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Thread: Tolerance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post
    It's not clear who you refer to as 'obsessive'...

    (Probably me, if I should guess )

    Communication shortcomings aside, I personally don't really like the term 'tolerant' very much... It has a sort of a condescending ring to it (IMO)...
    I was talking about the moderator who keeps all the threads organized... ah, yes, it's you!
    (But I like obsessive people! hahaha).

    I don't like the word either. I was just reading about its etymology... it began to be used in Latin as the act of enduring pain or tolerate the physical pain... i.e, from a painful sickness.
    And only by the XVII it acquired a religious sense. The etymology dictionary I was looking showed this example: as one of the first examples of the use of this word in a mora/religious sense.

    I like etymologies... quite often they show the "truth" of the words.

    Maybe the idea of "tolerance" still carries its ancient meaning and it somehow means perceiving somebody else as a painful sickness, but trying to be somehow cool with this person who is conceived as a sickness.

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    Jan 2012

    When it comes to "tolerance", though I prefer "understanding" as Michael suggested... this fragment of a long interview to Deleuze gives an amazing point of view.

    For those who are not familiar with him: he didn't like interview at all, but he accepted to concede this one (which got filmed) under certain conditions. The interviewer could only ask him about any subject she wanted, but following the order of the Alphabet and choosing a subject to talk about for each letter.

    i.e, the first question could have been about "Apples", the second about "Bees", the third about "Carrots", etc.

    This is a part of the letter "G", where Deleuze was asked to talk about the Gauche (Left), since he has always been a non-traditional leftist (i.e, he was not involved in any political party and didn't even like political parties... and even thought that the expression "Leftist Government" didn't make sense, because by definition a Government can't be "Leftist" -according to HIS definition of "Left").

    I'm posting the video here because it has a lot to do with "Tolerance" (or Understanding), but he goes further than just being "tolerant" or "understanding". I like his views a lot.

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