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Thread: Samadhi. Kundalini. The Red Body.

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    Samadhi. Kundalini. The Red Body.

    Have to be attentive when discussing concepts.
    Time is a concept.*
    Just like zero is a concept and 1-9 are the actual numbers.*

    To know.
    Is to remember.*

    To experience an then remember happens quickly.*

    To have no memory, is the unknown.

    Man constantly remembers and forgets.*
    Every night you sleep and forget everything.
    Upon waking you remember.*
    Awareness, or specifically self awareness is synonymous with attention.
    Mental attention is extremely limited.
    Humans are pilots in the cockpit of a jet.
    Attention is the pilot.
    The body is the jet.
    Unite the two.
    This is an old goal.
    Also an extreme one.*
    Every night you sleep, the attention is united with the body,yet you loose self awareness.
    This is a physiological function.
    So. Replicate those same movements without the impulse to sleep.
    I believe the east calls this samadhi, nirvana,the tao.
    The west calls it hypnosis.*
    The issue has always been loss of consciousness.
    The mainstream word kundalini refers to the spark gap effect of the body; this force is brought about via manipulation of vagus nerve ganglia (sympathetic and parasympathetic).

    [These ganglia connect to the carotid arteries heavily.*
    The sound of breathing is made by pressure fluctuating in the throat upon the vocal chords.*

    Breath. Control pressure and use to stimulate blood flow of carotid arteries. Change in blood flow and pressure stimulates the nerves attached (vagus nerve ganglia),
    When done right, the condition of the spark gap ( kundalini) forms.
    This spark gap does not manifest In alert waking state of mind.
    A slight alteration in mental state *trance* is needed.*
    A trance happens any time you fixate your attention on something. It is likened to zoning out or zoning in.
    Samadhi/nirvana/the tao are names for the final form of controlled trance. Hypnosis has also been known to *throw* people into these states.*

    Cultivate samadhi to enter the unknown/unconscious willingly (not through sleep) and cultivate the spark gap, in this way you stay conscious while in unconsciousness.
    The knowing enters the unknown.
    The mind rides the dragon through the gate of unknowing, in this way, you come out the other side.
    This is two thirds of physiological alchemy.
    The last third is utilization of attention upon the feeling of emotion in the body located often at the solar plexus area below the sternum.
    This center of emotion is the heart of mind and IS the very vagus nerve itself. This heart of mind which is the nerves of the vagus in the solar plexus runs right up into the memory and Feely part of the brain.
    This is you*
    Through controlled hyperventilation one stimulates the peripheral nerves of the body *paresthesia*
    Through concentrated effort of the mind upon the heart, this stimulation brought about by breathing is made to *enter* and stimulate the vagus.*
    *the spirit follows the mind and enters the heart*
    For mind: This creates a mental loop which cultivates conscious samadhi*
    *for body: this causes natural celibacy as one looses the feeling for sex. This is often referred to as an upward course of sexuality. *the body follows the heart,which ascends to the mind*
    In this way, the condition of tantra becomes manifest *only when you have no desire for sex are you ready*.
    When the condition is strong, sexuality activity being had, turns the body solid red, increases physical vitality and all associated functions including the self aware attention we call us.
    This will cause a rising which goes to the ears an causes much inner ear itching.*
    When united we call it kundalini *spark gap*.
    Thus the mind becomes continually conscious.*
    The body becomes young through constant renewal.*

    Tid bit.*
    Duality vanishes in deeper states of trance. This loss of duality is due to a change in perception.*
    (When you look at a word, your mind automatically reads it. Look at a word and try not to read it*, this state is behind automatic recognition, thus you perceive, yet there is no mental process past that). Thus duality vanishes in mind. The heart or feeling equivalent is equally important, an comes if the body is transformed.*
    Thus you create the knowing and unknowing worlds.*
    Knowing and not knowing.*
    You realize you are the door.*
    You open and close the door.*
    Yet there Is no more darkness.*
    Thank you for reading.
    This post has no been edited for grammar nor spelling.*
    This post is a personal opinion upon the mystery of life.


    No time.
    No space.
    No memory.
    That Is samadhi, the tao, nirvana.
    They are like death.
    Deep sleep is similar.
    The previous post by Avaar is simply a proposed methodical way to keep the self coalesced during transition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avaar186 View Post
    No time.
    No space.
    No memory.
    That Is samadhi, the tao, nirvana.
    They are like death.
    Deep sleep is similar.
    I would say :

    Bliss (Bliss in not "there" in the Vacuity, it located in you while you experience the Now-here/Nowhere).

    It is completely different from deep sleep.

    Since you are fully conscious, and not fully unconscious.

    (I speak by direct experience here. Just my 2 cents)

    My Works

    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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    Very deep sleep with full wakefulness. And aware of it being so.

    Like being wide awake/conscious, but your brainwaves in deep Delta, approaching zero/'dead'.

    So, almost dead according to the brainwaves (and possibly the other 'normal' body functions), but still very much 'alive'...

    A bit similar to the 'vampire' archetype

    Very similar to deep sleep and also very similar to wide awake

    And we CAN be in deep sleep (at night in bed) AND fully conscious at the same time, we just forget when we wake up

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    There's a big big difference with just being "awake" and being "awaken". In deep sleep or not.

    My Works

    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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    Deep sleep is like samadhi.
    The difference is.
    Sleep happens in an uncontrolled manner.
    The body enters sleep and drags the mind down with it.

    Samadhi. The mind enters into a very similar state willfully.
    This similar state is had through fixation of mind.
    Withdrawal of senses *just as in sleep*.
    Until all that Is left is awareness and the object of awareness.
    Then you let go of yourself, or you let go of the object.
    This can results In loss of self awareness.
    This is actually fairly easy to do.
    I have not purposely done it in many years.
    When I meditate my focus does intensify to the point of loosing peripheral awareness *surroundings etc*, yet I am working on something other than kundalini and samadhi.
    Anyway. Once you understand the process of fixating the mind efficiently, it is quite easy.

    There is little difference between the awakened and the awake
    We can split hairs all we want.
    Yet in short.
    It is the process of waking.
    Any man who masters sleep; he no longer looses self awareness while asleep. His waking self and sleep self are one.
    He who masters samadhi. No longer sleeps. He enters samadhi instead. For samadhi is more refreshing than sleep .
    If I may.
    Normal sleep is only a trance state.
    Samadhi is mastery of trance.
    Kundalini a physiological phenomenon which manifests in trance states.

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    As well.
    I agree that *physiological bliss* is not present in the deeper states.
    The bliss talked about from deep Samadhi is the self liberated from all things.

    The bliss of the lower states Is a physiological phenomenon.

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    My 'goal' is similar to what you describe, but only as a gateway. A 'Universal Gateway', for lack of a better term...

    Brainwaves, etc - approaching zero (no measurable 'life-signs'), yet fully aware and active/alive appearing, IF needed.

    'Conscious sleepwalking' can be one way to approximately describe it (I have had few and brief experiences of this state and it's... well... words can not really describe it ...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Avaar186 View Post
    I am working on something other than kundalini and samadhi.
    What are you working on?

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    Interesting post, thanks! Do share more of your insights / experiences in this regard. To try to relate - An excercise we have been given is to simply state I am Consciousness, Existence, Bliss (crude translation of Sat-Chit-Ananda). Soaked in the Presence and then simply aligning with this threefold truth can be enough to enter the experience thereof. The crackle of what from the previous posts can be understood as kundalini sparks can sometimes be heard going ta-ta-ta below / inside the ear (?)

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    For the past 9 years I have worked upon tantric alchemy.
    To be simple *rejuvenation via the transformation of sexual fluid*.

    As a disclaimer: I am aware of the many facets of tantra an associated sects. The words I choose are meant to convey the idea with ease. this idea is not limited to any culture*

    Few males and female during sex experience a sex flush.
    This sex flush is a reddening of the skin. It is usually a light reddening. It happens to those who are heavy breathers during the act.

    What I call the *condition* is generated via manipulation of breathing. Over the course of a few weeks this condition is strengthened. most obvious signs and symptoms are: an extreme increase in urinary continence; loss of all sexual feeling.
    During this condition if one engages in sex ; the entire body will turn solid red. One is not able to reach release, it is naturally withdrawn. You can try, you will only succeed with extreme difficulty.
    As well, Not partially red, solid red. This extreme sex flush also results in a semi permanent increase.
    *just as the condition is semi permanent, so it's result is semi permanent. Both can be reversed through indulgence in sexual release.
    The effects are accumulative.
    Meaning: doing it 5 times is greater than once.
    I did it 3 times in succession.
    After which I purposely destroyed the condition so as to consciously learn how to create it.
    In 9 years I have tried everything out there.
    Thus I focus on my own knowledge and direct experience as a foundation.

    I have replicated it 6 times In 9 years, albeit each of these times were low intensity and accidental. The methods I was utilizing were not efficient. Simple fluke results.

    Increased physical vitality.
    Increased natural heat generation.
    Sweetening of body odor.
    Self awareness during dreams, self awareness when leaving dream and waking up.
    Less need for sleep.
    Increase in light of the eyes.
    Extreme increased in mental capacity.
    Spontaneous peripheral nerve firing resulting in waves of overwhelming joy.
    Spontaneous silence of mind.

    The method I am currently testing.
    Controlled hyperventilation causing peripheral nerves to fire.
    I concentrate on the emotional center of the body *solar plexus*. In attempt to make the nerve stimulation penetrate the vagus nerve.
    This is my current theory.
    I need 35 hours concentrated time spread over 7 days or more to properly test this method.
    I am pursuing it as a few hours testing gave a small amount of result. Yet further testing is needed to determine if it is a workable direct method.

    This is the theory of accumulative regeneration.
    It is often spoken of in more lofty terms via ascetics.
    I have never seen it fully revealed.
    Most ascetic recommend celibacy for lack of knowing this process. * many years of celibacy and intense meditation result in low amounts of transformation over a long period of time*.

    Anyway. I apologies for any errors. I shall correct and edit this post later when I can utilize a proper computer

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    Hello Avaar186,

    I practice with sexual energy as well, a form of Taoist cultivation and sublimation within Qabalistic framework. Not strictly a 'traditional' path, as there are no schools where I live and I've had to piece things together with books and practice and re-reading books; so it is interesting to hear about your practices.

    The longest I've been able to maintain my practice was for 70 (ish) days before becoming "overwhelmed". The sublimated energy moved to my third eye and opened a few restless nights of visions, particularly one of Ganesh (remover of obstacles, from what I read) However, I was able to create a sort of union within my Self, which was quite worth it.

    I have never tried any techniques with the vagus nerve or solar plexus other than 'conditioning' before fixation, so again, thanks for posting about this.

    The tantra work you do is specifically towards the awakening and strengthening of kundalini energies?
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    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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