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Thread: Out-of-body experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axismundi000 View Post
    Larvae and phantasms (usually occurring via failed Evocation) have a lot of energy and have the ability to feed and sustain themselves. Bardon goes into some detail in his stuff about artificial elementals about this. Going over to them and they will just dissipate is simply not true because they have developed sufficient self awareness that they can feed.
    Most of larvas and phantasms cause fear when they expose themselves, once you surpass that fear, you are safe and they are gone. Fear is the main link which is used by those entities to connect to the human. Fear is like an open door to them, close that door, and most of those entities will be gone. Also if you did any Evocations, you noticed that in many cases (especially those which concern Goetia) you are overwhelmed by sense of unexplainable fear just in the time when entity starts showing itself. That fear starts leading to trance and opens connection to entity. Break that starting sense of fear and and you break the Evocation. Btw, this is something that Bardon, who was so much mentioned here, never wrote about.

    However, you are right that some larvas can't be easily gotten rid of, specifically those which were made by some crafty man - but those larvas will act secretly, and garlic won't really help against that kind. Garlic might turn away various spirits (good spirits don't like garlic too, men don't like, animals don't like, etc.) for some time maybe... with strong enough intention. And it is very harmful to the body and energy flow.
    This is all long established practice and it surprises me that instead the rubbish above is suggested.
    People use various dubious practices. But sometimes simplicity is all we need. People sometimes invent complex solutions where a simple good courage would suffice.
    As for the nonsense that problems may be due to 'some witch' absurdly medieval.
    It was merely assumption. But do you really think there is no cursing and hexing going on in these days? Also sometimes there is nothing at all actually happening but a game of human's mind and imagining of things.

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    Curses and hexes are mostly used by the immature. I'd say ages 15 - 21. After that people start to realise what they're actually doing.

    Basically, if you've been cursed, it's by an amatuer who probably doesn't know what they're doing and it can be easily purged or cleansed.

    But there are the rare cases where you've fucked up and a professional is working on ypu, whoch is karma coming back full swing hahahaha
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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