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Thread: Beginner Yoga

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    Beginner Yoga

    Can anyone suggest a good beginner's Yoga video series link? Perhaps one that explains the theory along with the exercises... Thanks in advance

    The Zoidbergs

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    I've never read someting better about Yoga than the teachings of Yogani :

    It is a teaching about true yoga, that is to say, Yoga considered as a whole : the 8 branches as developped by Patanjali. In this really authentic view, the core method is meditation, intended to rise inner silence. Then we can add, optionally and if we have time, spinal breathing pranayama. Then again, we can add some asanas. Each time, the new practice is used to enhance the effectiveness of meditation.

    In our occidental countries, these asanas are considered as the core practice.
    In an authentic view, asanas are just "options" to enhance something much bigger.

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    Pranayama is extremely important. There have been links to life expectancy and breaths per minute in the animal kingdom, it seems the species that breath the most breaths per minute have the shortest lives, and vice versa. The yogis believed that humans could extend their lives by 20 years by lowering the average breath per minute from 10-15, to 4-5 per minute. When I take long walks, I sometimes find myself holding my breath without being aware that I am. My heart can be beating fast but I can still breath slow, it goes hand and hand with meditation as well.

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    Very intesresting thank you.

    Breath retention can lead to a rise of kundalini, the body try to compensate the lack of prana taken from the air by changing its way of working, unlocking in a certain way the kundalini.
    And on a other hand, deep meditation can generate the stop of breathing.
    Maybe because the inner silence (shiva) wants to marry the ecstatic energy (shakti) by favoring it ?

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    Holding breath does not make kundalini rise.

    First you must release subtle body.
    Then there is Samadhi and kundalini.
    Samadhi is the foundation for kundalini. Yet prayanama done correctly is what makes kundalini rise.

    Then there is reversing life in the body. Making it all flow upwards. Inner heat, tummo via pranayama. This leads to immortality. That is the hardest.

    Subtle body. Samadhi. Kundalini. These are easy.
    Rejuvination is hard.

    Avishkara is a tool of Samadhi. Learn it.
    Formerly known as Avaar186.

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