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Thread: The Celibate Philosopher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axismundi000 View Post
    There is also the method of erotocomitose lucidity. Brought to organsm by skilled ‘facilitators’ until you literally lapse into a comatose dream state, this the trained mystic can then employ as a platform to achieve enlightened experiences and realisations.
    Indeed; I've heard of this from quite a few sources, however, Unless I can somehow prove that its my wife im astro-fucking, I would be doing my best to avoid such situations; mainly because, human sexual energy is quite literally the powerhouse of this entire domain, if not others, and having sexual relations with anyone is kind of like a 'deal'; and then that forces me to consider "what are they getting from me? And why do they want it". So im big on the no-cuming rule (not that i stricktly enforce it all the time) regardless of what dimension, and even more so scheptical in a higher dimension because as you say; the 'experience' aka energy is increased, more too lose in my opinion.

    What say you?
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    Personally I think ejaculation should always be for a purpose. I draw a parallel between the pointless verbal ejaculations of some I meet and the often inebriated and drug fogged, always ill considered ejaculations they have on a night out on the town.
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