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Thread: Human Astral Travel Capabilities

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    Human Astral Travel Capabilities

    What is the astral travel capability limit here on the physical plane?

    Is it possible for a human to astral travel into another, whether willingly conscious of it or not?

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    Is it possible for them to travel to where? Another plane?

    I've visited the Plant Kingdom once... Was weird at first. Lol
    I consistently travel(ed) to a place I call "The Library", and there are various portals to other places there, including a cave I used for a while, and some sorta place that I was able to get to The Gate in... The journey is often strange and personal, but the limits are really nonexistent, all depends on your Spirit/Soul/subconscious/higher self (etc) and what you need. (from my experience)

    One fatal tree there stands of knowledge called, forbidden them to taste. Knowledge forbidden? Suspicious. Reasonless. And why should their Lord envy them that? Can it be sin to know? Can it be death? And do they stand by ignorance, is that their happy state, the proof of their obedience and their faith?

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