It is as if the left an right are their own magnets. An you are trying to get them to coalesce into one magnet. To be honest I cannot say much more on this method.
It is on average below 20 degrees here. Which honestly matters not. I simply have had zero spirit to practice..even knowing it is the only thing which can save my soul and life literally. My zealot like nature I once had is all but gone. Although I am working on my heart. As a self educated person, who know knowledge and understanding destroyed faith, yet would lead back to the understanding of what it is and why it is necessary. (;
This tid bit honestly leads into my thread of hypnosis and my comment on spirits and Tulpas.
In short. My analytical guardian became too strong. So strong it realized what was missing. So i am working on strengthing that missing part. So i may regain my previously lost zealot nature. The former zealot like nature I had which nothing could stop. Which allowed me to practice for 6 to 7 years straight without any resistance or hesitation no matter the situation.