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Thread: Valuable Alchemical Texts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murgen View Post
    Thank you JDP.

    What a pity for a french native speaker : the best book of/about a french alchemist who used to write in french is only written in english :-)

    Beya Editions : I confirm that the team is composed of amazing men of learning. I rarely met so much erudition going hand in hand with kindness (And I do not say that because it is a Belgian publishing house).
    Well, technically it is available in French, sort of, in a "scattered" way. After all, the English-language editor used several of the French works by Pernety to compose it.

    Regarding Beya Editions: yes, great guys, they have already put out a good number of translations of old texts (including several alchemical ones) out there available for the French-reading public. It is a true shame that there just is no English-language equivalent to Beya Editions. Those guys from Ambix made big promises about making many old alchemical texts available in English with their "Sources of Alchemy and Chemistry" project, but so far they have only published one volume in all these years. Their output moves at turtle-pace compared to that of Beya Editions or the German publishers of alchemical texts (though the German publishers have the BIG advantage that the large majority of those old texts are already available in German thanks to the massive 16th-18th century output of printed alchemical and "chymical" texts in the German-speaking lands, so modern German publishers do not have to bother much about having texts translated from scratch. They already have the majority of the literature on those subjects available in German, it only needs to be reprinted in more modern formats.)

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    To finish with that Pernety sub-subject.

    I should have dug deeper before talking : the "english synthesis" called "a treatise on the great art" corresponds grosso modo to the first 200 pages of Pernety's "Fables Egyptiennes et Grecques", where Pernety proposes a systematisation/structuration of his hermetical knowledge.

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