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Thread: How to do psychedelics?

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    Lightbulb How to do psychedelics?

    "The first place you go, when you're going to take a new drug, is the library."
    - Terence McKenna, "Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness", 1982
    I take no liability for any advice tried in this post... what you do is your responsibility.

    Psychonautics 101

    There are no rules, only paths. If you drop acid and go to a party then that is one possible path, or if you sit in the dark and meditate with your stomach full of Shrooms that is another... and guess which one has the biggest chance of giving you wisdom?

    This is only my own suggestions, but in regards to healing, safety and sanity it is also probably the best way to go about it. Although nothing is written in stone.

    1. What psychedelics are available?

    My personal rule is that it has to be natural so LSD is out the window. Below are some of the most common.

    Eat a large chunk of cannabis and you will experience the true way of partaking of this plant. Smoking it is a waste of weed. Can be strong, but in comparison to the rest fairly weak. Risk of paranoia depending on your state of mind. I personally don't like it, but I felt it needed to be included in this list.

    Magic Mushrooms/Truffles AKA Psilocybin
    Lightweight. These are good for beginners, but beware that doesn't mean they cannot be strong. Also fairly easy to get hold of as they grow (or can be grown) almost anywhere.

    Amanita Muscaria is not something I recommend unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing! It can be very dangerous.

    Salvia Divinorum
    A bit like Psilocybin although it doesn't last that long.

    Very strong and nothing that should be done alone. If you are inexperienced then make sure you take ayahuasca with an experienced healer/shaman or psychonaut. If you have the possibility to go to the Amazon and do it in its natural setting this is preferable, but make sure you find good people... where there is money there are charlatans. Avoid Ayahuasca mixed with Datura as this can be dangerous.

    Extremely strong and potent. For the real experience go to Gabon. I have also heard fairly good things about Costa Rica and even England, but I think it is only in Gabon you can get pure Wood (Iboga) instead of the ibogaine extract (if I understand it correctly). In either case just as with Ayahuasca you really need to do this with experienced people and never on your own. Especially with Iboga you need to be watched for up to a week afterwards as the effects can last for a very long time.

    Pure DMT
    The strongest of the all! This one I have no direct experience with myself so I cannot give any advice based on direct experience, but from what I understand it it very potent. Although it doesn't last very long; a few minutes.

    2. Which psychedelic should I try?

    If you are inexperienced I would suggest you try Psilocybin. If you cannot handle that you will be pretty screwed doing the rest. If you are experienced you really don't need my advice.

    Spiritual insight / wisdom / fun
    Psilocybin, Cannabis

    Healing, insight about the self, new path for your life, guidance
    Ayahuasca, Iboga

    You can be healed from all of them in a sense, but I think (based on my own experiences) that Ayahuasca is the King of the Cure, as well as the Philosopher's Stone in a Cup... it is the best path to go down if you want spiritual enlightenment, self help and healing. IMO.

    3. How to do it?
    Well the first thing you need to do before you take any psychedelics is research. Check out:

    Regardless of which psychedelics you want to try there are a few important guidelines I strongly suggest you follow:
    1. Never be alone. Always have someone that keeps a silent watch over you, help you to the toilet, get you a glass of water, give you a bucket to puke in or just be close by if you feel scared or alone. It is also advisable that this Sitter/Helper does not give advice or touch you while you are in a psychedelic state (unless this person is a Shaman or very experienced).

    2. Create a safe and comfortable environment. Make sure you have no commitments the following day. With Iboga make sure you are free for at least 10 days to be on the safe side.

    3. Clean yourself and fast for at least half a day before you do the psychedelics. In some cases like with Ayahuasca you also need to follow a certain diet.

    4. Do it in the dark, as dark as you can make your environment. This is the biggest mistake most people do I think... turn the light of folks!

    5. If you are not doing it in nature then have nature sounds (forest, thunder, rain, waves) playing on your stereo. If you use music I suggest shamanic songs or very soft piano music that you like.

    6. Have an intention that you think about before you take the psychedelics, like "show me the way in life", "help me with..." etc.

    7. Don't have any expectations.

    8. Don't resist, surrender.

    9. Always use a positive posture. For instance don't sit with your head in your hands as this is a 'depressed' posture

    10. If you are doing it with other people try not to disturb them. Show respect. You don't know what they are going through.

    Here are some additional tips from a Magic Truffle Ceremony we did in 2014...

    Safety = Knowledge

    Educate yourself!!!

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