Working with an experiment, leeching the salts etc they went from a clear glass like substance only half of which was happy to dissolve into water any further. Had a crisis moment as I was foolishly using non-stick pans in the process of retrieval of the salts after leeching, must have been a reaction as they peeled off the non-stick coating from the pan and ended up contaminating the process, had to leech further to resolve the problem after which the salts turned a rusty red colour, thankful the process pushed the non-stick coating which had turned into a powder out to the sides of my new pyrex dish allowing me to obtain the results free from it all.

Now... put the resulting mass back into the kiln and its pretty much vanished, only 1/3 of it left in a red resin form. Glad I left some aside but its baffling, was wondering if the rest had distilled off with what ever moisture was in with them?

Anyone experience this before?

Was/is the second disaster this week as my other crucible picked up a hairline fracture unbeknownst to me, had an experiment leak through but luckily stick to the crucible on the outside rising up it to the rim rather than loose itself completely to the fire bricks at the bottom, don't think I lost much there but to have this other experiment vanish on me is just weird.