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Thread: Regarding Copyright

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    Regarding Copyright

    I own the copyright to Alchemy Forums... but just to put everyone at ease here at the forums I don't own any copyright over ANY material that is posted. Such copyright belongs to whoever is posting (or the people that is quoted).

    I don't know the legal status of forums like these or if there are any rules that says I automatically own copyright over things posted... but even if such would be the case I have no interest/intent of acting upon this right.

    Facebook and other sites have been accused of such things, but it is not so here at Alchemy Forums and never will be!

    Although I reserve the right to keep any post made at the forums for all eternity...

    Quote Originally Posted by solomon levi View Post
    Rules are an attempt at objectivity, equality and fairness.
    We, the moderators, have recently seen a necessity to clarify, emphasize,
    and make specific mention of a rule of this forum:

    You are responsible for what you decide to post.
    Do not post something and then ask us to delete it.

    We get these requests sometimes and in order to act fairly and objectively,
    we have to make it a rule instead of considering each one individually,
    because people have all kinds of reasons - some seem sound, others are
    obvious excuses with ulterior motives.

    The point is, don't drop it on us - we don't want responsibility for you.
    We don't want to play judge or court system, weighing and measuring,
    yes to some, no to others. We don't want to do that, and you don't want us
    to do that to you. So the solution is - you are responsible for you.
    Post as if your post is final, because it is.

    The exceptions are for the cleanliness and flow of the forum, not for
    the individual. We may delete what we find offensive or off-topic or
    personal attacks, etc. But we do not delete alchemical information that
    has been shared. So it's up to you to forsee anything that may come back
    to bite you.

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