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Thread: Poetry

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    Sep 2010
    Central Illinois U.S.
    Thanks for your contributions Brothers/Sisters of The Art, you are Loved, Protected, and Appreciated...

    My Christmas Gift, sorry for posting here late as I mostly use fb to post lately, in an attempt to OffSet all of the BS Fuckery that is being promoted there.

    ...Enters NOW Santa, aka that Timeless Aum Spitter... shattering false Beliefs like a Sheeple’s Alarm Clock, or Even a Hopping Poo’s Tigger...
    Not sweet at ALL Honey, I’m A Universal Dome-Splitter....
    Prakriti, Ambrosia drops Offered and NOW Gifted : Sweet, Sour, Even the bitter... Dancing Divine Visions of an AmritA Essence (OM) Core Nectar dripped Center...
    Still Searching.............

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    Sep 2010
    Central Illinois U.S.
    Nectar Collected pollen, of Both Below and Above.. Nature nursing the Composition its honey-comb wax consists of...

    As 12 Jurors attempt to Judge ThySelve's withOut True KnowLedge...

    Polar pyramid pair Spinning Rainbow through the Vortex of a Donut hole. Seen AS LeaGues BELOW anything Imaginable by Periscopes, alSO ABOVE All Imaging of The Highest UFO.

    ..Fixed within my Principles, yet Fluid with my beliefs;
    No need to be so cynical, just be One with that you Seek;
    They ask me why I'm spilling Gems, when I'm simply Sowing what I'll Reap....

    Positive side of being broke, at least I've still got my Soul.

    "You find gold, gold doesn't find you." Words of wisdom offered from a gold prospector that I met panning for gold in a stream on my walk home today.

    I was recently blessed with the most profound jewel by a homeless man sitting on the side of the highway. He was holding a large cardboard sign that was completely BLANK!! I wish I had not been moving so I could of offered him some cash.

    ..and my Gold continues to remain hidden within Obscurity.

    The Future is the Present once we arrive.

    Once 1 has Found Victory in another's Triumph One has Truly WON.

    If the Battle is WithIN you then why put up a Fight? I've Gazed into the Darkness JUST to shed a little Light.

    PEACE to the Spirit Above and to Nature Below, to my Family and Friends as Well any and ALL Our Perceived Fo.

    Shout-Out to those reclining in High-Chairs of Judgement, believing they Stand Above ALL; Oblivious to the TRUTH that their Asses are seated WithIN our UNIVERSAL Testing Hall.
    Still Searching.............

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    Sep 2010
    Central Illinois U.S.
    My apologies in advance for any InFormation Overload these posts may cause lol

    Here are some more of my recent musings and poetic writings:

    Only a Fool or Blind man would Choose to Cast judgement whilst standing withIn a House of Mirrors.

    IMO, a True Philosopher of Nature Seeks that which is True or Universal within ALL Subject-Matters rather than loosing themselves in a Labyrinth of differences, Judgments, and Seperations. And in fact, it is a Union of Perceived Opposites that is One of the Highest aspirations of the True Artist.

    The Light that I Seek is Not a light of Polar Nature. The Light that I strive to embody/Shine, radiates Universally beyond any dichotomy of Light/Darkness and Exists even through Death and the Abyss. Remaining UnSeen through dualistic Vision.

    Burnin' my Books to Vulkanize my Crucible.

    Keep in mind that in most cases the Vision proceeds the Realization.

    Why doesn't a celibate Monk's aura Shine as Bright as a Tantric Yogi's? Because they've Lost their Luster.

    How could It ever BE Tomorrow?

    Visions of Fractal Holographic Pomegranates superimposed upon One-another in multiple Layers ...

    I can still Hear your judgemental gossip through my rear-View Mirror.

    If the past is a Reflection of the Future's Shining Beam; is it possible for Darknes to Cast a Shadow, within it's own
    Lucid Dream?

    Found IT humorous when told WE should 'stay in OUR Lane'.
    Truth is, WE possess DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY on the UNIVERSAL Spiritual Plane.

    Money can never buy you 'That', though 'IT'' may earn you money...

    To Discover a Jewel while waiting in an Elevator.

    nONE as sOMe, Father as Son; Serpent as Tree, Adam IS Eve. Rain in The Roots, as Both The Earth and The Fruit. Seeking aloof, Ascending ALL Roofs, Vision or Proof, Eye Breaths as a Tooth. Sun IS The Moon, a View IN the wOMb, sOMe's Conception of ONE.

    Is IT Possible that the "Secret-Word" Many have Sought, Is more akin to the Pure Vibration of a Vision or Thought? As the True 'Word of God' Remains Forever UnSpoken, yet Eternally Forseen Through the Eyes of the 'Woken'?

    Not the One, you Think, I Am.

    Why do we choose to Fear our own Roots?

    Sometimes the Biggest Dreamers appear to do the least.

    IT had Appeared in the Darkness as an endless Battle Two BE Fought, only to RealEyes that I had Burnt 'my' own Eyes with 'their' Divisive Thoughts.

    -(lines from a rhyme I wrote about 15 years ago)-
    ...I've seen the past and the future and ive travelled through time, you may know of the Pro but you dont know my Kind. I'm not from this place, my mind dwells in space. Catch a glimpse of my face then I'm gone with no trace.. ...because while my body's on earth, my mind's in another dimension. I'm not from this planet or the stars that glisten, ya'll can't hear me though you try to Listen. I'm not here to stay, I just came to visit.

    How much do WE actually Give to That which We Consume?

    Was positively assured it was not a double-negative.

    Before theory was proven fact, did the truth always exist or was it birthed into existance the moment the theory was conceived?

    To See the 'Shepherds' in 'Wolve's' Clothing'...

    One may Find it difficult to See the Truth while Gazing through Lenses stained with Judgement.

    -A Whirlpool spinning in the Glow of a Flaming Halo, SEEKING a Spectrum that Exists within the Quientessence of a Rainbow-

    When you look at yourself without filters what do you See? How does this reflect in the world with which you interact? What about yourself could you change towards Growth? If others followed the same reasoning, how might this affect reality?

    -How Many would Choose to be either Sheep or Shepherd TwoDay??
    ...and would any True Apprentice of GOD/Goddess prefer to ever obey?

    Ability to Unite Evens with Odd, distinguish TRUTH from a blatant facade, EmPowering ONE to RealEyes WHO are these Makers of God's?

    It' something akin to a Logical explaination for a Divine occurance.
    Or floating in stillness through the Rapid's torrid Currents...

    With 1 stOne Goliath, David had Overcame;
    While Zeus to avoid his consumption by Chronos, his Mother Utilized One in the Same???

    The WHITE is ONE with the Red during KiNG/QUEEN Conception, Upon SHIVA/SHAKTI's BED.
    Though Albedo contains (N)ONE of the RUBEDO, regardless though, SPIRIT-UNITED-SOULS are EVEN(t)Ually FED.

    To accumulate that Eternal PURE Energy Flow, that POWERs God's neurons while they Spark as they Glow.

    So who won?
    You Won.
    I Won?!!
    No, WE Won, You Won,
    WE ONE.
    Still Searching.............

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    Dec 2009
    Blog Entries
    Freedom begins with Letting Go
    Of everything you think you know
    What you believe the world to be
    What makes up your Identity

    Don't see UN-Knowing as an end
    Make the UN-Knowable your friend
    Let go of all you've ever been
    Surrender to the In-Between.

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