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Very interesting, z0 K.

For me, your last post seems to imply that 'health' is not based on a universal standard (being healthy or being ill), but on a standard of how well a person feels while persuing their 'goal'.

From this, health is relative to the amount of energy one has on hand to apply to their work, which creates a certain Quality of life.

Creating or evolving into a certain Quality of life is fairly alchemical, IMO.

I am enjoying the thread.
Great observation!

I believe that is what it is all about. Health is relative to the amount of energy one has on hand. And feeling good or well is proportionate to the amount of energy one has on hand. In this case, alchemy, we are trying to gather Spiritus Mundi into our selves. Anima Mundi is like the Yin to Spiritus Mundi as Yang.

Since Stahl’s time medical practice in general has gone away from study, experimentation and observation of the Anima in life force. Jung rekindled the idea of anima in his medical practice and now it is relegated to the field of archetypes in the depth psychology pantheon. Stahl was attempting to delineate an empirical relationship of anima with living matter studied by the life sciences.

For me alchemy is all about gathering as much Spiritus Mundi as you can to elevate and transform Anima Mundi in an ongoing evolution of the self.

I believe Stahl was pivotal in the transition of Alchemical philosophy into scientific observation. He tried what is nearly impossible: to demonstrate, determine (fix) or expose the soul an immaterial phenomena in matter in laboratory experimentation. He was unable to convince the materialists rising at the time in science.

Tremendous breakthroughs were happening in the understanding of molecular evolution that became the science of Chemistry. Chemistry did not need to entertain the philosophical ideas of soul and spirit when it had matter and energy to measure. So the alchemical Dragon and Lion were rejected by what became Modern Science in my opinion. Because of this chemists are unable to apprehend alchemy in the laboratory. I know of scarcely a couple that have; then they became alchemists fluent in chemistry. An alchemist a few hundred years ago once remarked about how some throw out the philosophical matter in the flask because they do not recognize it incrudated with the feces from the reactions.