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Thread: Let it Happen

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    Jul 2016
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    Thanks for the inspiration Seeker of Truth. This thread was a great idea.

    I really enjoyed reading your posts, I have read up to the hermetic works post so far. I got stuck on the hermetic post as it is the first time I have read it and I really wanted to take it in. Thanks for sharing it. It seemed to come to me just at the right time.

    Look forward to future randomness/order in chaos.

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    Jul 2016
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    If love and light was a hair apart
    If vibrational flight came from the heart
    If I was sane my mind would rest
    If pain could leave my heavy chest

    When time stands still
    The ticks will stop
    I take this pill
    And watch the clock

    The flighty birds
    That leave the nest
    If I have of learned
    I'd have passed the test

    I wonder if they are still here
    Aching painful lonely fears
    Yet the one is close
    Lonely no more
    If I find myself
    Walk through that door
    Last edited by Loki Morningstar; 07-30-2016 at 11:33 PM.

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    Jul 2016
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    Scrimshawed horns washed up from sea
    Knifes and daggers always follow me
    Ships sailed and bridges burnt
    Clouds turned black, filled with dirt
    The sound of the crowd filled my ears
    The cauldron fed those without fears
    The Mage stood up and lit his staff
    Illuminating the beaten path
    He shot light up into the sky
    The landscape clearer in my eyes
    I pulled my spear held it thrust
    Sparks so hot that none could touch
    I had stood upon the sacred stone
    It joyfully screamed that I was home
    I have a plan to grow the tree
    The truth of man for all to see
    Last edited by Loki Morningstar; 07-31-2016 at 12:00 AM.

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    Jul 2016
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    What is the matter?
    We talk about matter of fact
    They say it is reality
    But how do you define that?
    They say it is what exists
    Yet still nobody knows
    The state of existance
    May well be stuck up my nose
    Being alive, living
    A real or imagined entity
    Might as well say thing thing thingy
    Words seem to have no meaning to me
    Last edited by Loki Morningstar; 07-31-2016 at 11:38 AM.
    Distill fact from theory, fixate on inferences drawn.
    Upon which points does the mystery turn?
    "What's the matter?", one asks.
    "The universe is mental!", one replies.
    Know The Self.
    Loki Azazel Morningstar (LAM)

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    Mar 2012
    The perfect perfect perfection also known as this could never be; and yet is all this is.
    (you'll pause to make the sentence worth it when needided even in this sentence)
    Loki Morningstar; Lucifer is but the LOVE of GoD, for without such evil, what good is good?
    Evil is but the shadow of the good known as light; the alchemical wedding is happening every moment of existence, 8 is infinite, eight is finite; there is no conflict.

    Paradox is always whispering as loud as it can; you are able to look into the non existent mirror. (Ludovico Einaudi = The Artista of Artistas'. Crawling back to you. Loki Morningstar = All that you seek to accomplish already accomplished YoU; Loki Morningstar =)
    Thank YoU Dev, Thank You Androgynous, (?) Thank YoU Algiz, hank YoU Ghislain. (Solomon Levi = TYTI Thank You Times Infinity =)

    Carry on my wayward son. =)

    Loki Morningstar:
    "If love and light was a hair apart
    If vibrational flight came from the heart
    If I was sane my mind would rest
    If pain could leave my heavy chest"
    Thank You =)

    The Judge known as YoU judging this will never be as harsh as the me JUDGING this... Thank YoU =) Whoever YoU are =)

    Two birds flew into my living room and all I did was to leave m front door open... how could this possibly happen?

    Green Language once told Blue Language; Thank YoU very much for being Blue, and was met by a; Thank you very much for being Green =)

    Blue + Green = Reddington, Raymond Reddington.

    Anti-heroes by the True Grace of GoD equals Heroes.

    This is a River Rivering... I know we've only just begun......

    The one thing that might have been written here must give way for this which is even though this is too. So loud silence is all you hear, FUCK YOUR EAR =)
    "IMAGINE WE ARE HIGHER THAN THE SPARROWS, BREATHING WITH THE PHAROES, WE ARE THE HEARTS, Dancing throught the smoke, thank you flames =) Never bought, never Sold =) (Artist; EXGF Song; We are the hearts)
    When does magick change from this is magickal to fuck magick? By the grace of God reminding us to go deeper than the deepest depth.

    By the Grace of GOD; Victory, ALCHEMY, Harmony, Balance, Perfection.

    Let these mistakes be mistaken.

    Thes waters ron without ever moving; their beginning is their end, but inbetween their beginnings and their ends = Infinity times 8 infinity.

    Sink, sink, sink, ypur anchor is useless, what is a leaf to the wind? Everythhing.

    Its all white noise following me leading to right noise followingme.

    I'll be reading this wondering; am I a narcissist for reading this? The answer ofcourse is YES.

    I thank the Not giving a Fuck in Me for not giving a FUCK! =)

    Artist: Headphone Activist
    Song: Ocean Floors (Bass Boosted - Youtube that fantastic fantasticus =)

    NoW WE WoN

    NoW WE OnE
    NoW WE NonE
    NoW WE
    NoW US
    NoW YoU
    NoW I
    NoW NoW
    NoW?.............................................. ..............???????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????= 117 = it does not matter, but always matters.

    Headphone Activist - Cloud City (Bass Boosted)

    This is it, it is done that which would never be done, this is it, it is done, it is won, it is one, it is none. Thank you Loki Morningstar, thank you Dev (Natural Born Alchemist), thank you Androgyonys ( I am high and drunk and I just can*t seem to get your avatar/handle though this effortlessly flows just as every river ever does, just like you do andro... Perfect =)

    Elle Vos - White Noise
    Terrified... thats what makes courage... right?

    Serenity... By the Grace of God Thank You =)

    mind you I was and is very high and very drunk writing this making me very proud and forgiving for what is now written here and red/read by you.

    I've half read through what is written here and fixed some mistakes while fucking others... they rewarded me and you with this thogh so... by the grace of grace of god of god, thank you thank you.
    Love Truth Wisdom


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    Dec 2008
    In the moment...
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    Your welcome.

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Mar 2012


    Discover your hidden weakness
    dig deeper
    your hidden strength

    depth, deeper
    repeed repeat htped

    Every grace is beyond the words' description, behind (the description) GRACE
    every word is grace
    must arap xod

    1 year one day
    two . do. true - three - 5

    it ain't on the surface
    behind behind
    be kind, be kind

    so obsessed by your failures
    you fail to see your victories
    I see anything but EYE SEEING (is acting)

    vi veri universum vivus vici
    v v u v v
    vision vision you vision vision

    The wind blows or it doesn't
    ssswhooooosshhh - ?
    G - SYML - Where's My Love

    A light in the dark, shining, winning
    A voice in the silence, whining, losing
    An a in the a, a-ing, a-ing.......... ....... G

    Original - Creative - Abundant
    Shadow - Dead - Scarce
    OCASDS - O Casts its spells
    Love Truth Wisdom


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    Mar 2012

    Fluffy wolf flow

    Fluffy language, but nothing said. Nothing is something but something is sad, because something knows itself to be nothing.

    Of course there is a time for fluff and a time for substance. The flowing of the river makes the howling of the wolf. Aaaauuuuoooohhh! Your flow howl wolfs.

    There is comfort towards the softness of fluff and there is fear towards the substance of substance because the substantial is edgy and seldom fluffy.

    I cannot capture with these words what I am trying to capture with these words because these words do not capture; they fluff.

    Out in the dark woods at night with no light. You feel that you're weakness but your spirit screams FIGHT!* So you fight and you fight till your spirit says flight!

    So you lift off the ground with the power of infinite feather, and as you hover, as soon you discover, the hour of infinite light.

    The hour is finite but your light is infinite.

    Love Truth Wisdom


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    Jul 2018
    In the zone
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    Fousey comes up to Asian guy and rubs his arm while staring romantically into Asian guy eye... says to Asian guy "don't fight it... just let it happen"

    Asian guy: ok

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