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Thread: Find the others!

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    Love it! I could have written that myself. I like especially "everyone carries a piece of the puzzle". Odd how we seldom ask people about their piece. I always felt that EVERYONE has an entire life of experience, much of which differs significantly from what we ourselves experience. What a treasure to hear others' experiences. But most feel so insecure that they're more interested in talking than listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    I've just returned from meeting a few of us here in person for the first time, and it was an wonderful experience.

    You guys are absolutely amazing, thank you all so much for making it to the meeting and for making it happen, even with all the delays, missed flights, etc... (Mercury IS Retrograde, after all )

    Time was WAY too short, so at some point sleep was out of the question - SO much to share and discuss, such great vision in different areas.

    Looking forward to taking this to the next levels.

    'Find the Others' - not just a catchy phrase!

    My deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone involved!
    I'm Jealous...

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