I will not reveal his name, although I do suspect he probably visits here from time to time.

My secret Mentor is quite distinguished, and while he will not tell me exactly how to produce the stone, he has shared with me a lot of secrets concerning it.

Like, for instance, the fact that there are different stones for different folks. Some of us think that 'one particular stone' is THE STONE

But who is to decide this? If both stones with transmute?

The Water stone of the Wise, (in my top two favourites) is reported to be able to perform transmutation. Nevertheless, we are often told by other authors that "IF you seek transmutation of metals, it is within metals blah blah blah blah..."

So often am I on here and it seems like some people are always trying to in some way 'de-bunk' my confidence in my alchemical understanding.

So I went through some of the books, and some of the threads, that were recommended, and I've realised that your all tripping.. I've been able to understand these texts for years now.

I just have a lot of work to do in the realm of spagyrics before I move forward.

I am not interested in simply creating the stone. I am seeking proficiency across the alchemical board, so to speak.

It appears to me that sometimes, people on this thread put a certain 'label' on an alchemical concept, and then start acting all high and mighty because they are the only ones privy to the meaning of the word, and that's because they MADE UP THE MEANING OF THE WORD.

Such as this weird non-spagyrical meaning of Alchemy. Alchemy means the Art of Transformation, right? So.... wouldn't any practise, that is done with the intention of transformation, be considered Alchemy?

"The word alchemy was borrowed from Old French alquemie, alkimie, taken from Medieval Latin alchymia, and which is in turn borrowed from Arabic al-kīmiyā’ (الكيمياء‎). The Arabic word is borrowed from Late Greek chēmeía (χημεία), chēmía (χημία),[9] with the agglutination of the Arabic definite article al- (الـ‎).[10] This ancient Greek word was derived from[11] the early Greek name for Egypt, Chēmia (Χημία), based on the Egyptian name for Egypt, kēme (hieroglyphic �������� khmi, lit. ‘black earth’, as opposed to red desert sand).[10]
The Medieval Latin form was influenced by Greek chymeia (χυμεία) meaning ‘mixture’ and referring to pharmaceutical chemistry.[12]"

Where the fuck does it mention that the definition of Alchemy implies putrefaction, S.M. embodiment and the like? It is much more directly translated as "The Art of the Transmutation of Metals"

Seth-Ra, has a nice stone right?

And all the more reason, if this place claims 'no stone' then why are you all so forceful with your views, since it seems, your viewing, somewhat of an empty flask, or a failed black sludge.

Yes, it seems there is a lot of projecting going on around here, ya know where you accuse someone of something that you yourself are actually guilty of.

This post is not a direct reply to your post Mr. S, its a general post, which also addresses your questions on the stone. This is not a personal statement directed at you, it is a generalised statement only.