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Does everyone realise that the standard Spagyric work is just a dumbed down, safer version of making the stone, except that the plant elixirs are actually specified, while the stone is not.

Well that's how I see it anyway, and I'm really not sure how else to see it. I certainly do not attribute Spagyrics with old school big pharma. To me it is the foundation of the Holy Art. Not to be confused with experimental chemistry. Spagyrics philosophy exists in the same realms as our alchemical theories.

Spagyrics is specifically the encapsulation and purification of the three principals, which are philosophical in nature, and one does not require any knowledge of chemistry at all to perform this art (although it is an obvious advantage)

I am slightly offended, that you imply that spagyrics is a lowly form of medicine. Elixir Mixer is sad
Look at the history of the word and you will see why it was applied to pharmaceutical "chymistry". It was coined by Paracelsus and adopted by his iatrochemical followers. The objective of these people was to make medicines, not the Philosophers' Stone and transmutation. Paracelsus himself even confessed in one of his authentic books that he had not made the Stone. To him "alchemy" was more about making medicines. So from the very beginning "spagyrics" was attached to medicine. This is in stark contrast to the literature of the alchemists, where the Stone and transmutation reigns as the ultimate goal. Compare typical alchemical works, like those of Ripley or Norton, for example, to those of Paracelsus (his authentic works) and his followers. There is barely any similitude at all.

As for the plant "elixirs": they have nothing to do with the Philosophers' Stone. Totally different substances. It's almost like saying that aspirin is just a "dumbed down, safer version" of the Stone!!! Can aspirin or any so-called plant elixir change metals into silver and gold? Don't think so. People need to actually read more what the actual alchemists (not modern "New Age" gurus) say about the subject and how they clearly distinguished between their methods and objectives and those of "sophists", "puffers" and "vulgar chymists", with their multitude of processes and methods. Regarding medicinal objectives, the alchemists generally were only interested in the Philosophers' Stone and the remarkable therapeutic properties they attributed to it. All other medicines were considered inferior and not worth wasting much time and money on.