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Thread: Untold Story of Huram-Abi

  1. Untold Story of Huram-Abi

    So in homage to the Gnostics Christians who loved making continuations/other versions/hidden secrets of the usual orthodox belief and to the FreeMasons who love concocting their stories of myth to see if they have the Hands of God, I want to make an alternative story about Huram-Abi, the master craftsman sent by King Hiram of Tyre to King Solomon to build the Temple. Warning: allegorical

    The Ophirian alchemist sailed from the farthest point of the East to meet the master craftsman Huram-Abi.

    And they met.

    Huram-Abi: "I've used the gold from your land to adorn the Temple that Solomon asked me to build."

    Ophirian alchemist: "But I don't see any gold parts of the Temple from here."

    Huram-Abi: "It's in the interior."

    Huram-Abi: "I'll accompany you inside the Temple. But you have to think of the word "Love" in your own language while you're inside, for it will protect you from the Spirits inhabiting there."

    Both of them are now inside. And the alchemist noticed 7 jars.

    Ophirian alchemist: "What are these?"

    Huram-Abi: "I don't know yet. But I just created them and placed them here."

    Ophirian alchemist: "This could be for the Spirits who helped you built this Temple."

    Huram-Abi: "Probably. But I think in time, they will serve their purpose."

    Ophirian alchemist: "So what do you want me to do here?"

    Huram-Abi: "I just want you to show me how you made these gold. I know that those are not of Earth."

    Ophirian alchemist: "It is for a price, for knowledge taught is also knowledge gained."

    Huram-Abi: "I will tell you what God said when He created light."

    The Ophirian alchemist showed Huram-Abi the process. And Huram-Abi told him the secret word.

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