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Thread: Translation Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellin Hermetist View Post
    The first one (Livre se XXII feuilletes) is the common work in which the alchemist use starry regulus of antimony to purify common mercury. I dont know the second one. Brouault's work is what its title says. It teaches you some methods to distill common spirit of wine and remove the excess humidity from it, after that to remove the phlegm from your wine, the acidic and oily substances and to purify tartar. The third book teaches you how to extract herbal essences using highly rectified spirit of wine. This book also makes reference to some curious experiments where you use bottles under vacuum to create artificial and perpetual moving springs. Its an interesting reading but Gosset's "Revelations Cabalistiques d'une Medecine Universelle tirée du vin, avec une manière d’extraire le sel de rosée, et une Dissertation sur les Lampes Sépulchrales" is a better choice if you want to work with wine.
    Thanks for your suggestions !

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    Hi Weidenfeld,

    Yes I know two of them (1, 3), the first in interesting, if I remember well, not much text.
    The last one in great, I have it in french and tret mostly about the uses of spirit ofwine as the source of "mercury".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis View Post
    It would be much easier to support a text if a synopses is given along with the title. I'm not sure everyone has heard of some of these books, and might not know what they're about, and probably wouldn't support it based solely on a title in a language they can't read.

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    This guy has apparently made some medicines and stones and seems to outline a process in his books, but they are German.

    Been somewhat keen on reading these. The sweet smell he mentions is a good sign I think, as it matches up with some of the older authors' claims, might've been Flamel, can't remember.
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