My Lady and I attended an antique show at the Miami Beach Convention Center today. We haven't gone to one for years, and I did have my eye out for a 'magician's lamp,' which is a bearded devil-looking head with a reservoir for lamp oil, and a wick on the upturned pointed beard, set on a bird's claw, made of bronze. This was the largest one I'd ever seen at about 8" tall, but the price was $1200 which is too rich for me.

At any rate, I happened upon a bookseller, whose company, specializes in accurate reproductions of ancient texts. The water stains, and even the smell of old paper is part of their process. When I saw the open book on a stand, I said "Splendor Solis!" at which point the salesman got up to talk to me, telling me that this was "the most important alchemical text." I said that I was familiar with it, that I was a student of alchemy, and that my car's license plate says 'Alchemy,' just to make the point. He seemed not to grok me, but continued to interest me in a purchase, which he knew would increase in price soon. The price for the book was $5000. Oh well.