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Thread: phi - shin - fire

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    phi - shin - fire

    notice the similarity between the phi calipers and the hebrew letter shin:

    We know this proportion to belong to Venus/Aphrodite/Ishtar/Eshnunna...
    See again the root of fire/Esh, and man/Ish...

    sho - The letter Ϸ (ϸ, sometimes called "sho" or "san") was a letter added to the Greek alphabet in order to write the Bactrian language. It was similar in appearance to the Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic letter thorn (), which is sometimes used to represent it in modern print, although both are historically quite unrelated. It probably represented a sound similar to English "sh" ([ʃ]).


    The golden mean and the pyramid (fire in the middle):


    Masonically, it is said to be Sirius or Horus rather than Venus/Ishtar.
    It is curious that Ishtar means "star".
    In hebrew, kokab means "star" and is also the name of the planet mercury.
    Mercury's number is 8, and Ishtar's star is eight-pointed.

    Venus in hebrew is nogah, or kokab-nogah.

    "To conjure is nothing else than to observe anything rightly, to know and understand what it is." - Paracelsus

    "Why, then, don't you act when you see the danger of your conditioning? The answer is you don't see... seeing is acting." J. Krishnamurti

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    I find it interesting that the Hebrew letter Shin, has 3 flames on it...the number 3 is in most cases placed in various art etc.. intentionally.

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