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Thread: Help with Beginning Theurgy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding yolk View Post
    Plotinus is about attaining union with the one true god and not gaining occult knowlege or powers.
    A quick primer on Plotinus' philosophy which is very informative is PORPHRY'S LAUNCHING POINTS TO THE REALM OF MIND
    Also see THIS (related).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgynus View Post
    Also see THIS (related).
    quoting solomon levi from link
    "What is a better symbol for the source - the eye that sees all but itself.

    Why is it that the stone or Prima materia is everywhere and men do not see it,
    just like the kingdom of Heaven?

    Is it not like nonduality? The Reality is everywhere present, but men do not see it."

    excellent observation indeed

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