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Thread: How to do psychedelics?

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    Jan 2021
    A thought about tripping in nature... It may seem like common sense, but a significant part (and often the worst part) of my job is having to run interference between humans and wildlife, so I feel compelled to mention it.

    This may not matter in some of the heavily developed countries, but if you are going to be out in nature and remote enough to have a reasonable expectation of privacy, it's a good idea to know something of the local wildlife, esp. poisonous species and the larger mammals (e.g. bears, the larger species of deer). I think it's essential for the sitter to have basic competence.

    My concern is, for the most part, about the behavior of the humans rather than the animals, namely either being so complacent that someone does something stupid, or so worried that the fear makes for a very bad trip. And if something does go wrong in relation to the animal, you obviously want someone who is both straight and knows how to handle the situation. As much as the media likes to make it seem otherwise, most problems with wildlife come from very basic, seemingly obvious, human mistakes. Sadly I have seen this over and over and over again.

    Of course the great thing , as I'm sure that many here know from experience, is that if you feel comfortable and confident with the local fauna then magical things can happen.

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    May 2022
    Wrong Island
    I have been using psychedelics for 15 years now. I have learned from experience that doing it "alone" (a sitter who doesnt interact with you much is critical if your not very experienced) and in a dark silent prayerful environment is critical to getting the real healing and wisdom that the medicines can provide.

    I have used psychedelics many times alone and many times with other people, recently I have decided im not going to be taking them with other people or mixing them with other substances anymore because that is not a good way to receive the potential these things can provide.

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