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Thread: Advice on Alchemy Schools & Courses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crestind View Post
    . . . . and that this particular text has a working method to make a stone.
    The question is also what "stone"? There're many variations.

    I know, I hear, spagyrics is often looked down upon. But one can make with moderate skill level very powerful medicine. If you only went after suggestions made by Paracelsus alone, one could heal and extend life with the elixirs he prescribes.

    I know people want the "Holy Grail", but there's other things under the Sun.

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    I was asking myself the same thing about Stephane Barillet's school:


    I have no doubts that he's good promoting his courses, but I have no idea if there is anything of worth in them or not.

    (Most of his available texts are not much more than a promotion to buy "the real thing", which can be fantastic or absolutely unworthy, but it's probably impossible to know it without purchasing the course).

    Anyone has had any experience with him?

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    Hi zoas23

    Now barillet and its courses greedy

    I have friends who are very well known
    Now barillet he had (because too much confidence of some) access to copies of ancient manuscripts and real of the RC golden including; the manuscript of golden rose cross of the solar alchemy Arcana Divina

    (He in his latest course on the light he publishes it in full in French) and the thesaurus thesaurorum and documents on the dry process modified that comes from round patrick rivers and other is also very taken with one intelligent cut and paste from the instructions on the seven elixir planetary etc of many strade and course of the philosopher pf the nature makes her very personal and questionable interpretations and sells unlike agreements with those free of them given to him for their weight in gold in his courses in pdf and DVD text (he called training) costs about 250-350 Euros each text (instead initially as agreement with those who gave them to him had to be published in a book costs eu normal 25 or 50 max )

    thus concluding texts translated and published are translations of valid internal manuscripts rose gold cross but his hypothesis comments and operability say it is very imaginative nobody but him who claims to be able
    (NB he says he realized that both stone elixir in many ways also a much science fiction done with light and rotating vortex that interprets and says its so-called insights very personal way as the typus mundi (this says in his two recent books published)
    but many not believe in him so in the various forums and is widely regarded as only a skilled salesman dvd been especially good to sell them profusely) anyone who follows farms has actually achieved anything for repeating all the method he proposed to objections (his group also has a very closed and the internal forum and only for those who bought at least one course with individual access pasword etc) he replies that it is not pure enough and that the stone is only a gift of God and that the method without open heart operator does not work and so the objections are silenced suddenly (it is unclear whether he really believe it (some say it is deeply convinced of this car and that mistake in a visionary in about forced convictions) or others that this is just an excuse to justify the non-intelligent results of those who experience)
    (In the few courses you specify he insists on inner Christianity (it seems we believe according to my friends is a bit abstruse a theatrical visionary a little psychic a little too confident and very self confident and self deluded by what he thinks) and he also combined alchemy in a kind of Christianity praying and prayer which then turns to the concerns of those practicing has failed in his methods, saying that to succeed you have to awaken the inner heart of the Christ) I strongly advise against throwing money away the only What's interesting are the pieces of the manuscripts translated the rest is all a cut and sew and imaginative ideas and opinions that do not justify the cost of the pdf and video

    I hope I was helpful

    my best regard Alfr

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::

    Hi zoas23

    ora barillet e suoi corsi esosi

    ho amici che lo hanno molto bene conosciuto
    ora barillet ha avuto (causa troppa fiducia di alcuni ) accesso a copie di manoscritti antichi e veri dei RC d'oro tra cui; il manoscritto della rosa croce d'oro di alchimia solare l'arcana divima (che lui nel suo ultimo corso sulla luce lui pubblica essa integralmente in francese ) e i thesauro thesaurorum e documenti sulla via secca che modificata proviene dal giro patrick riviere e altro anche molto preso con taglia e cuci dalle istruzioni sui sette elixir planetari etc dei stages dei filosofi della natura fa le sue personali e molto discutibili interpretazioni e li vende a differenza di accordi presi con chi gratuitamente li ha a lui donati a peso d'oro nei suoi corsi in pdf e dvd un testo ( che lui chiama formazione ) costa circa 250 - 350 euro l'uno i testi invece inizialmente come si accordo con chi li diede a lui dovevano essere pubblicati a costi di un libro normale eu 25 o max 50 euro

    dunque concludendo alcuni testi tradotti e pubblicati sono traduzioni di validi manoscritti interni della rosa croce d'oro ma le sue ipotesi commenti e operativita dire che molto fantasiosa nessuno a parte lui che sostiene di essere riuscito
    ( NB lui dice di aver realizzato sia pietra che elixir in molti modi anche uno molto di fantascienza fatto con con la luce e la rotazione vorticosa che dice e interpreta dalle sue cosi dette intuizioni molto personali come modo del typus mundi ( questo lo dice nelle sue 2 ultimi volumi pubblicati ) ma tutti non ci credono e nei vari forum da molti considerato solo un abile venditore di dvd costruiti appositamente bene per venderli copiosamente ) nessuno di chi lo segue ha masi concretamente realizzato nulla per ripetendo tutti i metodo da lui proposti alle obbiezioni (il suo gruppo ha anche un forum molto chiuso e interno e solo per chi ha acquistato almeno un corso con accesso individuale pasword etc ) lui risponde che non si abbastanza puri e che la pietra solo un dono di dio e che il metodo senza il cuore aperto dell'operatore non funziona e cosi le obiezioni vengono messe a tacere repentinamente ( non chiaro se lui veramente ci creda ( alcuni dicono che profondamente auto convinto di ci e che si illuda in maniera visionaria nelle su forzate convinzioni ) o altri invece che questa solo una scusa intelligente per giustificare i non risultati di chi sperimenta )
    ( la in alcuni corsi specifichi lui insiste molto su cristianesimo interiore ( pare ci creda secondo i mie amici un po un astruso istrionico visionario un poco medianico un p molto troppo sicuro e auto convinto e auto illuso di ci che pensa ) e lui anche abbinata l'alchimia a una specie di cristianesimo orante e di preghiera che poi rigira per i dubbi di chi praticando non riuscito nei suoi metodi dicendo che per riuscire bisogna risvegliare il cuore cristico interiore ) io caldamente sconsigli di buttare via i soldi l'unica cosa interessante sono i pezzi dei manoscritti tradotti il resto tutto un tagli e cuci e opinioni e idee fantasiose che non giustificano il costo dei pdf e video

    spero di essere stato utile

    my best regard alfr
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    Thank you, my friend.

    Your reply has been helpful and the Italian has been of a great help too when I got list with English (my first language is Spanish, so Italian is welcome).

    Thank you very much to the time you devoted in helping me. I REALLY appreciate it.

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    A brief note:

    I got in touch with him and he's a very nice person. I have not tested his methods, but I made an agreement with him (an exchange of services based on trust).

    I found a friendly person in him with whom it is nice to talk and who doesn't have the hateful attitude of "I'm the all knowing God, you bastard!" that some alchemists have.

    I can't say if his ways are the best ways or not, but he's a nice person with whom it is easy to get along... and that's something I appreciate.

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