Between two opposites must be, necessarily an "intermediate", a thin barrier that limits both aspects of one thing (two sides of the same coin). It seems to me that it is possible that the separation barrier is not "sharp" but "flexible" in the point or line of contact of the opposite.

Between black and white there is a gray area.
Between the cold and heat, warmth.
Between spirit and matter ... an intermediate area between the two, where perhaps, if we could have access to it or generate it somehow, would be in a position to access the spirit when it ceases to be spirit, and embodies or determined in the material World.

And what if we catch him from that place before it materialize in our world, while still being Spirit, even?

I think alchemy is "down" a piece of the realm of spirit to our material reality.
This is literally stealing fire from heaven.

So... we just have to know how to access to this place, or how can we create it.

Greetings to all.