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Thread: Re: Banned members

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    Re: Banned members

    We have decided to implement a new rule of sorts, which is that if someone is banned we will not have threads/posts discussing the nature of the ban in open forum for three reasons:
    1. it is not fair to talk openly about someone who can't defend themselves
    2. if a person is banned it is because they broke the Rules & Guidelines... and that is it... nothing more to discuss really
    3. in order to keep these forums about alchemy and not about drama and egos

    If you create such a thread/post it will be archived or soft-deleted. Not because we censor, but because of the above three points. The flow and respectful milieu of the forum goes before any personal ego war. So please just be nice and no problem will come your way. If you disagree with someone respectfully say so, supply counter-arguments or ignore them. Don't make things personal. It's easy...

    If there are still those that need to vent something regarding a ban this person can always PM one of the moderators.

    Thank you!

    All such current ban-related threads will be archived.
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