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Thread: False error messages (a not too important bug)

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    Jan 2012

    False error messages (a not too important bug)


    Whenever I post here, the same forum error shows up.
    I'm posting a screenshot, since it's easier to explain it with a picture...

    When I click "submit quick reply" the forum gives me an error message telling me that I have to wait 30 seconds between posts.... but it also shows me the thread and my post is there (and if I click "new posts", then my post is actually submitted)....

    So the only error is the "error notice" itself.

    So it's not an important bug... because I can submit the posts with no problem.

    EDIT: This ONLY happens when I reply to a thread (either in the "quick reply" way or in the "go advanced" option... when I create a new thread, there's no error).

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    Thanks... I have still not completed the upgrade. To busy to sit down and do it. After upgrade things should be ok.

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