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Thread: Blogs

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    Cool Blogs

    So we have a new feature called blogs (look at the top below our logo):

    You can see a few different categories.

    My Blog - this is your blog, here you can post entries
    Recent Entries - as the name states
    Most Popular - as the name states
    Member Blogs - check out all the other member blogs
    Blog Settings - here you can re-name your blog and create different kinds of customizations

    Now what is the point of blogs when we have a forum?

    Well let's see how this feature is used before we decide what the point is... maybe the point of it will reveal itself. Personally I imagine that with blog posts the forums can be less cluttered with personal rants. Normally these are placed in General Discussions, but now we have a place for these to take place.

    There is no rule for what the blogs are supposed to be/do... so it is up to you if you want to use it or not. Although the same rules and guidelines of respect for your fellow members apply.

    Until we know really what we have here have fun with it! And please come with suggestions.

    If it is a feature you are not interested in don't use it. The forums are there regardless.

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