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Thread: The Celestial Agriculture

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    I found this too and I think it pertains to the discussion...

    Operation of the Sprengel pump

    Falling mercury drops compress the air to atmospheric pressure which is released when the stream reaches a container at the bottom of the tube. As the pressure drops, the cushioning effect of trapped air between the droplets diminishes, so a hammering or knocking sound can be heard, accompanied by flashes of LIGHT within the evacuated vessel.

    I think its interesting too that here mercury creates light with a vacuum, which maybe the reason for the metaphor of philosophic mercury, hello, hello, hello, is anybody in here, lol...

    Also does anyone know how to achieve this vacuum?
    What pressure inhg would you need?
    Could you use a hand pump?
    what type of borosilicate glass could be used?
    what is the glass max vacuum before implosion?
    and so on...

    I only ask because I have trouble finding any specs on this subject...

    Possibly a vacuum filtering flask that has the vac-line opening on itself with a silicone stopper and a hand pump may work, I mean, right???
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