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Thread: Out-of-body experience

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    Out-of-body experience

    [I]Not sure where to place this, but since it is mind related I put it here... anyone got a better suggestion?

    Anyway I always wanted to be able to do this, but never got around to even really trying it out. I have also had problems with meditation being so fucking hyper... perhaps it could be a cure for hyper-active behavior but I don't see it as a problem. My speed makes two life times fit into one... he he

    So any tips on how to achieve this? Any good site with tricks?

    Also has anyone tried psychedelics and also done natural OBE? If so is there a difference in the out of body journey (which you can have in both states)?

    Lastly has anyone travelled to a friends house, seen what the friend is doing and then after the OBE called to check if this was correct? I mean does the OBE happen in our physical realm or is it like psychedelics in the mind or in another dimension?

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