This is a Phoenix-thread from the old site.

Yes, it is quite empty here but then Alchemy Forums is only less than 2 days old.

I could create multiple posts and fill this place up in a few hours, but I rather restrain myself and let others work their magic. I want this to be a place for sharing alchemical gnosis, not a blog (I already have that).

So don't be afraid to start a thread. If it is stupid I'll just delete it...

Suggestions for categories are also welcome. It is hard to know what is needed before a forum has been used for a while. I suspect this place will change and evolve over time.

See you out there!
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This is a pretty amazing forum, with apparently some pretty amazing people. I'm still trying to find my way around here. But this is going to be big.
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Haha, all things must have a beginning.

Either way, I've created a few interesting threads so far. Hopefully we can get more people interested!
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Yeah, well it boils down to the fact that we need to get some good discussions going!

If you post, they will come!
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Thanks Deviadah for starting a forum exclusive to Alchemy .
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Well I may be the starter, but the fate of the continuation lies with all of you!

But it grows quickly this place and I think this is proof that alchemy is not present as much as it should be on the internet, as far as discussion go. So far I think we got some nice threads going.

More, more, more...

Infinity is the only barrier we have!