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Thread: Social Collapse

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    Social Collapse

    My friends and I have always talked and contemplated with one another about the end of the world, as we know it. It could be because of government, a zombie apocalypse, or some kind of natural disaster.

    In such an event, as an experienced alchemist, what kind of things do you think you would be called upon to do for your group? In other words, how can your knowledge of alchemy be of use in a social collapse?

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    Probably a small risk considering this lengthy list: List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events

    But if it still would happen I guess the advantage of the alchemist is that s/he is skilled in the self... and the more skilled in the self the more chance a person has to survive what might be a very heavy paradigm shift. Also if most people die a liking of hermitude is a plus.

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    I doubt alchemy would be of much use... but I think lots of people would be begging for alchemists' supplies of toxic elements like antimony so to quickly end their suffering in a shtf scenario.
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    Antimony Suicide? sheeesh... it would have to be pretty bad scenario...

    Alchemy it self, is always useful, it teaches about self assention (although probably not the best path in general for spiritual assention, but is a great stepping stone for beginners to learn the hermetic arts.), and I think during social collapse, that topic will actually be on the peoples mind a little more than usual. Of course "The Stone... blah blah blah"

    Spagyrics most definitely has its place. Rosemary Elixirs and stones are great for knocking out the flu before it grabs hold of you, not to mention the myriad of other herbs, whom's elixirs are of great worth, more so when the public health system falls down.

    And not to mention that an alchemical understanding, a righteous one that is, is the perfect perspective, I think, from which to grow a new world! One that is in tune with nature, animals, and the human soul. One that seeks the heighten and enrich, evolve even, all that is around them.

    Alchemy will most definitely be practised in the next world. IMO.
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