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Thread: Is psychedelics a valid path?

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    Do psychedelics stop or slow the ageing process? Soma does!
    There are some plants when ingested that do and have a psychoactive compound
    Do psychedelics lead to the acquisition of siddhi? Soma does!
    In some obscure paths of Yoga etc, but they use local plants which side effect are psychedelic.

    There is a debate whether Soma is produced from the brain and hypothalamus (divine nectar) or from a mushroom or an unknown plant.
    The craftsmanship and the story unfolding on the threadbare fabric are truly amazing. Embroidered in woollen thread on the thin cloth is a procession of Zoroastrian warriors marching towards an altar; one of them, standing at the altar, is holding a mushroom in his hands.

    A distinguishing feature of this embroidery is that the craftsmen did their best to depict the faces, costume, arms, plants, and insects, trying to copy everything from life. According to the mycologist I.A. Gorbunova (Candidate of Biology, senior researcher with the Inferior Plant Laboratory, Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS), the mushroom depicted on the carpet belongs to the Strophariaceae family. In some ways—the general habitus, shape of the cap, stitches along the edge of the cap reminding of the radial folding or remnants of the partial veil and dark inclusions on the stipe that can remind of a paleaceous ring, which blackens after the spores are puffed—it is similar to Psilocybe cubensis (Earle) Singer [Stropharia cubensis Earle]. Some of the mushrooms of the genus Stropharia cubensis, or Psilocybe cubensis, contain psilocybin—a unique stimulator of the nervous system. In their psychoactive properties, psilocybin mushrooms are much more befitting as vegetative equivalents of Soma, or Hoama, than fly agaric, which was identified with Soma in the Rigveda by R.G. Wasson in his well-known book. His point of view was supported by many famous scientists; the psychedelic theory proposed by T. McKenna even assigns the main role in human evolution to psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

    For the first time, we can see vivid evidence, embroidered on an ancient cloth discovered by archaeological excavations, for the use of mushrooms for religious purposes, probably, to make Haoma, a “sacred drink.”

    I guess the fundamental disagreement i have is that any mythological substance, apple, oil, salt , etc
    must of had an origin that man could of touched smelled tasted before it was associated with other non physical realms.
    We can see this is evident by the famous Sumerian "Old Men Become Young." plant that has a particular shape ( its on my avatar )
    If no one had ever seen it or cultivated it how could they depict its shape ?

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    You posted a larger image of your avatar:

    Which component in your avatar are you saying is the old man has become young plant. I searched and did not see any documents stating that a depiction of the plant of the Gilgamesh story had been discovered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    Do psychedelics stop or slow the ageing process? Soma does!
    Soma is clearly a psychedelic. And people do look younger, and retain a glow, after a psycehdelic ceremony. People who are happy tend to live longer as well. However it is another debate entirely but from my pesrpective I do not think the purpose of any mystical art is to prolong the life in this physical body. That sounds dumb.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    Do psychedelics lead to the acquisition of siddhi?

    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    I have see all these colours/lights myself but did not use any psychedelics to cause these.
    If you have not done psychedelics properly then how can you compare/know?

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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