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Thread: The Celestial Agriculture

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    I found this too and I think it pertains to the discussion...

    Operation of the Sprengel pump

    Falling mercury drops compress the air to atmospheric pressure which is released when the stream reaches a container at the bottom of the tube. As the pressure drops, the cushioning effect of trapped air between the droplets diminishes, so a hammering or knocking sound can be heard, accompanied by flashes of LIGHT within the evacuated vessel.

    I think its interesting too that here mercury creates light with a vacuum, which maybe the reason for the metaphor of philosophic mercury, hello, hello, hello, is anybody in here, lol...

    Also does anyone know how to achieve this vacuum?
    What pressure inhg would you need?
    Could you use a hand pump?
    what type of borosilicate glass could be used?
    what is the glass max vacuum before implosion?
    and so on...

    I only ask because I have trouble finding any specs on this subject...

    Possibly a vacuum filtering flask that has the vac-line opening on itself with a silicone stopper and a hand pump may work, I mean, right???
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    Hi wonderful people,

    Oh my NTR!!! This was a long read to come to the end...

    After all this much, i can't say anything on my side. But i would like to contribute to the informations found around on this topic, which can maybe bring more interesting thoughts.

    As a starter, i'd like to begin with Trithemius Abbot of spohnheim, he used to write in several differente places about a particular kind of fire, which appears to be made of Abastam [Johannes adds that : (this is how a certain author calls it) -note: the text "guldener kleinod" where it is found is probably older than 1700].
    (text is clavis artis of zoroaster, which actually gives the definition of abastam).

    In other places he speaks of it also. But in the above cited text he shows also an apparatus to prepare this salt, which simply consists of some kind of barrique with an exit on the lower side for liquids.

    This appeared interesting to me when i moved on reading mister bacstrom's printed compilation of studies, and saw this:

    Now if this is a nice coincidence, check what johan Tolde shows us:

    What they all have in common should be this:

    and this:

    Interesting no?

    I would compare all this methods, which vary little from each other, to the GCH quoted by Rogerc somewhere upon this Thread.

    Also this Siddha recipe i found, and posted in another Thread, namely this one: Indian alchemy vid makes use of similar substance, which is a much simpler form, but it has something to it.

    I like this correspondences, for example the method that indians use to render philosophical KNO3 or NH4Cl to the work which consists of crystallise them in boiled urine.

    Also of great meaning, which actually nobody showed to have noticed/shared, is the name of the Pyhton:

    Πύθων was a dragon/snake son of Goddess Gea, born or rather produced from the soil after the Great Flood. He was the guardian of Delfi Oracle, and died after an epic battle against Apollo, who took the oracle and gave the priestess the name "Pythia" or Pythonesse.

    I thought this mythological insight was curious, since the python was named few times in this Thread.

    Thank you very much for reading
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    I would add a few more things, which are more Agricultural, but this is the Celestial Agriculture Thread, so it's in-topic...

    Generally calcium or limestone is beneficial for the successful growing of many crops, although it is not exactly known why. An overuse of limestone rock may oxidise organic matter or the humus, with temporary increase of fertility, but with loss of humus lately.
    And from Steiner:

    The calcium force in the earth comes from the planets closer to the Sun - the Moon, Mercury and Venus - while Mars, Jupiter, Saturn bring in the influences to silica
    Let's look at the shell formation of an egg. In 1872 a French scientist, Louis Kervran, suggested that the calcium content of a chicken egg was directly connected not to the calcium in the hen's diet, but rather to the hen's ability to combine potassium and hydrogen in its food to form the calcium needed for the shell. This calcium-forming activity can be described as a calcium process.

    The shell formation of molluscs is a similar process. Sea water does not appear to contain sufficient calcium for the shells: its formation is dependent on a calcium process from the cosmos, working through water.
    Now Kervran wrote a few interesting books ideed. Worth reading. The cited above is about biological transmutations.

    He grew up in an area with a totally calcium-free soil, being mostly silica, so this appears to be curious. I dont remember exactly what the hens were feed on, but im sure on internet you can find.

    Where limestone is present in the soil, earthworm activity increases; there is a limestone process within the gut of the earthworm. The nodulation on all legume roots also increases limestone presence, as do various bacterias.
    Now again from Steiner, an interesting quote:

    What is collected down below from the cosmos (via the silica) must always be able to stream upward, and the presence of clay in the soil makes this possible.

    Substances like clay support the upward flow of the effects of the cosmic entities in the ground.

    All the Forces and fine homeopathic substances produced by means of Water and Air above the ground are drawn down by the soil's greater or lesser content of Lime.

    It is the Lime in the soil and the presence of calcareous substances in homeopathic doses just above the soil's surface that serve to draw this Terrestrial Factor into the ground.

    Clay is the mediator between the silica and Lime.
    Early work in Europe included putting a plug of clay in the end of the horns (preparations 500, 501) before burying. The explanation of Steiner could make sense on this.

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