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Thread: What is Where?

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    What is Where?

    With any forum it can be confusing to know what is where, even more so now when we have moved to this new location all you old members might notice a few things that are different!

    Here is the structure so far:

    Site Related - Announcements, bugs, questions, suggestions and updates.
    Introductions - Who are you and why are you here?
    Rules & Guidelines - Although these forums aim at complete freedom there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed, and these you'll find here.

    As Above...

    General Discussions - Any subject of a non-alchemical nature.
    Fringe Matters - Subjects like Abductions/Encounters, Advanced Living & Healing Technologies, Agendas, Aliens, Anti-Gravity, Area 51, Channeling, Chemtrails, Conspiracies, Exobiology, Extra-Terrestrials, Free Energy, Illuminati, Inter/Hyper-Dimensional Beings, Protoscience, Quantum/String theory and Ufology.
    Body Matters - Subjects like Alternative Medicine, Detox Protocols, Exercise Routines, Health, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Phytotherapy, Supplementation, Super-foods and Vitamins.
    Mind Matters - Esoteric and exoteric philosophy of all kinds.


    Practical Alchemy - The chemical, lab-related, scientific and transmutational aspects of alchemy.
    ORMUS & Monatomics - Discussions regarding ORMUS, ORMEs, M-State & Monatomic Transition Metals.
    Spagyrics - The herbal medicine produced by alchemical procedures.
    Equipment - The tools of the trade such as Alembics, Crucibles, Flasks, Furnaces, Pelicans and Retorts.
    Spiritual Alchemy - The metaphysical, philosophical, psychological and sexual aspects of alchemy.
    Astrologia - 2012, Astrology, Astronomy, Calendrics, Cosmology, Divination, Tarot and UFO.
    Hermeticism - Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Order of the Golden Dawn, Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, Thelema, Theurgy.
    Spiritus Vitae - Chakra, Kundalini, Qi, Shaktipat, Samadhi, Sexual Alchemy, Tantra, Taoism and Yoga.
    The Sacred Art - For all discussions of a general alchemical nature.
    The Ancient World - Ancient Egypt, Antediluvian, Assyrian, Atlantis, Babylon, Lemuria, Mu, Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, Pre-historic and Sumerian.
    The East - Avicennism, Buddhism, Chinese Alchemy, Daoism/Taoism, Hindusim, Japan, the Middle East and Sufism.
    The Alchemists - Throughout the ages there have been many great alchemists, and this is the forum to discuss such adepts and their work.
    Shamanism - Shamanic traditions & practices, altered states of consciousness, psychedelics, indigenous herbs & medicines, OBE and NDE.


    Alchemical Texts - The complicated and multifaceted aspects of alchemy and its allegories, metaphors, symbolisms and subtexts.
    Translations - Alchemical works in need of translation from any language into any language..
    Subtext - The alchemical subtext of works that are not normally considered to be part of this genre, such as the Bible, the Torah etc.
    The Emerald Tablet - Its application, history, purpose and secrets.
    Symbolism and Imagery - The symbolism and imagery found in alchemical drawings and paintings, or in other visual medias.
    Sacred Geometry - Fibonacci, Fractals, Gematria, Golden Ratio, I Ching and Numerology.
    Words & Colors - Colors and Etymology.
    Pop-Culture - Alchemy in popular culture.

    ...So Below!

    Networking - Come into contact with likeminded.
    Art - Post your own alchemical art in the form of texts, images or links.
    Resources - Here you can find, and post, all kinds of resources on alchemy.
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    A special but simple request for all our friends here, especially those who joined us more recently:

    To avoid confusion, please make sure you post new threads in the appropriate section(s) of the forum, according to the topics of your threads.

    For example, it often happens that threads dealing with more general/mental/theoretical/spiritual/sexual/etc related topics are being posted under the 'Practical Alchemy' section - which deals mainly with the lab aspects of Alchemy.

    Yes, it's ALL practical, just as it is also spiritual and everything else... But we are really trying to make threads and posts easy to search and find, according to the main topics they are dealing with, for the sake of better clarity and easier orientation.

    So please, read the above descriptions of the various sections and try to post your new threads accordingly. It may make things easier for the other forum members / readers.

    Also, please don't be surprised if you find your thread has been moved to a more topic-appropriate section. It's only being done for ease of orientation.

    Sometimes (very rarely) thread titles may also be slightly altered to better express the topic of the thread. Please READ THIS for further elaboration on this issue.

    Thank you!

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