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Thread: Magic Truffle Ceremony 2014

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    Magic Truffle Ceremony 2014

    If you are thinking about taking part in the Magic Truffles Ceremony please read this thread carefully!

    This ceremony is part of the Alchemy Congress in Amsterdam 2014.

    What are they?
    Magic Truffles are just like Magic Mushrooms (a natural version of LSD you could say). They contain Psilocybe which has psychedelic properties.

    Most of you that know me know my experiences with psychedelics. There are some threads on this in the forums:

    Ayahuasca Report
    Iboga Report

    I have also done Magic Truffles on several occasions, although they lack an official report... LOL!

    The way I do this is imitating what I have seen an learned from the shamans in the Amazon and in Africa. Below are a detailed outline of how this is done. I take this stuff very seriously and for me this is not a party drug. This is important on many levels and can be a life changing experience. If you don't think you can bring humility and respect to the table participating in this ceremony I strongly advice you to not participate.

    The outline below is non-negotiable. If you want to do something in another way in any way then you are free to do so... but it will not happen in this ceremony that I will conduct. I will also participate and I will have my two Sitters (more on them below) to assist me if I for some reason is unable to do so. Saying that my experience level is high enough that I can assist regardless.

    You might be unlucky, nothing might happen... the general rule is you get what you deserve. If you strongly wish to see aliens you won't. If you enter with a clear mind and noble intentions (more on this below) you will usually be rewarded. You can't force what you will experience... you can only accept the experience!

    On the day of the ceremony eat a sturdy breakfast (and make sure you are well rested), and then eat a light lunch. You cannot eat anything when the clock strikes 3 pm (15:00), and you must remain in fast till the ceremony is finished. From 3 pm you can only consume water. You cannot smoke any joints or drink any alcohol either.

    In the afternoon when the fast begins I advice all the participants to take a shower and clean themselves. Dress yourself in comfortable clothes that are fitting to relax in. Everyone will have their own blankets.

    If you take part in this ceremony (of which there are only ten seats due to the fact that anymore than that would not be logistically possible) I need to know your experience level in order to administer the right dose so you will have a good experience. Please PM me the number you belong to.

    0 No experience.
    1 Tried magic mushrooms/truffles or LSD a couple of times.
    2 Tried magic mushrooms/truffles or LSD a couple of times and/or have also tried ayahuasca, iboga or DMT.
    3 Tried magic mushrooms/truffles or LSD many times.
    4 Tried magic mushrooms/truffles or LSD many times and/or have also tried ayahuasca, iboga or DMT.

    Start of ceremony
    We eat the Magic Truffles at about 10 pm (22:00). The effect will start to be noticeable within 30-45 minutes.

    It is very important to have an intention. This is very individual but something you need advice on, things you need to process, pains, sorrow or knowledge you yearn. Think about these during the fast and when you eat the Magic Truffles... and keep it with you throughout the ceremony.

    We will be on the floor on mattresses in complete darkness. A common mistake with casual psychedelic users is that they don't do it in complete darkness... not doing it in the dark defeats the whole purpose of doing it. It is in the darkness the LIGHT appears... if you do psychedelics with light then it might be funny or interesting or beautiful, but when you turn the lights of a landscape appears.

    I also recommend you to keep your eyes closed, or stay underneath your blanket, because it is impossible to make it completely dark...

    There will be sounds playing. The sounds that well be heard are for example jungle, ocean, forest, streams and such kinds of environmental sounds. This is because we want to create the presence of Nature. In my opinion psychedelics belongs in nature, so we want to emulate that as much as we can and sound is a very powerful tool to do so.

    There will also be shamanic healing songs that will protect and guide the journey. These are sung by the indigenous shamans of the Amazon. If you have heard these before and liked them or not liked them is beside the point... once you are in Magic Truffle territory these songs will make a lot of sense. At times they can even be difficult to listen to as important lessons are always difficult to learn. Again I want to emulate the presence of Nature by having these songs as they have been created through thousands of years of psychedelic tradition in deep in Nature in the depths of the Amazon. These singing shamans know what they are doing.

    There will also be the occasional soft and beautiful piano melodies. The reason I include these are only because after lots of trial and error I have discovered some songs that are very fitting to the truffles. These songs add beauty and calm to the ceremony and can sometimes bring about intense vistas of wonder.

    40 % nature sounds
    40 % shamanic healing songs (if you have not been initiated with these songs don't use them)
    20 % melodies

    We will have two Sitters. These people will stay quiet in the background and won't be noticed at all. It is very important that they are quiet and appear only when they are called for.

    The Sitters will not eat the Magic Truffles.

    Behavior of the participants
    Although we do this as a group it is also a deeply personal journey. Therefor it is important not to disturb the other participants. Don't touch them. Keep to yourself. These types of experience usually comes in waves. So there are moment when things are very intense and then there are moments when not much is happening. During the calm moments one might be inclined to talk to the other people present... I don't think this is a problem, but it is very important that you stay respectful and calm... you might be 'down' but the person you are talking to might be 'up' on a strong wave so you might be disturbing them.

    When you are inside a church or a library you keep your voices hushed, same thing. One might also be inclined to laugh and that is fine also, but again try to stay respectful as you don't know what other people are experiencing. Although if one person starts to giggle it is very probable all ten people will be giggling. This is also the beauty of a group because even though the journey is individual there can be moments when all people involved find themselves in the same landscape. Such moments are truly amazing.

    In conclusion be mindful and respectful, avoid jumping around, walking around (unless it's a toilet visit) shouting or being an ass... this will ruin it for the rest of us.

    Imagine it as if we are all meditating together and how disturbing it would be if someone ran around touching you or speaking loudly. I hope this is clear because it is very important... but talking in a hushed voice is fine. You might want to say something you see or feel and that is not a problem. And if someone is speaking to you and you don't want them to just say so and they will understand.

    Toilet and feeling sick
    If you need to go to the toilet at any point during the ceremony do so. One of the Sitters will help you if you need assistance as sometimes it can be a bit wobbly to walk. If you are feeling sick just call out to the Sitters and they will bring you something to vomit in or help you to the toilet. I don't recall having experienced anyone with the need to vomit when taking Magic Truffles so I think the chances are slim, but just in case this situation will arise the Sitters will assist you.

    The Fear
    If you for some reason, and I have never experienced this on Magic Truffles, get The Fear the Sitters will help you. What I mean with The Fear is that you might feel that the journey is too intense, it is too much for you to take in and you might feel very sad or upset and you want the experience to stop. If this happens then drink the fruit juices that are available on the table near by, or ask the Sitters for it. You can also eat something with sugar in it. These things will make the effect go away quicker and you can go to another area where we turn the lights on. So there is an EXIT if you want it.

    Also don't fight the visions. If something is difficult let it be. If you try to resist it might make it worse. Just give in to it... Magic Truffles are safer than alcohol so you cannot hurt yourself. Whatever transpires let it and you will come out on the other side a stronger person.

    Saying that we are doing Magic Truffles, it is not smoking DMT or doing ayahuasca or iboga... in my opinion it is way more gentle and I doubt The Fear might grab you... then again it might and if it does the Sitters will help you.

    You might cry also from sorrow or from joy. Don't hold it in. No one will mind that you are crying. To cry can be hard in a social setting, but in this ceremony it is allowed!

    Cannabis or Trip Enhancers
    Once we are inside the ceremony it is possible to smoke a joint or a herbal trip enhancer. This can be done if you feel you want it to be stronger than it is. Please take care when you light it because the light can be very disturbing so do it discreetly (under your blanket for example). Also if you are having a joint or a herbal trip enhancer then make sure it is rolled and finished before the ceremony starts as you won't be able to roll after you've eaten the Magic Truffles.

    With DMT, ayahuasca or iboga it is dangerous to use cannabis or herbal trip enhancers... but Magic Truffles is a different breed and they can go well together complementing each other. It is also common in shamanic traditions to use smoke because it keeps the bad spirits away.

    The ceremony will last about 5-6 hours.

    After 5-6 hours you can go to sleep in the very place you are already sitting. If you want to stay up then you have to go to the upstairs area so you don't disturb the other people. It can drench your energy so many people just want to relax. It will also be a table close by with fruits, sweets, juice and water or whatever you want to place on it. Because you have not eaten for many hours it might be nice to have a bite before you go to sleep.

    I think this covers most of it and should answer any questions. You can also post questions or thoughts in this thread if you have any. If you are not attending this ceremony but want to use this system I have developed then I strongly advice you to do so. It will make your psychedelic journeys so much more meaningful.

    I look forward to this ceremony and I ask the Great Truffle to give us a good reception. I imagine this might be a unique event where we will have ten alchemists that will journey into the unknown with our two Sitters backing us up: one a great spirit whom I love and another good friend that can aid with his own shamanic knowledge.

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    Having participated in truffle ceremonies with Dev and Sleeveless before I would like to alleviate any
    anxiety that some may have if entering this event at zero.

    Anxiety is totally natural and healthy when entering the unknown, but do not let this deny you a
    wonderful experience. Anxiety will completely disappear once you break through to the other side
    and you will encounter some wonderful images, thoughts and emotions; some old friends and
    possibly some very new acquaintances.

    Just to put your mind at rest; you cannot overdose on mushrooms or truffles. The worst that may
    happen is you will be very sick, but then you won’t mind that either. If it were possible you could eat
    your own body-weight in mushrooms without overdose...I wouldn’t recommend it though.

    It may be an idea to bring a diary with you as writing about your experience early after the ceremony
    may save you the heartache of realising many of those experiences have soon faded and you will be
    unable to recall them...sadly I speak from experience here.

    There have been some members in the past who have suggested this forum is full of drug addicts
    and such...I cannot speak for those I have not met, but this could not be further from the truth.
    These ceremonies are carried out in the most respectful way and quite infrequently. These
    entheogens are only used as a tool to open doors that for many may have remained closed and
    locked. I believe that if one is a seeker of truth then one needs all the facts some of which lay
    behind those locked doors.

    When talking of Psychedelics people refer to the experience as a “trip”, which is exactly what it is, a
    journey to realms rarely experienced in the clutter of everyday life.

    If you want the best out of your first experience of entheogens I could not propose a better set
    and setting
    than this.

    Hopefully I will see you on the other side...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghislain View Post
    It may be an idea to bring a diary with you as writing about your experience early after the ceremony
    may save you the heartache of realising many of those experiences have soon faded and you will be
    unable to recall them...sadly I speak from experience here.
    Yes I forgot to mention that!

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Wow excellent, really looking forward such experience with you guys !

    My Works

    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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    So i was doing a bit of research on the magic truffles, apparently they also go by the name of "Philosopher's Stone"
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    That is just one brand (and one of the weaker actually). They have many names like Atlantis, Area 51, Dragon's Dynamite etc... like Coca-Cola light, Cola Zero etc. Different strengths.

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    I have made a decision after thinking about it for a long time.

    When I arrange the ceremonies I use nature sounds, the occasional piano song and mainly Icaros.

    The reason I use the Icaros is because I want to share the experiences I have had in the rainforest. It is so beyond words that I can't explain it. But it is so wonderful I just want everyone to have similar experiences. But you can't. Unless you go there yourself you won't.

    A person who has not been initiated with Icaros by a "shaman" cannot understand/relate fully with these sacred songs. It will not give them the benefit that they give to those that have experience with them (like myself and Ghislain).

    So to play Icaros is very irresponsible.

    Not only that, they are mp3... for me this is fine because I have memories with most of them. I "understand" their meaning. I listen to them regularly. But people who don't will get confused... loose the flow etc. A shaman sings the song that is suitable for the moment, when I play mp3 it becomes too random.

    But doing is learning, so from now on - in future ceremonies - I will not incoroprate these medicine songs unless all participants are personally experienced with them. I think this way will make the experience more comprehensible and valuable. Or maybe just one Icaros in the beginning to start it of but that's it.

    Perhaps next year we do Ayahuasca instead? He he...

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    Although I don't ever use Psychedelics (so I didn't take the truffles), I was still 'tripping' independently last time, possibly also because I took one drop of Silver Tincture that my dear friend Mr. Salazius brought with him (I wasn't pulled to the Gold Tincture at first, which he also brought, but now I can warmly recommend them both).

    Anyway, besides (possibly) recommending Alchemical Preparations for next year (if we come up with something powerful & truly initiatory until then), I also want to say that I personally found the Icaros songs disturbing and quite annoying for my experience, especially the random timing. However, the nature sounds and the piano were very good. I could still see & understand why the Icaros songs were meaningful for those who were initiated this way, but for me they had quite an opposite effect. Personally, I'd much rather listen to Wagner or Ludwig Van

    So yeah, dev, good idea!

    I was just thinking, if we decide to use Alchemical Elixirs next year, we don't really need a dedicated ceremony - we could change the format and be 'under the influence' throughout the entire duration of the Alchemical Congress, since such Elixirs may likely work in more subtle ways, yet quite effective in their own right.

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