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Thread: What are the ranks?

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    What are the ranks?

    What are the ranks?

    Ranks based on number of posts:

    Why don't you post an introduction? 0
    Prima Materia 1
    Visita 3
    Interiora 33
    Terrae 77
    Rectificando 111
    Invenies 333
    Occultum 666
    Lapidem 999
    Hermes Trismegistus 1234
    Thoth 2012
    Alchemical Adept 5000
    Magus 10 000+

    Moderators or Magus de Moderatio
    They moderate the forums.

    They are the puppetmasters!

    View Forum Leaders

    Mysterious Stranger, Hermetic Pilgrim etc.???
    Explanation to be found here: New user titles

    Who is the member Phoenix?
    Read this

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