and which the divine Theophrastus discovered. A Solar Powder is formed in this globe, which being purified in itself and freed from any admixture of the other Elements, and being prepared according to the Art, becomes in a very short time supremely fitted to exalt the Fire which is in us, and to make us become, as it were, of an igneous nature.
    Mutus Liber

    Plate Three

    The third plate is no longer in its place. It leads us into the empire of Neptune. One sees, frolicking in his waves, the dolphin dear to Apollo and on a boat some fishermen putting out their gear. In another ship a man lies stretched out in a nonchalant position. In the second, a landscape with on one side a ram, on the other a bull, which we shall find back further on and shall study at a more opportune moment. Below on the left a woman holds a basket which is the symbol of the grated lantern of the philosophers; on the right a man throws his (fish) line into the ocean which is found within the third circle (the one that encloses the two others). The third circle is animated by a flock of birds to the left; a siren below and Amphitrite up on top. In the margin the sun and the moon, and hovering over this nautical scene, Jupiter carried by his eagle. This whole figure aims at showing that the operator must deploy all his faculties and put to work all the resources of the art in order to capture the mystical fish, about which d’Espagnet speaks.

    The author should first have instructed us how to weave the thread necessary for this miraculous fishing. Let us amend his omission: The weir must be braided in a very fine maze from asbestos, which has the property of being incombustible and of staying unaltered. The device being well disposed in the deep waters, one must furnish oneself with a lantern whose luster will attract the prey into the nets. One may also, following other symbols, employ a line; but the arcanum is in the preparation of the pocket, and the word is circumstantial, for it concerns nothing less than to catch the golden fish.

    One will find the secret of this operation in a classical work under the title Ariadnes Thread, for we cannot review the procedure in a few lines within this restricted framework. Concerning the method of lighting the magic lantern indicated by the basket, it is only described in some very rare works, and in a confused manner. Hence we must say a few words about that:

    Certain authors, and not the lesser ones, have pretended that the greatest operative artifice consists in capturing a solar ray, and to imprison it in a flask closed with the seal of Hermes. This gross image has caused rejection of the operation as something ridiculous and impossible. And yet, it is literally true, to the degree that the image coincides with reality. It is moreover unbelievable that one should not have thought of it. This miracle is accomplished in a way by the photographer when he makes use of a sensitive plate which one prepares in different ways. In the Typus Mundi, edited in the XVIIth century by the Fr. of the Society of Jesus, one sees an apparatus, described also by Tiphaigne de Laroche, by means of which one can steal the Heavenly fire and fix it. One can no longer say that the procedure is scientific, and we candidly declare that we are here revealing, if not a great mystery, at least its application to practical philosophy.


    Plate Four

    The fourth plate shows how the collection of the flos coeli works. Some sheets are stretched out on poles in order to receive the heavenly dew. Below a man and a woman are wringing them to press out the divine liquor, that falls into a large vessel put there to that purpose. To the left one sees the Ram; on the right the Bull.

    The flos coeli have put the spirit of the bad puffers to torture. Some have seen in it a kind of magical influx, for to them magic is a supernatural power, acquired by concourse with spirits, good or bad. Others, more realistic and closer to the truth, have recognized in it the morning dew. The flos coeli is in fact called the water of the two equinoxes, from which one has deduced that it is obtained in the spring and in the fall, and is a mixture of these two fluids. Again others, believing themselves still better informed, would collect this mysterious product from a kind of algae or lichenoid whose vulgar name is nostoc. In the Seven Hints on the Philosophic Work, Eteilla, who was perhaps more worth than his reputation, seems to have obtained some satisfactory results with an analogous moss; but one must read his tract with some good glasses.

    The Rosicrucians called themselves the “Brothers of the ripe Dew” according to the testimony of Thomas Corneille, a good hermetist as was his brother, the great tragic writer. Nevertheless, Philalethes scoffs disdainfully at the collectors of dew and rainwater, in which, notwithstanding, the Abbot of Vallemont recognized some virtue. It is up to the disciple to form his own opinion according to his own judgment. But it is beyond doubt that an agent kept secret, called “Celestial Manna” plays an important part in the work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    Elixirmixir....Out of desperation, you have allowed yourself to become brainwashed by this forum. Your obsession with "capturing SM" is not anything many Adepts (the true Sages) preach or even talk about. It is almost exclusive to this forum.

    In fact, most of the things you obsess over are exclusive to the Alchemy Forums message board.

    Most of the members here are fools, and even less have any idea what they're talking about. So many members have come and gone. How many have what you want? Just because someone sounds smart, or someone sounds intelligent, does not mean they are sharing anything of value. Look how many pages of ramblings this forum contains. Now analyze with your logical mind how much of that is worthwhile or of ANY value to what you are looking to discover...(!) Very little, right!?

    JDP keeps us all in check being the lord of rationality he is, but even he hasn't touched the Philosopher's Stone! As far down your throat Andro's dick is is how far you should be shoving these Alchemy texts we faithfully repeatedly recommend.

    Do you hear yourself? You are trying to do something IMPOSSIBLE!!! You can barely make a worthwhile elixir despite your name, and you fail at most things you've tried Alchemical thus far, and now you are attempting to speed up something that CANNOT be sped up. ...And the icing on the cake is you do not even understand what you are wanting to "speed up".

    Nothing cusory or minor has been accomplished on your part that will allow you to peer into the secrets of this Art. These are the things that will give you insight into "abbreviations" and ways to "speed up" things.

    Currently you are trying to build and pilot a rocketship with a first grade arithmetic education. You're wanting to skip calculus, skip your PH.D., skip your internship, and instead straight jump right in into doing something you are not qualified to do...

    Baby steps, friend. Reading is the key. Reading lots lots lots for a long long long time. Protip: this will save you time!

    You say you don't have six months to wait. Well how about SIX YEARS because at this rate that is how long it is going to take to get through to you and explain that you must work more simply and in alignment with the old Alchemists.

    Everyone has their niche' interest and mode of study but no one on this forum has discovered the Philosopher's Stone it seems...Why is this???

    I know Zoas' method. It is ingenuitive and it is indeed pretty special. It has not been disclosed publicly, nor are many people privity to his "secret", but even so, with his method that you are taking notes from, you will not succeed and you will continue to continually waste your money...

    You need to step back, breathe, relax, wait, study, wait some more, and then put into practice what you read.

    I am only trying to encourage you and give you a push in the right direction. Read more lest your six months turn into six years.
    The old books have the answers. Your contemporaries do not have the answers, and they do a wonderful job of confusing you. While some here are closer than others, no one here has what you want.
    A few among the true sages knew this practice and if my understanding is correct seems to be very simple as I have expressed in the above quotes (read the above post).

    Be careful when advising others to read for they maybe inevitably walking to the abyss never to recover for the listener would inevitably read crap(but popular and worshipped) works which can only be understood if you know what you are looking for.

    A focus on natural philosophy should be the key and must be recommended above all else.

    Eg of works with a focus on Natural philosophy: Golden Chain of Homer, The Only True Way, Remonstration of Nature etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    The old books have the answers. Your contemporaries do not have the answers, and they do a wonderful job of confusing you. While some here are closer than others, no one here has what you want.
    The funny thing is that if Elixirmixer, or somebody else of that forum, had lived 300, 400 or 500 years ago, and after all his failed attempt to produce the Stone, he decided to publish a book, speaking about dragons, eagles, griphins and other things that doesnt make any sense, playing the accomplished adept to the masses, you should recognize him now as an enlighted, a serious adept or a demi-god.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    Ill buy the RAMS as you say and look up all the RC stuff before I invest in my glassware again.
    Good luck to you with those RAMS collections. You will find a thousand new recipes there. From starry-regulus mercurialis and antimonial butter recipes to dew collection recipes and from there to liquor silicis recipes and other particulars. Βe strong if you plan to put the test all the recipes you will find in that mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by black View Post
    @ Schmuldvich There's an old saying ... "it takes one to know one"

    I would suggest that if you had SM and the understanding of IT then you would probably recognize most easily the other members of the forum that are in possession of IT also. Does this sound logical to you ???

    A very likely scenario: No SM = No Alchemy Does this also sound logical to you ???
    I think most members who read my post are taking it to say that I side with JDP in the sense that "there is no such thing as SM", but that is not what I am saying at all. If anyone takes the time to search my older posts in this thread they will see my thoughts on the subject...

    My recent posts directed at Elixirmixer were an encouragement to focus and stop going down every rabbit trail that grabs his interest. The same thing was suggested to him days prior by his idol; I was reiterating the same words with a difference voice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Andro
    After solemnly and dramatically declaring that you're "just working on making the stone from now on", now you want to talk "chymical transmutation" and also get directions for "silver and yeast". Not long ago you wanted to volatilize salts with oil and were asking about ethanol. Last year you were advertising for apprentices as if you're some alchemical mentor and now you're bitching about your miserable failures. Who knows what you're going to come up with next. No wonder you don't seem to be getting where you want to. Just set your definite purpose and define your research goals clearly, devise a model, test it in the lab, refine (or change) the model accordingly, repeat/continue. Your mind is way to scattered to (paraphrasing your buddy) "accomplish anything worthwhile"

    Get your shit together and focus, man! Cut down the levels of distortion, modulate the volume, improve your signal-to-noise ratio - and then the goodies will start flowing. Maybe

    And rid yourself of any preconceived notions that you may have about pretty much everything!

    You'll thank me later

    I agree with your statement "it takes one to know one", which is why some posters' comments make sense and others don't. We can all easily judge a person by their fruit.

    Your statement about recognizing other members is exactly what I am saying above. And no, I do not fully agree that "No SM = No Alchemy".

    While SM is involved throughout our whole Work, its visible manifestation is not seen with our eyes until later in our Work; but again, this, for Elixirmixer, is not important right now.

    He is putting his cart before the horse--which is what I have been energetically asserting in my past few posts.

    Out of most everyone here (most everyone, not everyone) I feel that Elixirmixir is one of the most honest, passionate, and enthusiastic Seekers. He is dealing with some shit right now, going through hurdles, emotionally unstable, and finally realizing he must clean up his body that he willfully pollutes daily if he is to make progress. It is clear that he is at, or has been at, a crossroads for some time now, and being that I sympathize with his position, recognize his fervor, and genuinely like the guy and his attitude I want to help him get his footing before he starts his journey.

    I was in his shoes once. He is one of the few moldable members left not too set in his ways of false praxis, and his earnestness is sincerely commendable. The guy really wants to learn.

    What is Spiritus Mundi? It is the 'Spirit Of The World', right!? So when we set forth before anything to "capture" this Spirit I conclude that we are failing with our intentions from the get-go!

    Those in the preliminary stages of planning their course (i.e. those who have not begun our Great Work) and are dead-set on building a rocketship before learning high-school math are going to accomplish nothing. This is fact.

    If instead of focusing on step 3, 4, or 5 I maintain that it is much better and should be the absolute focus of an inexperienced individual to focus on Preparation instead of trying to "speed up" things and skip to a much future step. That is all.

    Nice quotes, Dwellings.

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