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Thread: How the rock works its magic on "lesser" elements

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    How the rock works its magic on lesser materials

    Mainstream discussion on nuclear reactions seems to be based on atoms as discrete particles, but this does not seem to match up with the alchemical notions of claimed nuclear reactions as in the case of projection. Even less so when the rock is multiplied to a high degree, since a minor increase in the quantity of rock would yield an alleged tenfold increase in its power. A traditional nuclear reaction does not follow this sort of scaling.

    But if we look at matter from a wave perspective it seems slightly more possible?
    "Constructive interference" as multiplication (adding fresh "mercury")

    "Destructive interference" (projection. It's "destructive" for certain things, but constructive for the operator )

    I also vaguely recall reading somewhere that with alchemical sol, it might be necessary to fuse it with something like luna for quite a bit to "stabilize" it... seems to mean even the metallic sol could have rock like properties.

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