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Thread: The Celibate Philosopher

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    I have no objection if somebody wants to pursue Alchemy as a celibate. However, for their own benefit I think they ought to do so reasons that apply to them and that produces results for them. First what is the purpose of Alchemy? I have known people pursuing Alchemy via all sorts of methods. Some don't appear to have learned anything about the nature of this creation or how to get around in it or how to do much of anything of use the themselves or others. If as Haule says that Alchemy is about building the soul, and I agree most fully, the "rules" are the rules of the Cosmic Operating System or whatever else one wishes to call it. Cultural rules, made to create an illusion, keeping people who would kill you and all your associates chasing their fantasies instead of doing much worse things. You listen to 100 different tantric alchemists you get 100 different stories. "Every monk his (or her) own doctrine". So Ramakrishna, clearly severely b12 deficient, learned a celibate tantra. He may have literally been incapable of a non celibate tantra.

    If I were writing a personal alchemical diary to detail my experiments and trials, and I was in a dangerous environment wherein my own writings if found would be used against me, would certainly be in my own shorthand as were. Maybe I would use reversals of meaning to hide anything that would have me burned at the stake. Everything would have to be written to not be heresy so I would have to adopt the local terminology with my own meanings. I do have a few memories of a very unpleasant burning and the long burning anger that started. I don't have to pretend to be anything in particular to be left alone these days. A long time ago I decided on a form that doesn't require any "hardware". It is so inborn in me now that I remembered starting in 3rd grade.

    So as far as being "celibate" there are those who say it and do it. There are those who say one thing and mean a different thing. There are those purposefully misleading, making a mask for protection. Which are which? Which are combinations. Which are written for ones self with remembered keys to understanding. There are those reading and parroting what others have written having no idea how many layers deep the veiled, reversed and hidden meanings might be stacked merely add to the misunderstanding. There are lots of things that are written that exude meaning at the level of understanding that the reader has. Also, direct meanings may not what a person may interpret.

    A few years back Clinton got into trouble over a blowjob and he said "I did not have sex with that woman" According to the meaning of "have sex with" of more than half the people in this country he didn't. I know plenty of local Mormons who remain celibate before marriage doing everything except intercourse, "having sex with". When I grew up there was necking, petting and "having sex with" which was the only non celibate, and "forbidden" thing. So living Yoni puja and Linga puja are quite doable while remaining celibate. It is known and documented that Ramakrishna, a devotee of Shiva, did a living linga puja frequently if not daily. This has been relatively hidden through the years with the assumption that it would be misunderstood, perhaps especially in a puritanical society such as England of the period and the USA. Ramakrishna practiced a celibate Tantra. That may not be what some would think of as celibate. So be careful in what meaning is applied to many words, especially ones with many possible meanings without even any intention of misleading as such.

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    Recenty coming across more instances of "recipes" that work for some but not for others.

    With respect to Bashar; rituals, recipes and techniques are often "permission slips" we give ourselves to allow ourselves to do or be what we think the tool or technique will help us do or be.
    But they're JUST permission slips. In other words, we can make the changes directly without any technique, but we have belief systems that attract certain ways of doing it. Like Dumbo's magic feather, we can fly without but need that symbol /thing to progress.
    Permission slips can be ritual, various alchemical preparations, entheogens, anything we can use to awaken / stir up consciousness. This may be why some reach the Goal by a path that for another seems absurd.

    Celibacy, if that centre respresents a lot of energy for the person involved, can then grant a big psychological / energetic currency to be spent on other things.
    With a certain conditioning celibacy is a massive "permission slip", whereas in other times, cultures, races celibacy would have little benefit - for it represents very little / simply buying into the illusion of duality.
    Working from the perception of chakras (one of my persomission slips) when the sexual energy reaches the heart - sex can energise much more than it removes. A little technique to play with, to redirect and amplify orgasm for increased energy - here - http://
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    I’m with Sigmund Freud on this one. An adult not having sex is bad for them and can lead to serious neurosis. I know in Hinduism it is sometimes considered not useful to have sex and I totally disagree. Also Wilhelm Reich correctly identified mass sexual repression brought about by xtianity as an emotional plague which can produce a mass barbarity and brutality in a culture. The Facism if nazi Germany was as Reich identified brought about in part by xtian based sexual repression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axismundi000 View Post
    I’m with Sigmund Freud on this one. An adult not having sex is bad for them and can lead to serious neurosis.
    While I do enjoy Freud's work, the majority of his opinions are based on the study of neurosis and psychological abnormalities in his patients.

    I know in Hinduism it is sometimes considered not useful to have sex and I totally disagree. Also Wilhelm Reich correctly identified mass sexual repression brought about by xtianity as an emotional plague which can produce a mass barbarity and brutality in a culture.
    The same can be said about those who indulge in sexual expression.

    There is also a difference between sexual repression and the sublimation of sexual impulses. The first create's stagnation, the second jubilation.

    I do agree that sexual repression makes on irritated, angry and possibly insane.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    I did hear a Taoists once
    saying those who live alone on a mountain and are celibate and sit very still
    build up Yin negative thinking it is good path
    but they get the Roving Madness and their body suffers
    Sex is healthy
    the Yang active moving is what you want to build
    like water when it is moving it is living

    There is some evidence to suggest Sexual activity increases intelligence
    but its not concrete
    it would be interesting to see if Gnostic sexual practises, Taoists sexual practises and Tantric sexual practises had a common root
    When did Sexual energy start being consciously used for spiritual purposes ?
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