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Thread: Manufacturing Gold for our own benefit

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    Any more details about this in Husson's book? Where did it happen? Who was involved? How much of the Stone was used on the 90 Kg of mercury?
    Thanks to a correspondent from outside the forum more details about this transmutation have come forth:

    The transmutation took place in Amsterdam in 1712 and was of 177 pounds of mercury into gold. A correspondent of Henckel, called de Bournet, witnessed the transmutation and reported it to him years later (1739.) The person who operated the transmutation was an Englishman from Bristol who called himself "Peter of Leyden" but whose real name was apparently "Abraham Kington". The artificial gold was sold to the Grill family of the Netherlands (this is very likely the same Grill family to which belonged the goldsmith who operated a "particular" transmutation of lead partly into silver and partly into gold by means of a special "spirit of salt", which is reported by Helvetius in his "Golden Calf".)

    Information about this account can be found in: Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Volume 53, 1931. Article by Nierenstein entitled "A Bristol Alchemist". It can be found here:

    Notice, however, that the amount of the Stone that was used to transmute the 177 pounds of mercury into gold is not given in the account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salazius View Post

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    If you go here
    And look for a post around December 2013, there's a guy who claims one of his students turned bismuth to silver. He has a bunch of books with his process explained. It's an acetate work.

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