Many of us are having the unpleasant experience of working really hard on a post, only to click 'Reply' and find out that all we wrote is gone because we've been automatically logged out... Some of us re-start from scratch/memory, others give up altogether.

Many websites that require logging in, also have an automatic log-out function after a certain period of apparent inactivity (activity is interpreted as refreshing/changing pages/browsing through/etc...).

In most cases, this is for 'security' reasons, in case you are on a public computer or are posting 'sensitive' information that you wouldn't want to be associated with you by a by-passer, in case you leave your computer. Or simply to prevent anyone else from accessing your account if you go away and forget to log out.

Many web-based email services also have this automatic Log Out feature (or 'Log In Time-Out'), after a certain period of apparent lack of activity.

There is a simple way to prevent this problem on Alchemy Forums:

Under your Log-In info fields (User Name & Password), there is a little box called Remember Me.

Just check/tick that box and you will NOT be automatically logged out until you log out manually OR unless your computer/the Internet shuts down or the entire world shuts down altogether

Just in case, it's also a good idea to copy, paste & save a post you deem important to a text document on your computer.