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Thread: Amazing Website

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    Amazing Website

    Some of you may be into this, some of you not so much. The moment I opened it up I was amazed, and in complete awe of how much potential this has to aid in the great work via effort of consciousness.

    This is a website that offers many "rooms" in which you synchronize your breathing and mediations with other people across the world at once. There are many different things you can accomplish with this, however, rather than going into detail, I highly recommend you click on it, and play around with it. I thought I would look at it for a few minutes to see what it was about, and spent almost an entire hour on it the first day.

    You could quite literally, refer to this, as working to change the alchemy of mankind via group effort.

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    Thanks for this website.

    You can lower the volume of the breathing and add background sounds, such as rain, wind, etc. It is actually quite interesting, especially since you can view where in the world other users are.
    The student should not begin the preparation of this great and inscrutable arcanum before he knows well the spirit that lurks in it according to its essential qualities and properties. "With this spirit," says a certain philosopher, "you should not meddle until you first have a full and exact knowledge of it."

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