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Thread: Cures for Cancer

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    Please check out this story (just 1 example):

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    A relative of a friend had success with Vitamin C injection. Another friend with Cannabis Oil. It might not be a 100 % cure for everyone (state of mind and early discovery are two important aspects that will greatly influence the end result of any medicine), but if you have cancer + death wish then go to a mainstream hospital and do everything they tell you.

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    Exactly dev,

    iId like to suggest another video which sums up pretty good how we have come to actual medical situation.

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    Stem Cells

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    My cousin managed to cure the stomach cancer by using a secret recipe from a chinese, wich involved wiskey and aloe vera. She was in the second stage. She told me that when she was working in Spain, she had a chinese friend that own a local pharmacy and when he find out what was the reason for her bad mood and condition he told her about this secret recipe that was passed by generation. I am not jocking, she really got cured !!!

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