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Thread: Salt Work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wigwamman View Post
    note; The precipitate that is formed with H2SO4 is NOT calcium sulfate, as it will disslve readely in hcl , and when boiled in fuming H2SO4 it will form the crystals as shown.
    Dissolve them in stong HCl and give a little heat; does the solution turn green?

    Nice to see you back here

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    Ola DF

    its nice to be back,

    and yes it will turn grass green,
    heating intesifies the color...

    kind regards.

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    Hello and good day to you all again..

    just wanted to share some results, with you all
    as DF surgested calcining the hydroxides and redisolving them, and then rising the ph to 13 >
    this worked very well, i did some tests and it seems that not even a drop wise adition is needed while adding Naoh solution to it, this safes some time, i also did a experiment boiling off the solution under neutral ph (ph 7) this did not precipitate any thing, it did however leave a solids of sodium chloride and manna solids these were dryed on heat, redissolving these solids in deionized water dissolved the sodium chloride but left behind the manna, i tested to see if there was still manna left in solution by adding some salfuric acid and it did nothing to the solution, it did not precipitate any thing, so this seems to show that the solution was free of manna, as in previeus experiments it showed that it would precipitate the manna by adding a bunch of H2SO4,
    i could not get a good color indication this time as i used brown filter paper and the NaOH solution leatched some of the filter and the sample was contaminated,

    now the question is is this manna combined with its sulfur or is this still inside the wash water, and if so how is this to be seperated. in my bakingsode method with h2o2 i obtained a yellow goopy stuff from DSS and if i handeled it right it would be combine with the manna and give a white snow, this gave the strongest manna i ever made, but as this method is quite complex and quite expencive as well, i hope to find a beter way of obtaining the same stuff, in the bakingsoda experimetns it seemed that the sulfur part was still inside of the crystals, so this will be the first i will go and chack if i can pull out somehow its sulfur, and if not it should be somehere in the wash water,

    kind regards, WWM

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