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Thread: Ozone as the Prima Materia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skipper View Post
    Give it enough that it is saturated and when put on a hot plate, it runs like hot wax. It does not smoke. When it cools, it conforms to its original form and consistancy. Then, put it into a long necked flask and seal it properly on a heat like that, that would incubate eggs. Around 37°-40° C.
    The process of making a 'salt that runs like hot wax' is strikingly similar to certain salt-volatilization processes, don't you think?

    Now you wait..... It should start to turn jet black in the beginning. This is the sign that all alchemist were looking for. Then it goes through all the colors, including peacock, until finally turning white... But they say, that this is not the end. You must turn the heat up to the next level (unsure.. maybe doubled or more) and it shows all the colors like before and then turns a citrone or yellow, but continue to wait and turn the heat up to its highest level (??? don't know). Then in turns red (blood red and luminous). This is the final product.
    What exactly would be turning black in the flask? I've done numerous experiments with water + salt digestions and all of them end up staying relatively the same as well I started.

    I personally think there is something else needed for the 'salt that runs like wax' to work on before any color changes happen.

    How you get the right water (don't know)
    How you get the right earth (don't know)
    How you get the right starting material (don't know)
    The labyrinth of the alchemists right there!

    Go to this link and watch this video [. . .]
    Here is my tip.... The stainless steel wool pads and the sock is a good start, but it is not in the gas that he is producing that is important, it's the water! Take this water and seal it up quickly like nav2010 explained once it has reached a temp of 37°, put in a water bath with a lid to keep the direct sunlight or direct light at all out of this equation and watch it happen.
    If you get around to trying this out, let us know!
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    A little background about myself, before we get technical

    Hi Kiorionis,
    I said earlier, that I did'nt know what the starting material was. At least I am not sure. I know what MY starting material is, but I have yet been able to exploit it.... because.... I have'nt got enough information or ideas to use on it.... until now. With this Forum, you guys are opening up my mind and creating ideas for me to apply this material on...
    It's quite speculative on my part, as I am not a Chemist.
    Anything I have learned up to now has been only through readings, some heavy, some light readings, but not really the kind of study that a college graduate would have to memorize. So, I forget things now and then. However, a lot of what I have read is coming back and making sense through some of the Threads in this Forum.

    I am quite the practical person and if something makes SENSE, I can make it work. It might have alot to do with my entire career(s). You see Kiorionis, I have done many different jobs in my life. I think I counted one time and I was over 30 different careers. Truck driver, Krane operator, Fry/Breakfast cook, Billiard trainer, Investment counseler, Computer hardware technician, Carpenter..... Alchemist? Well, I'm working on that.. But up until Alchemist, I am pretty good at the others, except for heavy equipment operator... I got fired a number of times at that. OK, I was only 19 at the time, but that job taught me alot about my nerves!
    Was a shit load of fun too!
    I'm explaining all this, to let you know that if I come up with an idea and it makes sense to me, their is usually grounds to trust my intuition. That is why I am sticking to Alchemy, it makes sense... somehow, in a perverse sort of way.. For example; I have never seen hot smoke flow downwards until I worked with my material. The stuff is full of surprises sometimes.
    At the moment, it has only to do with my intuition.
    People may laugh, but I feel there is something in it that is just waiting to work if I could just find it. Like the smell of my distillate in the reciever, once it had been destilled a number of times. Such a sweet fragrance, if a little chemical, but not at all pungent or bad. Though its source, was somewhat left to be desired in the beginning. It produced a jet black powder that I could certainly use to print a text with or dye a t-shirt! If I leave this black earth out in the open, it draws moisture from the air until there is a puddle on it. When I heat it, I see a brilliant white salt mixed with the black earth. At the moment I am trying to separate the two and work just with this white salt. However, if I were to wet it with its water, it all turns black again...
    Like I said, I'm not a Chemist and so I am a little afraid of losing anything I have at the moment. Even this black earth that I am separating is put in an extra sealed glass container with an insulated cap, away from metal..
    I've just turned the heat down and this white salt has formed a complete layer over the black earth that I know, is right under it. The black earth is powdery and easier to move than this salt. I know it is salt, because it tastes like salt. Yes, I have consumed a little.
    Still alive though!

    But as far as getting my material to work, I think I really need to separate this salt from the black earth. Destill this with its water and see what develops. However, this clean-up is very tedious work, but every time I finish and start destilling again, my salt seems to grow. I seem to have more than I did the last time... The bottom of my alembic is also white. Around the sides you can still see the black earth mixed with the salt.
    "Separate the black from the white and vivify the white." I read this somewhere, but this is becoming a formidable chore..
    However, if I could do this and put it together with this Ozon charged water, I think I could make this butter...
    However, making this Ozon water like nav2010 did, will be the next endeavor. Though that project is a last resort for me, because I think somehow "my water" can be developed further and may have properties needed for "our mercury" already....
    What I have done so far has taken me over a year, but it still gives me hope this time. Who knows how many times I've tried this, but nothing has given me more intuitive points to cling too than this try that I'm doing now....
    I hope nobody thinks I am asking for any help here, although I am sure my efficiency for the desired separation could very well be expadited much more cleverly if I were sure that this black earth was completely useless. But I don't think it is... And the water produces "oily maybe alcohol/sovent" droplets and is also somewhat salty...
    As for what my material is.... I must leave you to speculate for now...
    It's mine...
    It belongs to me...
    and to me it is precious
    Precious enough to protect her from scorn... and ridicule...
    Until I have proof, to "show off" her beauty... please refrain from attemting your guess...
    Thanks up front!

    As far as to your questions, well, I am quite certain that the Philosophers Stone is some sort of highly developed volitized salt.
    That would explain many mysterious anomylies to its supposed character. Like color changes, melting, smokeless, impervious to heat, intense luminous color.
    Heating salt? How high can you heat normal salt? Does it smoke? Does it burn up? Does it even disappear? Does it stay white?
    I'm really asking...
    All I know is that the salt in MY material has been heat over 400° C and nothing changes, except that I get a little more each time... maybe from something hidden in its black earth.
    In a separate experiment, I will destill this black earth that I have already separated and that, with its own water and see if I am still producing the salt. If it doesn't, then I know that this is in its final state... That should be coming up soon...
    Wish me luck!

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    Nice work Skipper.

    As for help, I believe this is the place for it. No other place found online has this many people devoted to The Art. It's up to each one of us, to push it up and make it even better. If we could join all our experience in one number it would be expressed in centuries. This is the real value of a worldwide alchemy forum. We learn from the mistakes and conquests coming from the experiments performed by all members.

    Thank you for your sharing!

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    Thumbs up ALCHEMY my religion

    Thanks for the tip Christophorus,

    As for help, I believe this is the place for it.
    It would be interesting to know just how many members we have here with at least a year of experience and study in Alchemy.

    If we could join all our experience in one number it would be expressed in centuries.
    That would certainly be worth a few centurys, but given a few of us here who have been working on this, with or without this Forum, well over 10-15 years... As far as experience, we may be looking at a Millenium+ !!!

    I'm going to buy a "Go Pro" and maybe make a small series of videos and set this up in another Thread that I'll start up.. We'll take a look at what I've got. I'll show the problems I'm running into and maybe a couple of interesting chacteristics this material openly displays... Is there a way to upload these videos only here and not publically, i.e. u-tube and Co.?
    What do you (all) think about that???

    Awaiting resonnance

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    You can post them on YouTube and make them not public, that only people with the link will find it. However this forum is public and I'm sure Google will find your video on here.

    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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