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Thread: My first post - Gold experiment after 4 years, advice please!!

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    Oct 2015
    Thanks for your kind words GhettoAlchemist.
    Thing is I purchased MANY kilos of NaoH which is sitting in the shed, what can I use this for?? Apart from cleaning out sinks and toilets.

    Let me tell you what hppened to me when I first made Ormus from Dead Sea salts, I made it the usual way and evaporated down with a light flame in my bedroom, head already was buzzing at this stage. Then I started ingesting the powder, and adding some secretly to my gf toast (she kind of knew), we both had the headband feeling no 'hu' BUT I felt when I went to a KFC and ordered some food I kind of stuttered and my movements were kind of not in co-ordination with my brain, a bit like a bad hashish trip and so I thought this stuff isn't good, although I wanted to believe the ormus hype and so I continued only taking small amounts, I went to bed and started, well I can't explain it as dreaming, it was as if the dreamworld was not accessable, I was in limbo not out of body or lucid dreaming, I was stuck asleep of course and felt the door to dreaming was closed and I couldn't get in and yet I wasn't awake either, bloody horrible experience.
    I stopped for a few days and travelled to Moscow, then took some again - whilst sleeping I dreamt of frames of different colours and then horses with loud hooves galloping and making loud bloody noise then I awoke to pick up the phone and realised it was my heart pounding and not the hoofs, another nutty experience, then a few days later in London I took it again and started to see kind of floaters in my eyes, a kind of glass circular bit in the eyes, when I travelled back to china I went to the local hopsital and had an MRI on the eye itself and the doc told my it's a condition that usually happens to people over 80's, the gell in the back of the eye kind of seperates, anyway I got this a few times when I was stressed out only - as I stopped taking the ormus years back, so I wonder if it speeds up aging?
    If you look at the ormus guys they look older all with white hair like don nance, seekverta etc, I mean it's not an anti ageing substance if these guys are obviously aging and maybe aging faster than usual, another thing is that Laurence Gardner (RIP) knew of all the companies that make ormus and so he would have had access to the best, and yet he passed away a few years back, so in my mind I think it may actually be harmful in some way - who knows!

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    Hi Peter

    I just put a post up on how to make food grade lye. HERE if you're interested.

    About your bulk quantity of lab grade lye.
    I recommend you buy a vacuum sealer machine and a few rolls of plastic.
    Then bag the lye up in small enough quantities to post it, and sell it on ebay for "soapmaking".
    Who knows, by trying to solve a waste disposal problem, you might create a lucrative business for yourself.

    For secretly giving your girlfriend your home made medicine.....naughty naughty...but you wouldn't be the first person.

    As for the old timers, taking ormus precipitates, yes I agree with what you say. They are old, and generally unremarkable,
    meaning ormus precipitate is indeed not the fabled fountain of youth. Surely that's not a surprise?
    I only have a couple of things to add ..... Don Nance was expected to die of cancer many years ago, so regardless of how he
    looks, it's got to better than how he looked if he were dead. And he himself attributes his survival of cancer to ormus.

    There is also Arthur Zeigler, owner of Sea Crop, who is also unremarkable in his old age, except that in the documentary "all the gold you can eat", he said that his blood oxygen levels are the same as most men in their 20's. Again this is unremarkable to me, since an adequate
    amount of magnesium in the diet will aid blood oxygen carrying capability, and sea water precipitate certainly has plenty of magnesium.

    So I would never say that ormus will stop aging, however magnesium is a required nutrient in our diets, and not having cancer
    is surely worth some consideration. So I continue to take my 2 teaspoons of seawater precipitate every day.
    I am suitably aware of the risk of kidney stones from the calcium I know I'm ingesting, but I believe it may still have benefits.

    I also take food grade diatomaceous earth every day, which may actually have an anti-aging effect.
    I have my own positive personal story about diatomaceous earth, but that's for another day.

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    Oct 2015
    Tell me please about the diatamcious earth, Do you have an idea what substance inside it gives longevity effects or healing effects?

    Sometimes we need to question things further, one needs to ask the question did Don Nance have cancer in the first place, 2 did he do any conventional and/or alternative therapy as well as take his Ormus? Think about it, the story has been online for years and he hs gotten business via this letter for sure, could it not be a marketing ploy? I know that when it comes to cancer one feels very uncomfortable asking this type of question but because it is cancer we are talking about cancer we should ask strong questions as carl Sagan said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

    One guy has a busiess called Hallelujah Acres he teaches veggie juicing, alkaline diet andthat sort of thing, he sells barley juice and focuses mainly on the christian market ... he is making a killing, he started all this cause he thought he had cancer and had a ball in his abdomen and it was growing he started taking barley greens or jucing and it went away and he is convinced he healed himself, yes it may have been a malignancy BUT he didnt have a diagnosis from what I remember, you see my point.

    Its personal for many millions, my mum passed away from cancer and my dad had bladder cancer he did chemo/BCG treatment and 5yrs later he is okay along with a healthy diet of course. Another Dr was sure he had cancer and took a pregnancy test and says this will show if you have cancer, he took chillies and other herbs/food and healed himself, of course he was offering a book online on exactly how he saved himself, do you see what I mean, I dont trust any of them unless I see a diagnosis/scan and then see a scan that shows the person in remission 5 years later.

    Even the guy on these forums that said he cured his cancer, you'd have to wait 5yrs for it to be called remission and the have a before and after scans or blood tests etc, we can't just come up with yeah I had cancer and expect others just to believe blindly, I would always look for proof, if Don Nance had cancer and afterwards was clear then why didn he show these scans in his letter online, it would have made his message much more powerful. Ive come across so many charlatans that I dont believe unless I can see some proof. Remember that people cheat for many reasons, money being the usual gain, importance - a ensse of being someone special and cheat themselves, they end up believing thier lies or false assumptions.

    Oh yes, the time I did give her the Ormus I did tell her at first but then added to her toast, now I realise it was silly after the 'effects' I had and wouldnt do this again. By the way the mice are stil on the purple Ormus the Gerbils are ok but one has an eye infection which I treated once with antibacterial powder and went away but now has it again so have to treat her again, but the Gerbils I actually stopped feeding them the Ormus and just give normal water.
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    I also take diatomaceous earth every day.As I understand it,it gives the body minerals as in it changes the electric niveau of our a battery works our cells produce electric current from the difference between one kind of solution outside the cell and solution/gelee inside of the cell.Like a diffusion reaction.With more minerals the cells can reproduce themselves faster and build the cell membrane better.A better cellmembrane means the amount/sort of solutions exchanged also slightly changes.So with enhancement of electric niveau of the inner cell/nucleus the amount/kind of solvents which can interact with the cell decrease.Less interaction means as long as the cell has enough energy/nutients it will not deteriorate.Sickness and aging is nothing more than a deterioration of the cells/electric niveau of your body. so more of the diatomaceus earth will help your body to heal itself(as long as the earth is absorbed offcourse).Diatomaceus earth basically is nothig else than dead dried and grinded up microcrustaceans of the sweet and salt water lakes/rivers/oceans so it is basically no earth but pretty much the same material our bones are made of...I am pretty sure these information are correct but would encourage you to look in this direction if you want and let me know if something important is different from what I think it to be

    PS: diatomaceous earth and "real" salt,not the ground up lithium you get in supermarkets(make the test,a spoon of salt in a water glass than swirl it thorougly and wait a few seconds.Pure salt will fall to the ground and the water will be as clear as distilled water.Normal table salt leaves the water milky and white,THIS IS NOT SALT but mostly unprocessed grounded glas called quarzsand like lithium.
    Salt and minerals create the battery of our body.If there is no salt in our body the cell can´t diffuse nutrients into its inner because the suction/absorbtion is produced by the different electric niveaus of salt water ph and the neutral ph of distilled water.For the diatomaceous earth to work right I would advise to pay a couple dollars more for a premium salt and if you want to put the crown on the duo of salt and earth than also try to get a good water as found in nature,waterpipes destroy the electric information and voltage which is why all that comes out of the sink is actually dead water which our body can only very hardly absorb on the other hand waters fro natural fountains/clean rivers and organics like fruit and vegetables all have water in its original form.For more information google the swirl effect and how swirls and vortexes energize water and how ironpipes and manufactured bottling destroys the natural structure water molecules take.

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    Mar 2011
    187 here's my diamotaceous earth story, since I said I would tell it eventually..:

    I only became aware of it after watching the documentary "All the gold you can eat". In the film a farmer
    mentions that he has a white earth on his property and he had scientifically tested it and found that
    within a short time of eating it people's brain waves would move into the alpha levels (usually associated with relaxation and meditation). He then had the clay certified as food grade and he began selling it.

    Even though he never said what his clay soil was, I figured that his farm cant possibly be the only place
    in the world that has it, and endeavoured to find out what it is. The best answer I could come up with, is
    that it's probably diamtomaceous earth. And turns out that diatomaceous earth is in many places, even Australia, and yes we even have food grade available. So I bought a 5 kg bag of it.
    I found many testimonials on the internet from people who have been taking it, and found it to be safe, however
    the conventional wisdom seemed to be not to take it if you have mercury fillings in your mouth. Well, I still had one, so I opted to wait until after I had it removed.

    I ended up taking 5 weeks leave from work, took my children on a holiday to Brisbane, and had my mercury filling removed and replaced while there. As soon as I came back from holiday, I started taking 1 dessert spoon of diatomaceous earth with water every night before bed. I returned to work several weeks after. So I'd been taking it for about a month, after my first few days back at work. One of my colleagues on seeing me for the first time since my holiday was staring at me with an open mouth and strange expression on his face.
    I asked what was wrong with him, feeling a little paranoid because he was looking at me as if I was a freak or something. He asked me where I went while on holiday. I cautiously replied I only went to Brisbane, and then asked why he was asking. He replied that I have aged -7 years in the since he last saw me 2 months ago. I laughed and said must just be destressing from not working for a while, but then he said, no, there's lines on my face that are now completely gone. Of course I didnt tell him that I'd been taking my diatom earth, but I felt great to have this positive reinforcement.

    Ever since this time, people who dont know me have being consistantly estimating my age as early to mid 30's.
    Which is 10 years younger than I actually am. People always guessed me as younger than am, but before last year, they used to guess me late 30's, now it's mid 30's. This is with my hair-line receding.
    A friend recently talked to me about this. She was mortified to make a joke to a stranger that I'm the "old guy", and he replied to her that we looked the same age. She is 34, and 10 years younger than me.
    She didn't like to have to say it, but she told me that even though I'm going bald, I still look like a young man.

    I can't explain nor understand it, but if strangers are telling me I look like I'm still mid thirties...I'll take it!!

    As to the question of how this stuff be honest, I have absolutely no idea.
    Chemically it is silica, which is supposed to be inert, and indigestable.

    As JinRaTensei says, diatomaceous earth is the skeletal remains of micro-organisms.

    Do the skeletal remains of biological entities retain some sort of life force?
    Could it be that the porous nature of diatomaceous earth exhibits a cavity structure effect?
    Is it in fact partially digestable, and simply that some of us are deficient in silica?
    Who knows....I certainly don't, but I don't care either. It works...that's good enough for me.

    Other things that I do might also influence my general health.
    Eg I take vitamin C and sea-water precipitate every day, eat organic fruit and vegies and drink organic milk where possible, try to only eat preservative free food, avoid refined sugar. Even lost 12 kgs in the last 12 months.
    But in the last 6 months I noticed 2 things.
    First, that my sex drive has increased to what it was when I was early 30's. I got divorced 6 months ago, and this has led to a sexual relationship with someone I prob shouldn't have.

    And second, that I have become visible to women again, something I'm really chuffed about. Only the old guys here will know what I'm talking about. But I noticed that as I approached 40, young women stopped paying attention to me. But now, it's come back a bit, not like before (because I'm still balding). But now some women, even really young ones like 30, will give me that little flirtacious smile. If I catch their glance, they give me a second look, turn their head, etc. Of course I already realise that once they know I'm 40's, divorced and with children, they run a mile, so I don't even bother to try to pick them up anymore. But I'm still chuffed that I got that back a little bit, because I thought it was gone forever.

    Anyway I can't say any of that is from diatomaceous earth, but.....I do suspect.....

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    Wow - nice story mate!

    I do understand the balding bit, better to shave your head, I think women like that better it kind of shows you dont care and that to many women I think is a masculine sign something that is attractive anyway and its cool nowadays or has been for some time now, you're luck'y you have a receeding hairline at least.

    You've probably been released from the stress of sexual relations with a person you didnt feel sexy towards and not relaxed with (possibly), I think many men are in that same boat, when you are stressed or not relaxed blood has a problem heading down south, I've had these problems, once in my 20's a woman who was a psychotherapist complained that I couldnt get it up and said I was impotent and then realised what she said and apologised, I thought it was my fault and maybe I was 'impotent' - I later realised I was that being with her that didnt make me feel relaxed, I wasn't relaxed with this woman so yeah in that case I was impotent, when I met another woman and felt relaxed then things worked, so stress = no desire. In my experience anyway.

    A woman once replied to a girl complaining of stress, she asked if she had kids and the girl said no, the woman said if you haven't had kids you don't know what stress is, that's another thing that destroys your libido or has the potential to, looking after sick or elderly parents or being sick yourself doesnt help either and in our 40's 50's all this stuff has a tendency to happen, so its great that you have eliminated a stressor in your life (dont mean that in a bad way at all) but its one stress less, my wife wont let me have a young mistress and so I have to settle for Alchemy (kidding)

    I wonder if taking the earth is a coincidence and happened around about the same time you were getting over the longterm relationship, i.e. divorce and were free again, could be a combo of the ormus, the earth and the newfound freedom, psychologically you have access to things that you didnt have in years (when you were younger), like going out, meeting younger women, having time to do things you wanted to do but didnt etc. On the one hand it can be a lonely place but on the other a very liberating one. I suppose you have to learn about yourself again, who you are and get used to being in your own company, I find this is what happens in dailylife we have no time to catch our breath and be with ourselves, even if we meditate we stop one thing and then DO something else, oh let me meditate now, oh no I have to go out and pick up the kids, oh now I have to ..., we dont actually STOP. We go from day to day in a daze, in a busy daze, I'd like to have a day were I could just do nothing, no internet, facebook, youtube, kids, wife, TV, or things to do - even eating ..... just being, yeah that would be interesting.

    What that earth seems to have is Silica and 2-4% Alumina, although to get Aluminium you'd need to heat to something like 1000C I think, people still worry about Alumina and possible links to Dementia like Alzheimers.

    Maybe its the Alumina? I experimented wwith Silica that had a much higher percentage of silica and Alumina in China with my mouse 'Betty' she was the ONLY one who lived 2 and half years and died accidently when she ventured out of her cage down the stairs and couldnt climb back up, I had about 20 mice all die of various diseases, 30-40% of diseases thhey had when I actually purchased them and died with 2 weeks of purchase, the rest probabably due to scorching heat in southern china, in-fighting etc. But Betty remained strong even though she was ingesting somerthing that is supposed to be inert, she had good energy levels and was healthy, and outlived all the other mice and wasnt supposed to die, she died of thirst. So I wonder if there is a secret here, an is it Alumina or Silica or something else, a combo of both? Most of the earths crust (99%) is made of 8 elements the first is oxygen 47% then you have the lowest from 2% to 5% Mg, K, Na, Ca, Fe, but then at a whopping 8% is Alumina and wait for it .... at 28% = Silicon

    Other sources Ive read online say - The mineral silica, which is silicon dioxide or SiO2, makes up 60% of the earth's crust. Alumina, which is Al2O3, makes up 15% so these two compounds combined account for about 3/4 of the earth's crust...

    Its brilliant that you lost 12kg, awesome! Dont feel bad about having a sexual relationship with someone you shouldnt have, just be happy its still working, seriously - many of us older guys have that problem, whether its stress, heart problems, taking meds etc one effect is to eliminate the sexual fire.
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    I forgot to say thankyou for the Lye making link and info, Thanks.

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    Thanks for your warm response Peter, actually I was going to log back in after I got home from work and delete the second half of my post since I regretted writing it. But since you responded, I have to leave it up now after all.

    Yeah I guess that being released from a difficult marriage has had a positive effect on me in some ways.
    Here in Australia it takes quite a long time to get a divorce. We had to be separated for 12 months before the application could be lodged, and it took another 3 months after that until the court granted it.
    And I'll admit that the final release from the marriage would have taken a big weight off my shoulders and probably improved me in some ways automatically. But it also pissed me off in some ways too.

    Anyway I leave it as I said it before....I honestly reckon diatomaceous earth has the biggest positive impact on my general well being than anything else.

    I only attach 2 caveats for anyone who might decide to copy.
    First only take food grade diatomaceous earth, and second mix it with water and take
    it like a sludgy drink. IE: don't put it in your mouth dry because you don't want to run the risk of accidently inhaling it.
    Enough said....take it or leave it.

    If you're worried about Alzeimers, lay off the paracetamol, and try to avoid flouride too, since it causes the body to retain heavy metals. It's a controversial thing to say, but I personally believe that the modern epidemics of Alzeimers and Autism are just neurological symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. But I thank you for your caution....and I'll concede, that yes, perhaps diatomaceous earth can lead to Aluminium absorbtion.

    As for my "friend with benefits"...isnt that big a deal.....she is single. But I'd be embarrased in front of my kids about it if they knew is all.....and my oldest sometimes reads this forum Also I never really thought that getting old and still being able to get it up was that big a deal, but since you mentioned it Peter, I'll be sure to be grateful about it.

    No problem about the lye information....I probably should have put it up a long time ago. Might have been helpful to others, so I thank you for bringing it up to start with. I also thank JDP for correcting my bad info.

    Lastly, thanks for the update about your mice and be sure to keep us posted about any further developments (or lack thereof).

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    I forgot to address the cancer stuff in my last post.

    Everything that Peter says is true. I can't argue with any of it.
    I will say this me Don Nance is a genuine, honest, and impeccable man.
    I only wish there were a lot more people like him in the world, he has chosen to freely
    share information that others have hidden and secreted away.
    If he says he had cancer, then I believe him simply on the strength of his character.

    Don is selling ormus precipitate in an online business, so he certainly does have a vested
    interest to lie, and stretch the truth. But having watched all the footage released by Joe VanDeKamp
    I can see that Don is a man of very modest means, if he is a charlatan and a swindler, clearly he isn't very good at it. Joe himself was also fond of Don, repeatedly saying that Don is the nicest man he ever met.

    For anyone who chooses to believe Don's word that he had cancer, the best valid counter argument is that some people spontaneously go into remission seemingly for no reason at all. And if this was the case with Don, then his taking ormus would have simply been a coincidence. He puts this argument forward himself in Joe's footage, so that's probably what his doctors said to him. So even if he provides proof that he had cancer, the doubters are just gonna say his cancer spontaneously regressed anyway.

    So after all the above, it simply comes down to what to we all choose to believe.
    Do you believe Don actually had cancer?
    And if so, do you believe that his taking ormus was the cause of him getting better?

    As Peter says, there are many charlatans out there who will make any claim about cancer to make a dollar. That's the reason I was careful to say Don claims ormus cured his cancer.

    Also I saw a reference a couple of days ago that reminded me of your challenge Peter. I think it was a poem in relation to the holy grail, it said something about the grail removes all your sickness, but you will still have grey hair. If I can find it again I'll put it up here.

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    Peter Says:
    If you look at the ormus guys they look older all with white hair like don nance, seekverta etc, I mean it's not an anti ageing substance if these guys are obviously aging and maybe aging faster than usual,
    And here is the reference I mentioned last post...taken from the book "Atlas of World Mysteries"
    published in 1970's

    Another development that took place in Europe during the time when the Grail romances were being published was the rise of a powerful, occult organization certainly connected with the Grail: the Templars. Parzifal, a German version of the Grail romance, composed between 1200 and 1220, specifically refers to a movement like that of the Templars as the guardians of the Grail, and is one of the most mystical of the Grail stories. Parzifal openly describes a spiritual quest to provide a key to enlightenment. The chaste order of Knights that is depicted, residing in the Munsalvaesche (Grail Castle) is sustained 'by virtue of a stone most pure...Never is a man so ill but that, if he sees the Grail on any day, he is immune from death during the week that follows. Besides, his looks never change, he retains the same appearance as on the day he saw the stone.
    Whether it be maid or man, even if he beholds the stone two hundred years he keeps the appearance of his prime, except that his hair turns grey...The stone is also called the Grail.'
    Of course I'm not saying that ormus is the fabled stone (I myself only consider sea water precipitate as magnesium supplement), but rather pointing out that this reference seems to say that grey hair might still happen even if you possess the philosophers stone.

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