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Thread: Hyperborean Runic Vedic Spirituality

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    From a runic Hyperborean Vedic teacher (Volkvs) I used to learn from about Jesus..

    Jesus Christ is a biblical version of: Egyptian Horus, Vedic Krishna, Slavic Kresnik, Svarozich + cult of Svetovid, MythRa ("washing out"; shining out or Scepter in Treta Yuga; "3rd Era"(pre 5008 BCE; pre Kali Yuga(Kill; "penetration"; "Kala"(muddy, dirty); Vek (Viyek; Vyuga) - Yuga. ) - preMitrenye, Prometheus...
    If they crucified a man; he became Living god which was re-SURrected " ("Sura"; "Morning dawn"; from NaZareth; "Falling star"; "Lucifer"; Venus...Osiris - Bacchus (center of the Vatican; Babylonian-Greek version of the Asuras; A'Sura; "Against Surya"; "Against Sun"; a parasitical version (and continuity) of Osiris-Horus.

    Religions are institutions or "re-league" for brainwash and program the population; to control them and over their minds create an artificial Matrix (Egregore) - to revive the artificial Zoodiac of the parasitical "gods"; the sacrifice of the "Incarnated god-human" to these deities means a gift and a free ticket into their realm; to capture the human (Goy'im; goyit; means "to breed in slavic languages & "Gay" (not homosexual gay) as "paradise"; GAYA in "greek" ) -so "to breed animals (humans, sheep) for their own use and to feed the wolf in the sheep clothing - God; and we as its "slaves", sluge (slug also in english)...and to transform us into brainless, enslaved, artificial beings called Golem - Gol'im in Slavic; "NAKED"...

    Hebrew language was artificially created and as oldest spoken (Liturgically) in Byzantium among real "old" Rabbis (RAB= "servant" to "god", gebrauch (in german); ge-b-rauch; ch transformed from v via b(betatism); the Linguistic "hyperborean" root is RB (as we would write it down in Hebrew).
    Christian church invented the "devil" to scare the people; to keep them for themselves as "holy sheep". The era of Inquisition (dark middle ages) followed.
    The root of Devil derived from Hyperborean word Dev or Deva which means "Divine" (godly) and addition of IL is EL or (b)EL (Ba'al), which means "Shining" (highly), "Lord" in later Akkadian, Phoenician; Bala in Sanskrit and god Veles (Bull)... lord of the Nav in the Astronomical cycle. Protector of the cattle, women & children (its name was later spatted, perverted and stolen into Torahic, Biblical, Quranic (Islam was also created by the Roman church as a "plan B" in a case if the Christianity wouldn't become popular or wouldn't become successful. ) meanings (so it became "devilish" (pagan = rural, satanic, non holy, primitive in Latin ).

    Also Ra is "shining, illuminated one, sun" which is Vedic Rama or Brahma - "opening", Prama; "pra" (pre; grand)- & Ma; shortened for "manyat", "menit"(in Slavic, Meinung in German); "thinking" (knowing); "pre-gnosis"). Ra always stands for something related to the "source" or "light", "knowledge", "foundation"...+ Mir as "space" (universe), Radomir (Ra (until; - to (do) Mir (Meru, space, universe). - ZooDiac(Zodiac); as the new "Isus (Zeus; Zoo'os (As; Deus)) Krstos (Egyptian Krst+os; but Egyptian Krst Horus (Krishna) is the "ciclic" (Hour, Horo-scope,...Horovod, Hors) "Incarnation of the god" (Kresnut; Krs-Na (on); "Enliven on" (flesh); Swedish Hress-Foerre (fire); this is Slavic Kres & god Kresnik, Krishenj...

    The YaShuAh also derives from Egyptian Shu and his step father, JoSeph became Egyptian SEB or GEB; which is a perversion of Aryan SHIVA ("SEW"ing one (together) or Jiva - or Zhiva; "alive" ); as the "Father" of Osiris (Asura)...representing the "light"; his fake mother is Nut or Nuv; which represents a "Darkness" ; this is Slavic NAV or Norse NIFLHEIM (Nav Home); Naraka; Hell, Underworld in the Mir; SvargaLoka (Svarog's , Svarga Starry "Locations") or Sanskrit's PRA-NAVA ("pre Nav"; which existed before Nav - old Underground; pre our Universe; this is "Darkness" around our Milky way; which is not empty)...

    So ... from Seb/Sev (Geb; also note "city of Thebes; Thebe = "City of the Living"; Th; Sh; city of Jiva (Zhiv)) derived Moses's (Osarsiph = Greek term for Egyptian ASAR+SEB; where Asar = Osiris and Seb = later Christian "JoSeph") derived also "Jesus's" fake father...

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    Is very possible to make linquistic observations and correlations, and is also certain the bible has spurious passages, but more than a few people have actually seen Jesus, angels, Ascended spirits, saints, etc. and experienced miracles by same, in fact miracles are (or at least once were) the criteria for saint-hood. I don't know why some people have such a difficult time with the nature of an Afterlife, or the Beings who live there, and sometimes visit here; even many alchemists talked about it. I mean what is a "heavenly" salt if there weren't such a (better) place than here. And what would the point of alchemy be if there were no such place and "here" was all there is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrival View Post
    Is very possible to make linguistic observations and correlations
    According to the guy I used learn from Words (and neuro-lingual containers preserved in them) are THE ONLY KEY to understand the true history of humanity, all other paradigms as BIBLE, QUR'AN, TORAH-TANACH, ZOHAR, etc with consequent teachings which sprang from all of them are ARTIFICIALLY CREATED HOLOGRAPHIC MATRIX. This is why Saurian entities [plural] behind Semitic Tetragrammaton YHWH said in Genesis 11:7 "...Let us go down and mix up their language so that they will not understand each other." (SLAVIC WAS THAT ONE LANGUAGE OF HUMANITY ABOUT WHICH SEMITIC DEITY IS BRAGGING IN Genesis 11:7 ")
    Word NAGA does not come from Sanskrit, it comes from Slavic Aryan (H'Aryan and Da'Aryan), it was simply recorded in Sanskrit upon arrival of H'Aryans and Da’Aryans on the Saraswati river in Indus Valley. Sanskrit itself is artificially created language (for the preservation of H'Aryan and Da'Aryan oral traditions since approximately ~603,000 BC) and derived from H'Aryan and Da'Aryan Runic (1400 runes total). The closest language to H'Aryan and Da'Aryan currently is Russian or Old Slavic family of languages throughout the Europe. In Old Slavic the Sanskrit’s ORIGINAL word NAGAS was written as NAGI (НАГИ), with original meaning that alleged “Adam” and “Eve” (adapa race) were the "seed" and offspring of NAGAS (it is suffice to note here that all current human races are not descendants from Nagas-Nachash, except THE ORIGINAL HEBREWS – later described in Torah as the Levi (currently called Cohen) tribe which was artificially "cross-bread" to serve NAGAS-NACHASH themselves). When Bible was translated from the ORIGINAL OLD SLAVIC (H’Aryan) into alleged "ancient" Hebrew approximately in 1050 AD in Byzantium by the scribes of bloodline of Isaak Angel (Hebrew is an artificially created tongue and alphabet by NAGAS-NACHASH-COSCHEI), the neuro-lingual container of NAGAS (НАГИ) was intentionally translated and transliterated as word “NAKED”, thus changing the meaning of the original neuro-lingual container, and with the play on the root of the neuro-lingual container of the original word abbreviated THE OFFSPRING OF SAURIAN RACE NAGAS (НАГИ) it became to be a neuro-lingual container for the word NAKED - all that was done for the sole purpose of hiding the original ancestry of ORIGINAL HEBREWS (Hebrew [עִבְרִית] means “cross-over through copulation”).

    In "ancient" Hebrew (which is known only ~1000 years and the youngest of ALL "ancient" artificially created languages - the phonetic play of the neuro-lingual container NAGI (НАГИ) was intentionally written as (ערם עירם ‛êyrôm ‛êrôm ), which also means (ערם ‎ ‛âram), - from where arrived the fictitious combined personage of A'Bram or Abraham's bloodline of Nagas-Nachash, who was “the seed” and descendant of NAGAS or Shining Ones described in the legendary "Book of Enoch".

    Secondly, alleged Hebrew Nachash (נָחַשׁ ‎ nâchash) IS A COMBINATION OF TWO WORDS – NA-GA & NA-CHASH - THE FIRST PART OF THE WORD NAGA – “NA” and THE SECOND PART OF THE WORD NACHASH – “CHASH”. The neuro-lingual container of word nâchash is CHSH or SHCH. Together it will fuse or morph two neuro-lingual containers together - “NA” and “CHASH” as “NA-CHASH”.

    Both words NAGA (नाग) and NACHASH (נָחַשׁ) are describing absolutely and completely the same SEED or ANCESTRAL BLOODLINE AND THE ORIGIN OF THE FIRST CROSSBREEDS – CALLED HEBREWS, except the neuro-lingual container of NAGAS as it is in Sanskrit (NAGI) is older approximately 110,000 years than Hebrew NACHASH (נָחַשׁ).
    The origin of word nâchash is Old Slavic – Aryan. The original word and neuro-lingual container was COSCHEI (Кощей קושצ'אי) with neuro-lingual container or root CHSH or SHCH. After transliteration in/into Hebrew it became the word NHSH (נָחַשׁ) with the same neuro-lingual container as in Old Slavic and before that in Aryan. Word COSCHEI in Old Slavic is almost (with slight deviation) means exactly the same as neuro-lingual container of Sanskrit word “NAGI” and Old Slavic or Slovenic – “НАГИ”.

    Simply put - two words abbreviate the entity which is Saurian in nature. As in Hebrew Torah the same entities are called NHSH (נָחַשׁ ‎ nâchash) or Shining Ones, including entity in Torah behind the Tetragrammaton called YHWH (Jehovah), also including the secondary nonetheless important god of Ek-Gipto OSIRIS who was the first seed of NAGAS in human flesh and was destroyed by Aryans.

    In Egyptian mythology, Hathor (Egyptian for House of Horus, but correctly THE MOTHER OF HORS or HORUS [МАТЬ ХОРСА]) was originally a personification of the Milky Way (Mehet-Weret), in Slavic Aryan МАКОШЬ-СВАРГА-СВАРА-ВЕРЕТ (represented as SYMBOL OF MILKY WAY - SWASTIKA WITH FOUR SLEEVES), which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow (Slavic Aryan ZIMUN COW (КОРОВА ЗИМУН) creating four galactic sleeves.

    Hathor, an an ancient SLAVIC GODDES MAKOSH (note again - NOT SEMITIC LILITH), worshiped as a cow-deity from ~31000 BC, known to us as "HATHOR" from at least 2700 BC, during the 2nd dynasty, and even by the Scorpion King. The name Hathor refers to the encirclement by her, in the form of the Milky Way, of the night sky and consequently of the god of the sky, Horus (Slavic Aryan god HORS [ХОРС]). She was originally seen as the daughter of Ra (РаМХа), the creator whose own cosmic birth was formalized as the Ogdoad cosmogony. An alternate name for her, which persisted for at least 3,000 years, was Mehturt (also spelled Mehurt 9Mother of Hors), Mehet-Weret, and Mehet-uret), meaning great flood, a direct reference to her being the Milky Way (SWARA). The Milky Way was seen as a waterway in the heavens, sailed upon by both the sun god and the king, leading the Egyptians to describe it as The Nile in the Sky. Due to this, and the name Mehturt, she was identified as responsible for the yearly inundation of the Nile. Another consequence of this name is that she was seen as a herald of imminent birth, as when the amniotic sac breaks and floods its waters, it is a medical indicator that the child is due to be born extremely soon. HATHOR (MAKOSH) was the Goddess of Motherhood. As a provider of milk, and due to cows careful tending of their calves, the cow was a universal symbol of motherhood, and so Hathor became goddess of motherhood, gaining titles such as 'The Great Cow Who Protects Her Child' and 'Mistress of the Sanctuary of Women.' Because of the aspect of motherhood, her priests were oracles, predicting the fate of the newborn, and midwives delivering them. As a mother, since she enclosed the sky, she was seen as the mother of Horus. Symbolically she became the divine mother of the pharaoh, who was identified as Horus. Since Horus's wife was Isis, Hathor was sometimes said to be her mother, although it was more accurate to say she was her mother in law. As Horus was also said to be the son of Ra, Hathor was identified as Ra's wife (Ra created her in a non-sexual manner), gaining the title Mistress of Heaven. Having been identified as Ra's wife, it was said she arose from Ra's tears, and thus was identified as the Eye of Ra. In art, Hathor was often depicted as a golden cow (sometimes covered in stars), with the titles Cow of Gold, and The one who shines like gold, or as a woman with the ears of a cow and a headdress of horns holding the sun-disc, which represented Ra. Hathor was identified as the Pleiades. Also HATHOR (MAKOSH) was a Fertility Goddess. The cow's large eyes with long lashes and generally quiet demeanour were often considered to suggest a gentle aspect of feminine beauty. There are still cultures in the world where to say that a girl is as pretty as a heifer is a great compliment, rather than taking you cow as an insult.

    And so Hathor rapidly became a goddess of beauty, and fertility, thus also a patron goddess for lovers. A tale grew up around this in which Ra is described as having been upset over Horus' victory over Set (representing the conquest of Lower Egypt by Upper Egypt), and went off to be alone, and so Hathor went to him and started to dance and stripped naked, showing him her genitals, which cheered him up, so he returned. The tale is thought also to describe a solar eclipse, as it depicts Ra, the sun, going away to sulk, and then returning when cheered up. In her position as a female fertility goddess, who readily strips naked, she was often depicted in red, the color of passion, though her sacred color is turquoise, and so gained the titles Lady of the scarlet-colored garment, and Lady of sexual offerings (Nebet Hetepet in Egyptian). This also is what ARYAN VEDIC KAMA-SUTRA meant - KAMA-SUTRA OF MAKOSH-HATHOR which was was brought to Egypt by Vedic Aryans.

    Quote Originally Posted by thrival View Post
    and is also certain the bible has spurious passages
    Once again from the same teacher;

    “Bible was originally written in Old Slavic”, I mean the part of Tanach that IS NOT PENTATEUCH (5 book of “Moses”). So called Torah was added to the corpus generally called today as Torah or Tanach where Torah is included. The latest evidence as confirmation to my own research was studying the works of mathematician A. Fomenko – all his books. I'd like to state THAT I DO NOT AGREE WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING FOMENKO SAYS IN HIS BOOKS BY LITERALLY PUSHING HIS FINAL CONCLUSIONS AS OBVIOUS “FACTS”. In a sense he has been "advised" by rather darker type of Yahwists-kabbalists on the issues of chronology of human race, - it is very true that even toughest kabbalist and Zohar practitioner would have obvious difficulty in objective “Hebrew Torahic Chronology", which in reality is ABSOLUTE ARTIFICIAL “SCIENTIFICALLY” MASKED HOAX.
    Nevertheless, in my opinion being partially a troller (intentional disinformant) himself Fomenko did a few things right, especially in area of so called Torahic chronology and Judaic history which would include “old” Hebraism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam claiming its YOUNG AGE. Yes, in comparison to the Aryan timeline and chronology Hebraic history, IS YOUNG, STARTING FROM 3767 BC, This is the time when first Naga-Nachash crossbreed “Adama” was born. The problem is that “Adam” is not the father of human kind, he was special human and non-human DNA crossbreed. And that date is the beginning the story of Hebrews-crossbreeds. This same story was later compiled in Sumer, its colony Ek-Gipto, Ephiopia, Babylon-Assyria and written compilation ended in Byzantium. And this is the new timeline in his “new chronology” Fomenko describes just brilliantly in his books. Only fools do not understand what he is doing…HE IS NOT TOUCHING ARYAN – PURE HUMAN (RASA) CHRONOLOGY WHICH GOES 600,000 YEARS BACK.
    The biggest mistake and fault of Fomenko’s so called "new chronology" is that he based it on...Torah-Tanach ONLY and consequently the whole Bible, making it as a GENERIC JUDEO-CHRISTIAN PLATFORM OF “HUMAN” APPEARANCE ON THE PLANETARY SCENE WITH ITS REAL HISTORY AND CIVILIZATION. He states that everything started from ADAM, implying that biblical records and chronology are “approximately” correct. That is his main absurd and absolute genius - "paid for" research reveals black kabbalistic holes in authenticity of Judeo-Masonic Yahwistic legend that was forcefully imposed on Aryan race (RASA)..
    In any case Fomenko is absolutely correct about the age of Hebrews, Judeo-Chistian paradigm of chronological Black Boxes of history, about approximate time of the writing of alleged “Hebrew” Torah, Tanach and consequently the whole Bible by dating all of them to ~1000 AD. By the way, the oldest Hebrew Tanach called Codex Leningradensis or Leningrad Codex, was compiled exactly in ~1050 AD and it was done not in current Russia (Tartaria), but in partially then ruled Byzantium by Slavs Aryans. The place of the writing "cycles" of the alleged books of the Bible Fomenko is giving correct also – approximately ~1000 – 1250 AD Byzantium, - not current Palestine, BCE Babylon or Mesopotamia region in general, which means that Hebrews (Jews especially) are not “ancient” people, their alleged “god” is not “ancient” deity, more over - they are not even an authors of the mentioned above texts, but re-writers, re-compilers and re-interpreters.
    THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS AND COMPILERS WERE ARYANS (including the main Aryan genetic bloodline – Slavs) Another thing though, - Fomenko has proved that part of Tanach (Bible that IS NOT PENTATEUCH) was written by Slavs Aryans, - including Psalms, all books of Prophets, the New Testament, etc WITHOUT MONOTHEISTIC BELIEFS AND YAHWISTIC DEADLY IDEOLOGY. Later on a lot of text was inserted and Original Bible was re-compiled. Re-compilation of the Bible continued further by Yahwistic Vatican till Rosicrucians took over the new “translation” under Martin Luther.
    The scribes of bloodline of crossbreed and Nachash worshipper Isaak Angel (real factual personage in Byzantium), who was the High Priest of Sanhedrin at that time has re-compiled Old Slavic scrolls and texts of DAVYDS (Druids) and inserted Yahwistic (Levitic) version of Pentateuch making it the beginning of the book known today as Bible. It is very obvious and simple to understand that pro-Yahwistic cabinet of later chronology and history adjustment Jesuit Scaliger (from The Order of Jesus) re-recompiled Isaak’s version of "Slavic-Aryan Bible" several times to introduce overall history of human race tight to the alleged "Adam and Eve", "creator-god" Jehovah, Shining One Noah with his sons-crossbreeds, and all artificial package of characters-archetypes in current version of the Bible.
    In today's “linguistic” disciplines persists perverted “ACCEPTED” (by who?) PARADIGM THAT HEBREW IS THE OLDEST TONGUE, ALPHABET and consequently MONOTHEISTIC "FAITH", but even Fomenko proves that it is pure nonsense and hoax.
    Hebrew derived from Akkadian, Akkadian derived from Phoenician, and Phoenician in its own right derived from Sumerian Nagas-Nachash-Anunnaki cuneiform that was an artificial substitute for the Phoenician writing, which was what is known today as THAT OLD SLAVIC-ARYAN (Phoenicians were Slavs-Aryans and Aryans).
    The second accepted notion is that Old Slavic derived from Greek, but when you study the neuro-linguistics of both - Old Slavic and Greek, you will quickly find out that 90% of neuro-lingual containers of Greek language is that of Old Slavic.
    So, the issue is in the following - Old Slavic is the ORIGINAL mother tongue and language of Greek and not the other way around. Please read book of JOSEPH YAHUDA “HEBREW IS GREEK” (my note – he has proved that Hebrew derived from Greek, and as I mentioned already Greek derived from Old Slavic).
    The same can be easily proven with Sanskrit - Sanskrit IS NOT THE MOTHER TONGUE AND LANGUAGE OF SLAVIC (or Russian [Slavonic] family of languages, but the other way around - artificial Sanskrit tongue, language and alphabet derived from Slavic Aryan, - in this regard I absolutely agree with V. Chudinov's research - 75% of Sanskrit words have absolute Slavic neuro-lingual containers and can be easily deciphered with current modern Russian. ALL OTHER WORLD LANGUAGES WON’T DO IT !!!
    From here arrives one interesting fact, - the Hebrew alphabet and tongue and language is an artificial product of the above mentioned languages and ESPECIALLY THE ORIGINAL OLD SLAVIC (or Slavonic).

    Quote Originally Posted by thrival View Post
    I don't know why some people have such a difficult time with the nature of an Afterlife
    The afterlife in runic Vedic culture is Nav (lower astral), Yav (material), Slav (higher astral), Prav (celestial and beyond). Hyperborean Vedic spirituality was called “The Golden Path of Spiritual Development” (God is called Incomprehensible Great Ra-M-Ha, Sanskrit Brahma) based on karmic cycles and reincarnation, plus the teachings of Yaga now called Yoga (Yaga existed before "Hindu" civilization, the word remained in Norse as Ygdrasil, this is Yaga Drasil; Drevo, Tree, ancient temples where the priests were teaching about it was called PraYaga) and the Divine Potion of the Gods (Alchemy) and the practise of vegetarianism (The light of Great Ra-M-Ha (Brahma)(God) is in all beings, actually it was Slavic God Perun (Germanic Odin) that suggested we not eat anything that has ‘blood’ in it. Yav worlds are considered training grounds for Slav and Prav worlds. Example outside of training on the Path, this planet is considered a training school for learning ‘wisdom’ by making ‘mistakes’ as well as learning to perceive and become immune to Nav worlds (parasites/dark forces). Hyperborean culture (considered in these circles as the oldest and original of Earth, (hence the pyramids and stone ruins found all over the planet and on the sea floor) also the Runic Vedas are considered the oldest writings of Earth and the most suppressed for that matter) with a chronology once again dating back over 600 000BC (in the fake Gregorian calendar and from the perspective that Darwinism/Creationism is a hoax) with the settlement of the now sunken “Da’Aria” in the artic North (via runic Vaitmans/Sanskrit Vimanas) which is long before “modern” Abrahamic religions (which are mostly ‘ripped off’, corrupted versions of pure runic Vedic culture). Before that there was no such thing as original sin/saviour/hell mind cults or the bloody death cults of Kali-Ma which included animal and human sacrifice. But from a Runic/Vedic perspective we are now in the Day of Svarog (beginning of a new golden era) with the Night of Svarog (kali Yuga) fully ending at the end of the “Time of the Torah” in the year 2090 with the return of the Hyperborean Gods as prophesied by God Perun (Odin). (Gods become myths in dark cycles, nor are they considered ‘saviours’, they simple teach folk are the same as them just still on the path to Slav and Prav).

    In regards to “sources” of such runic Vedic information the Volkvs teacher (someone that has had the runic plates handed down to them generation after generation and can actually read them, they are written down on gold and other precious metals plates (Santees) rolls of high-quality parchment (charatiys) and wooden plates (volchvaries), is not around at the moment but will hopefully have his own youtube channel running in the near future (I don’t know who this guy is but he uploaded a series from the runic Vedic teacher I used to learn from if anyone is interested ) . But for now there are only a few volumes available, but they are only available in Russian translated from the Ha’Aryan and Ka’Aryan runes, but for anyone that is interested you can download them free here;

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPotter View Post
    Hyperborean Vedic spirituality was called “The Golden Path of Spiritual Development” (God is called Incomprehensible Great Ra-M-Ha, Sanskrit Brahma) based on karmic cycles and reincarnation, plus the teachings of Yaga now called Yoga (Yaga existed before "Hindu" civilization, the word remained in Norse as Ygdrasil, this is Yaga Drasil; Drevo, Tree, ancient temples where the priests were teaching about it was called PraYaga) and the Divine Potion of the Gods (Alchemy).
    You’ve give a great deal of information that is very interesting. From my reading it would seem that we have arrived at similar conclusions from different avenues of discovery. I only know of one document that reaches back half million years of lineages. That is the Sumerian Kings list. What is your take on it.

    Magic is the function of the Mysterious
    Mysterious is the Way of the Unknown
    Unknown is the Seed of Infinity
    Infinity is the Embryo of unfolding Chaos
    Chaos to function is Magic

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    I find this quite fascinating, this is all 'new' to me... And it also intuitively resonates with me on some levels...

    HappyPotter, so far it seems that you have mostly quoted from other sources... What is your own take on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwowl View Post
    That is the Sumerian Kings list. What is your take on it.
    Hey lwowl, btw this is other peoples hard work, I’m just passing on what I have learnt.

    Once again from the same guy (and one of his students).

    The list is wrong because of simple reason;

    1. It is based on occult Biblical(later) views where Noah and Adamic ancestry "lived more than 1000 years" - so they have simply counted a cycle which lasted 3600 years (Shar) so we have 120 Sar max; which is 432 000 yeras (It never happened.);

    Shumerian counting was based on Hyperborean calendar; "godly cycles", where 1 cycle represented 9 days which was called Devas or Devet; "Deva" or "godly"(check number 9 in Russian, Polish or any other dictionary); (note in Sanskrit was number 7 called Divas(a "day"(but not the one from the Sidereal or Synodial lunar cycles).

    There were used at least 3 Calendars in use; both were based on different frequency of different Astronomical objects; Lunar (only), Solar and Lunar relatively to the STARRY (planetary; GODLY) phases. Lunar was more used for the agriculture (which commanded to people when to reap, when to sow...), Solar was based on the exchanges of the day/night and also relatively to the Starry constellations (zoodiac)

    Lunar had 12 months (12 Moons) with ca 4,12 x 7 days(Synodial month/moon); (Sanskrit Vedic Maas; or Slavic Mesec - means also a Moon)

    Godly (Starry) calendar had ca 27 (sidereal) days relatively to Moon traveling through Astronomical phases; in each phase is a ruler / master (in Sanskrit called Graha - Planet(God) (a "bean" in Slavic; grah; where bean in Sanskrit is Masa(this sounds like Maas; "month") the week was 9 (not 7) days long!
    This is the only remain which survived until today; Lithuanian Gedeminas rod / sceptre.

    (From right to left: general view of the sceptre, designations of 9 days in a week, designations of the 12 months. ) (slavic & lithuanian calendars were the same; this is Vedic Nakshatra btw)

    These 9 days arrive 3x per 1 Month (1 Nakshatra) and we got 27 sidereal days in full cycle).

    The 7 days per 1 week arrived with Judeo-Christian Calendar via the Akkadian Calendar; 7 represented "lower world" (Astral) among Slavs; one of them were Rusalke (ghostly undead beings) ; Devas (women) had 9 layers of "bodies". That's why it existed a tradition / festival called Rusalka day; where women did not become "Rusalke" but oppositely; they were washed and cleaned in the water to become Devas... Numbers like 3, 7, 9, 18, 27 play an important role among Slavs, Lithuanians... (they survived until today implemented into the oral mythology and sayings)

    Back to Shumer...

    2. Original Egyptian (Manetho's list) Antediluvian dynasties started around 33 000 BCE (according to Eusebios who qoted Manetho) and Egypt was originally also an Aryan & Chaldean (Sumerian) province; current archeological discoveries prove this; that even Old "pre dynastic" Egyptian (means 3200 BCE) BCE) was strongly connected with Sumeria, India,...

    1 full Sumerian cycle of Sumerians was not created with 60 parts into 3600 but over numbering with the basis with 9; 1 Shar (cycle) was a "king" (god); Among Hyperboreans: "after 9 years was born a god Kresnik ("Krishna") " (humans need 9 months) 9 * 40 made a full cycle (360 degrees) in the sky with 60 minutes of arc in a degree, and 60 arcseconds in a minute.

    The numbering based on the "Slavic Aryan Vedas"; 144 years (16 * 9; 9 godly years * 16) With this (also occult number in Hebrew 144 000, and 144 000 days in Aztec (Mayan) calendar; creates the full Baktun. )

    You can simply count ca 33 000 years of the Antediluvian dynasties of Sumeria & Egypt (according to Manetho; quoting by Eusebios; & The "birth of Osiris was in 13 753 BCE (according to roman sources); which was in Manetho's list called "Age of the shadows". 10 Sar (if i remember) (according to Frankenstein) of Osiris is 1440 years since 13 753; this is 12 313; after this age the "War of gods" happened ... "high tech"... which ended in a great catastrophe & ice age... "9000 years before Kritias" (Atlantis).

    SAR is a Slavic word with the neuro-lingual container of SHAR (phonetically), which means BALL (miach’) or KRUG (derivation is KRUGO-LET (calendar). Sar (Shar) is also Slavic Aryan measurement system, (not Babylonian-Assyrian). So, A Sar could mean hundred different things, not necessarily the name, status and overall position of Hyperborean King in Hyperborean society …

    Word “SAR” has exactly the same neuro-lingual container (root meaning) as ШАР (Круг Жизни) and word “SAROI” ШАРЫ (Кругов Лет or Круго-Лет) is plural of “SAR” and means many SARS.

    Berosus in his Kings List was using word “SAROI” which means ШАРЫ, abbreviating the amount of years of all kings who held kingship in Sumer and Egypt:


    Note. Berosus explains that first king “Aloros” became king by claiming divine right: “Aloros, a Chaldean from Babylon, was the first king of the land and he reigned for ten Saroi (SARS)”. The names on the list of Berosus have been changed into names pronounceable to Greek readers; there is no letter “o” in the Sumerian or Akkadian languages:

    King Aloros (Babylon) – 10 SAROI,

    King Alaparos (Unknown) – 3 SAROI,

    King Amelon (Pautibiblon) – 13 SAROI,

    King Ammenon (Pautibiblon) – 12 SAROI,

    King Amegalaros (Pautibiblon) – 18 SAROI,

    King Daonos (Pautibiblon) – 10 SAROI,

    King Euedorachos (Pautibiblon) – 18 SAROI,

    King Amempsinos (Laragchos) – 10 SAROI,

    King Otiartes (Laragchos) – 8 SAROI,

    King Xisouthros (Unknown) – 18 SAROI.

    Total: 120 SAROI (120 SARS)












    BEROSUS KINGS LIST (with the years of kingship of Hyperboreans according to the Slavic Aryan calendaric SAROI – ШАРОВ - Кругов Жизни) calculated as follows:

    King Aloros (Babylon) – 10 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 10 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 1440 years

    King Alaparos (Unknown) – 3 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 3 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 432 years

    King Amelon (Pautibiblon) – 13 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 13 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 1872 years

    King Ammenon (Pautibiblon) – 12 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 12 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 1728 years

    King Amegalaros (Pautibiblon) – 18 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 18 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 2592 years

    King Daonos (Pautibiblon) – 10 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 10 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 1440 years

    King Euedorachos (Pautibiblon) – 18 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 18 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 2592 years

    King Amempsinos (Laragchos) – 10 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 10 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 1440 years

    King Otiartes (Laragchos) – 8 SAROI, or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 8 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 1152 years

    King Xisouthros (Unknown) – 18 SAROI. or 9 X 16 = 144 years and 144 years x 18 SAROI (ШАРОВ) = 2592 years












    Total years of kingship before deluge: 17280 years

    Using shown above Slavic Aryan SAR (ШАР - Круг Жизни) system it is fairly easy to establish the date when “seven sages” started Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations:

    120 SARS x 144 years = 17,280 years before the flood (which happened in approximately ~10,000 BC) + 12,000 –years after the flood = 29,280. Than ~29,000 BC is the beginning of Sumerian civilization and ~5,000 years later in ~24,000 BC was the beginning of Egyptian civilization as SUMERIAN COLONY.

    All gods in Egypt before the appearance of Osiris with his pantheon were of Aryan origin - from Arktos, Da'Arya, Hyperborea with natural pure human DNA. Only AFTER the appearance of the pantheon of CROSSBREEDS, headed by Osiris and other CREATURES-CROSSBREEDS, the whole Egypt sunk into the chaos and finally was destroyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post
    so far it seems that you have mostly quoted from other sources... What is your own take on this?
    Hey Androgynus,

    Like anyone else I look for archaeological/linguistic/etc evidence which these guys have (there’s a little archaeological evidence in that 6 part series youtube link), but to them understanding true human history is simple.

    Plus it resonates with me intuitively as well, like he said, it should verify certain things you have intuitively felt in your heart your whole life, literally because it is in the ancestral memory of your DNA. But its deep, apparently they do certain advanced whole brain cross eyed type mediations to decipher certain runes in holographic ‘3D’ and Borean Yaga about the Universe is deep.

    But as you know, there has been massive suppression of ancient wisdom and Hyperborean history is only now starting to see the light of day again (with the new cycle, hence why some volumes have been released and of course more to come). The fact that these Vedas can now be downloaded of the net is quite amazing; by memory I think it was only as early as the late eighties that someone was imprisoned in Russia for making parts of the (runic) Vedas public.

    When he is up and running again I will let you know if you are interested.

    And thanks for all insights etc on AF Androgynus, very much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPotter View Post
    When he is up and running again I will let you know if you are interested.
    Yes, I am interested. Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPotter View Post
    And thanks for all insights etc on AF Androgynus, very much appreciated.
    The appreciation is mutual, for your sharing and feedback alike.

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPotter View Post
    The return of the Hyperborean Gods as prophesied by God Perun (Odin).
    I have had a years-long fascination with this entity, known as 'Odin'.

    Intriguing character - 'god', shaman, thief/trickster, warrior and poet, all rolled into one...

    Almost an Equivalent to Hermes/Mercury (of sorts,) even ruling the same day of the week (Wednesday/Woden's Day/Odin's Day).

    Sacrificing himself, wounded by his own sword and hanging himself upside down from the World Tree for 9 days, until receiving the knowledge of the Runes...

    Sacrificing/giving one eye, in return for drinking out of the Fountain of Wisdom...

    I would be thrilled to know more about this character, from the Runic/Vedic/Hyperborean perspective.

    Would it be possible for you to extract/single out more info on this specific topic out of those materials?

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    “Hey lwowl, btw this is other peoples hard work, I’m just passing on what I have learnt.
    Once again from the same guy (and one of his students).”

    Thanks for the input connecting the Runic readings with the Sumerian King’s List, but a lot of personages on the list are not covered by the scenario your source gives.
    Sumerian King’s List:

    I’m not too familiar with the Rune Oracles. I do have experience with the I Ching (Y King) oracle and the possible mathematical and geometric pathways of prognostication. I highly recommend, Oracles of the Dead, Ancient Techniques for Predicting the Future, by Robert Temple.

    “But its deep, apparently they do certain advanced whole brain cross eyed type mediations to decipher certain runes in holographic ‘3D’ and Borean Yaga about the Universe is deep.”

    That is very interesting. Back in the early 1990s an artist friend of mine created 3D effect paintings by crossing his eyes in a controlled manner, and then he would paint two pictures side by side that were just slightly different enough so that when you looked at them in a soft stare you would get a 3D image in the middle of your focus.

    He was over one evening and we were discussing some philosophy and I got out the large color reproduction of the Egyptian Book of the Dead with the columns of pictographic hieroglyphs taken from the temple walls. He became very excited as he was able to “look” at the columns and project 3D images of corresponding pairs of glyphs that extended out from the walls and columns into new pictographs combining into a new image. I was stunned by his description and realized that this was an initiation sequence for the priests than no one else could see.

    I asked him if he could draw out the projections and he said he could but that was the last time I saw him. We were involved in political activism for social change and we won in 1996. The feds were so pissed at us that many of us were arrested and the rest fled into hiding.

    He tried to teach me how to see the 3D hieroglyphs but my eyes just snapped back giving me a headache.
    For me the historic scenario has two possible actualities. One is of course about ancient aliens well covered by Sitchen, Von Daniken, and others. The second alternative is that our ancestors are the aliens as detailed in: Siva and Gallagher’s Glacier by Walt Richmond.

    Hermes still walks among us!

    Magic is the function of the Mysterious
    Mysterious is the Way of the Unknown
    Unknown is the Seed of Infinity
    Infinity is the Embryo of unfolding Chaos
    Chaos to function is Magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post
    Would it be possible for you to extract/single out more info on this specific topic out of those materials?
    Odin; He was one of the leading gods (Ases) of the Asgard... "Asgard" derives from Hyperborean term for a City; means "City (place) of As-es (gods)"; As is an Axis from 1 point; Os (Axis) in Russian, Ukrainian,... means constellations (stars) or Zodiac (=Zoo (Deu/Jiva/Zhiva; "Alive"(animals & their protectors- beasts (planets) - Diac (gods). So every god becomes the "ruling" one after certain time in the Starry sky (Axis; as As from Asgard) in Aesir (Asira; Sir; "Cheese(Keese in german; Ke-SIR; Ksiroda ("Ocean of Milk" in Sanskrit; this is Milky way (Galactics); from the same term derives Asiri ("war"( for milky way)) of Asura (later oSIRis)... Odin means "1. one" in Russian; Odna, Odin, Edin, Adin, different dialects.

    Thor is the "2. one" in Russian - linguistic Hyperborean root is TR; example: vToroye; "secondly"; Torit; "to spread"; Torus in Greek is "torsion"; cycle; means Odin in flesh or ancesT[O]Ry (= Hyperborean Anta / ancient / Inda / Odna / Adna; "from beginning" (first one).

    Regards to the "Russian, Bulgarian" runes; here is one example of them;

    Here are the remains of the destroyed (later) Slavic (comes from the same branch as English, Celtic, Etruscan,... people; (Hyper)Borean diaspora) temples (hram (s)) from Slavs... still remained in silence..

    Also in regards to the Aryan "seven sages-gods" who established Egypt (Ek-Gipto) as Sumerian colony, in below list ‘PTAH’ is Perun/Odin.

    1. CHALDEAN ALORUS = EGYPTIAN PTAH = 1440 years,


    3. CHALDEAN AMELON = EGYPTIAN SU = 1872 years,

    4. CHALDEAN AMMENON = EGYPTIAN SEB = 1728 years,


    6. CHALDEAN OTIARTES = EGYPTIAN MA = 1152 years,


    Slavic Aryan Vedas contain “Perun’s Vedas Santees’’ (Books of Knowledge or Perun’s Wisdom Books), consisting of nine books, dictated by our first ancestor, the God Perun, to our far ancestors while their third arrival to the Earth on the spaceship Vaitman, in 38 004 B.C. Only the first book of these Vedas was translated into Russian nowadays. They also contain Perun’s prediction of the future events for 40 176 years ahead. (from 38 004BC).

    Gods (patrons, curators, the previous ancestors of people) repeatedly arrived to the Midguard-land (Earth), communicated with Great Race descendants, transferring them Wisdom (history and precepts of ancestors, knowledge of cereals cultivation, devices of a communal life, clans prolongation, education of children, etc.). 165 032 years passed from the time when the Goddess Tara visited the Midguard-land. She was the younger sister of God Tarkh called as Dazhdbog (that gave Ancient Vedas). Slav-Aryan peoples called North Star in honor of this fine Goddess – Tara. Tarkh was the patron (curator) of the Eastern Siberia and Far East, and Tara was the patron of the Western Siberia. The territory name became Tarkhtara commonly, descendants recalled it as Tartariya.

    The God Perun visited the Midguard-land more than 40 thousand years ago from the Uray-land in the Eagle Hall on Swarozh (heavenly) Circle, he visited it the third time. He was the god-patron of all soldiers and many Great Race Clans. The god-Thundered managing with Lightnings, the son of God Swaroga and Goddess Lada. After first three Heavenly Fights between Light and Darkness when Light Forces won, the God Perun went down onto the Midguard-land to tell people about happened events and what expects Lands in the future, about approach of Dark times. Dark times represent the period of people’s life when they cease to live under Heavenly Laws and start to live under the laws which the representatives of Pekelny World (Saurian) imposed to them. They teach people to create laws and live according to them, so they aggravate their life, lead to degradations and self-destruction.

    God Perun visited the Midguard-land to tell Secret Wisdom to Priests and Elders of Saint Race Clans, how to prepare for dark, heavy times, when the sleeve of our swastika galaxy will pass through the spaces subjected to the forces from the Hell Dark Worlds. Light Gods will start to visit Great Races Clans again with our Galaxy sleeve output from the specified spaces. The beginning of Light times starts in Sacred Summer 7 521 from W.C.S.T. or in 2012 A.D.

    Summer of 2004 (The year this was written)

    Summer 7 513 from World Creation in the Star Temple (5 508 B.C.);

    Summer 13 013 from the Great Cold snap (11 008 B.C.);

    Summer 40 009 from Perun’s Third Visiting of Waitman (38 004 B.C.);

    Summer 106 783 from the basis of Asguard Iriysky (104 778 B.C.);

    Summer 111 812 from the Great Resettlement from Daarija (109 806 B.C.);

    Summer 142 995 from the Period of Three Moons (140 990 B.C.);

    Summer 153 371 from Assy Daya (151 336 B.C.);

    Summer 165 035 from the Time of Tary, Perun’s daughter (163 030 B.C.);

    Summer 604 379 from the Time of Three Suns (602 374 B.C.).

    Then Dazhdbog arrived onto the Midguard-land – God Tarkh Perunovich, the God-keeper of ancient Great Wisdom. He was called as Dazhdbog (the giving God) because he gave people of Great Race and Heavenly Clan descendants Nine Santees (Books). These Santees were written down by ancient Runes and contained Sacred Ancient Vedas, Precepts of Tarkh Perunovich and his preaches. All inhabitants in various Worlds and Lands, where representatives of the Ancient Clan live, live according to Ancient Wisdom and Rules that Clan adheres. They began to call themselves as, ‘Dazhdbog grandsons’ after visiting our Ancestors by God Tarkh Perunovich.

    Our Ancestors were visited by many other Gods as well.

    Also orthodox linguistics and etymologists love to base and connect other "foreign" deities with Mercury, Hermes, etc.

    Hermetism [Hermeticism], Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus - he is also Jehuti, Tahuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Techu, Tetu, Thot, Thout, Thōout, ḏḥwty, ḏḥw) it becomes clear that the whole Judeo-Masonic-Yahwistic MATRIX consist from and based on these names - Osiris, Thoth, Hermes, Bacchus, Dionysus, Vakha, Vakhoris, Bussiris. All entities and named are artificially created MATRIX. There is only one real name in this list is Osiris and in current Judeo-Yahwistic power pyramid stands on one name of one of the Old Nachash-Nagas whose name was Osiris. Consequently, you may call current Judeo-Masonic Yahwism simply – MODERN OSIRIANISM.

    The Osiris is not on the list of “7 sages”, because he was crossbreed (ТВАРИ), Osiris took Aryan ISIS (Hathor) as his wife triggering devastating war with Hyperboreans. Osiris’ himself was born from Semela Kadmon in approximately ~13, 478 BC before the flood.

    Quoting Diodorus Siculus, Book One (Beginning), page 73:

    “…23. The number of years from Osiris and Isis, they say, to the reign of Alexander (Alexander The Great 356-323 BC), who founded the city which bears his name in Egypt, is over ten thousand (my note – 13,478 BC), but, according to other writers, a little less than twenty-three thousand (my note -22,500 BC)…”
    If Egypt was established in by “seven sages-Kings” in 24,000 BC as it shown on Berusus list in any case Osiris IS NOT THE FOUNDER OF EGYPT, BUT PRISONER IN THE EGYPTIAN COLONY, In either case Diodorus date of 22,500 BC is very close to the date of establishment of Egypt as colony (for NAGAS-NCHSH CROSSBREEDS) at 24,000 by Berosus account. If Osiris was born in 13,478 BC as a second option from Diodorus’ Book One “Beginning”, he is still NOT THE FOUNDER OF EGYPT, thus NOT A HYPERBOREAN.

    Quoting Diodorus Siculus, Book One (Beginning), page 75:

    “…2. And those who say that the god (OSIRIS) was born of Semelę (daughter of Kadma Chaldea) and Zeus in Boeotian Thebes are, according to the priests, simply inventing the tale. For they say that Orpheus, upon visiting Egypt and participating in the initiation and mysteries of Dionysus, adopted them and as a favour to the descendants of Cadmus, since he was kindly disposed to them and received honours at their hands, transferred the birth of the god to Thebes; and the common people, partly out of ignorance and partly out of their desire to have the god thought to be a Greek, eagerly accepted his initiatory rites and mysteries. 3. What led Orpheus to transfer the birth and rites of the god, they say, was something like this. 4. Cadmus, who was a citizen of Egyptian Thebes, begat several children, of whom one was Semelę; she was violated by an unknown person, became pregnant, and after seven months gave birth to a child whose appearance was such as the Egyptians hold had been that of Osiris. Now such a child is not usually brought into the world alive, either because it is contrary to the will of the gods or because the law of nature does not admit of it. 5. But when Cadmus found out what had taken place, having at the same time a reply from an oracle commanding him to observe the laws of his fathers, he both gilded the infant and paid it the appropriate sacrifices, on the ground that there had been a sort of epiphany of Osiris among men. 6. The fatherhood of the child he attributed to Zeus, in this way magnifying Osiris and averting slander from his violated daughter; and this is the reason why the tale was given out among the Greeks to the effect that Semelę, the daughter of Cadmus, was the mother of Osiris by Zeus…” (my note – Osiris as his “brother” SET were not of Hyperborean descent, but both were pure crossbreeds of human and non-human DNA).

    Quoting Manetho, Aegyptiaca., frag. 42, 1.75-79.2

    Book 1, section 227.

    “…He [5] writes these words: "Those sent to work in the quarries lived miserably for a long while, and the king was asked to set apart the city Avaris, which the shepherds had left, for their habitation and protection; and he granted them their wish.
    According to the ancient mythology, Avaris was Typho's [10] city. But when these men had entered it, and found it suitable for a revolt, they chose a ruler from among the priests of Heliopolis, whose name was Osarsiph [9]. They swore an oath that they would obey him in all things. The first laws he gave them were that they should not honour the Egyptian gods, nor should they abstain from any of the sacred animals that the Egyptians held in the highest esteem, but could kill them, and that they should not ally themselves to any but those that were of their conspiracy.

    [5] He: Manetho
    [9] Moses: It was also reported that the priest, who ordained their polity and their laws, was by birth of Heliopolis, and his name Osarsiph, from Osyris, who was the god of Heliopolis; but that when he was gone over to these people, his name was changed, and he was called Moses.
    …as far as we see the alleged “MOSES” was Osirian Priest and you know what it means – he was the priest of YHWH – OSIRIS – SET - CYCLE IN CYCLE in opposition to HORS and BAAL – CYCLE IN CYCLE.

    Saurian OSIRIS rules the world today from Astral Collective, “BAPHOMETIANS” (БАФОМЕТЧИКИ) – pure Zionists - OSIRIANS (ОЗИРИАНЕ) are Judeo-Masons, Christians and Muslims. THIS IS THE ILLUSION OF THE MATRIX and there is nothing there from “HYPERBOREA”…

    Osiris is of that very nature - invented myth of “god-crossbreed” for the destruction of the memory of Aryan "sages-gods" who established Egypt (Ek-Gipto) as Sumerian colony.


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