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Thread: Emerald Tablet - an introduction

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    Dear all,

    I realize that this thread has been dead for quite some time, but I was reading some of the older contents on the forum and I came across this. Thus I decided to give my two cents.

    I understand what Play_Dough was trying to say in regards to the words "meditation" and "mediation". I myself have been there, contemplating whether it was "A" or "B" as I also leaned towards the "mediation" being a more fitting way of phrasing it. However, upon closer research of the Emerald Tablet I discovered that it may just as well be one or the other as various translations apparently use both expressions - so who is to say which is the "wrong" one.

    I sympathize with you, Play_Dough, but at the same time I have to say that your argument for why it ought to be "mediation" rather than "meditation" is not entirely accurate. Your explanation of the paragraph not speaking of "...human beings capable of 'meditation'..." missed the point. If you study The Kybalion, you will learn of the hermetic teachings that speak of how the Universe is a creation in the mind of the All (the One Mind) and this is what the "...meditation of One Mind" speaks of - how the Universe was created through the One Thing (Prima Materia) by means of meditation (a word that means careful contemplation) of the One Mind.

    In this regard, mediation is not inaccurate either as the One Mind would, in a sense, act as the mediator. However, if we're talking purely semantics and we want the original word, I would have to go with "meditation" as the Latin version is, to the capabilities of my memory, one of the oldest versions of the Tablet in existence. And this version used the Latin word for "meditation" and not "mediation".

    But all in all, like I said... I believe it is still speaking of the same thing so I personally find it unimportant (from an alchemist's point of view, not a historian's, obviously - but then again, I'm not an alchemy historian ) whether it is one or the other that is the original phrasing of the paragraph.

    Thank you for listening to my rantings.

    Yours in the Great Work,

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    [humble greetings all.

    forgive my impudance but i like this thread as Tesposinus does. and my 2 cents worth will not be about translations. just the facts.

    the tablet was taken away a very long time ago. how ever some had the forsight to make rubbings from the tablet so that it should not parish from our knowledge base. there are many representations of this rubbing but i find this one to be my best guess as accurate. and wanted to share it with every one. just in case some of you have not seen the wrightings yet.

    i have offten wounder what the tablet was made of. i have tryed to carve into stone crystals myself and it is super hard even with modern day tools to help. so i am left with where did the tablet originate? many have asked this question and have now extrapolated that hermies may have travled far and wide. and acording to what information we have others have extrapolated that the tablet was made in the Apollomius cave in Ajanta, India. here is a pic of an ancient place where some feel the tablet came from.

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    dear truth seekers

    it seems i am having some dificulties in determining the language of the text. what form of text is the tablet written in?

    i do not have the ware-with-all to go and hunt down Thoth and ask him . so i was hoping some one here may know.

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    I want this replica!

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