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Thread: Why historical alchemists live short lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    78 years (1340-1418)


    I mean its also possible that all these alchemists had to fake their own deaths.
    Considering Flamel's grave was empty when they tried to rob it, it stands to reason he faked his.
    That is not dead, which can eternal lie - and with strange aeons, even death may die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxus View Post
    Why has this not occurred in our time? why no photos or videos on youtube of transmuting base metals into gold?

    I mean it could be true, I hope its true but this is one of the reasons I study alternative paths as a backup plan.
    It is comparatively rare that someone discovers how to make it, plus those who do usually either rather remain quiet and tell no one about it or choose to show the reality of the Stone through others via donated samples. However, once you give a sample to someone you no longer are in control of what happens to it, you depend on that person's integrity regarding what will the donated sample be used for. So you could give a sample to someone you considered trustworthy and who you agreed with will embark on a "crusade" to convince others via demonstrations (which sometimes happened), yet the fellow turned out to be rather different than you thought he would be and instead uses the donated sample for his own gain (which also sometimes happened.) So the chances that we will see in our times actual demonstrations of the Stone in action is rather slim. But don't discount it altogether either. It MAY happen again, just like it happened in the past.

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    I find there is a disturbing lack of faith amongst persons interested in this sort of thing. Maybe doublethink is a better term. They'll profess (directly or not) they believe in such things as infinite transmutations being possible but not infinite life being possible.

    I have my own theories on this regarding an "Internal" stone needing to be combined with an "External" one, with either/or giving only partial results, but if someone truly made the real Stone I would EXPECT to bump into them some day, from Hermes and his friends on down.

    I find it interesting that we have no bodies or Graves for most of these people and they all seemed to dissappear right around when photography was perfected and autopsies were becoming standard post mortem, making faking your death that much harder.

    I would very much expect a couple of things:

    1) There is a trick to making either/both Stones, or in the method of combining them that you WILL NOT FIGURE OUT without the aid of an adept.

    2) Posting pictures or trying to draw attention to yourself online would inevitably result in serious entities showing up in your face, maybe ones you wouldn't mind and maybe ones you really would. If you went out in the woods and started experimenting with uranium you will find there are groups that do nothing but sit around trying to find emissions of experiments just like that and they will have no trouble whatever finding you.

    3) Probably the root of every secret society is based on the need of the Adepts to keep the secret I mentioned above from falling into less savory hands, like the groups that support the entity that usurped the Abrahamic religions.

    Although with how much funding evil and violence has these days I do wonder if someone slipped up somewhere along the line. Maybe when they raided Teslas laboratory?

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