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Thread: Cures for Cancer

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    Please check out this story (just 1 example):

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    A relative of a friend had success with Vitamin C injection. Another friend with Cannabis Oil. It might not be a 100 % cure for everyone (state of mind and early discovery are two important aspects that will greatly influence the end result of any medicine), but if you have cancer + death wish then go to a mainstream hospital and do everything they tell you.

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Exactly dev,

    iId like to suggest another video which sums up pretty good how we have come to actual medical situation.

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    Stem Cells

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    My cousin managed to cure the stomach cancer by using a secret recipe from a chinese, wich involved wiskey and aloe vera. She was in the second stage. She told me that when she was working in Spain, she had a chinese friend that own a local pharmacy and when he find out what was the reason for her bad mood and condition he told her about this secret recipe that was passed by generation. I am not jocking, she really got cured !!!

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    I think all forms of Cancer can be cured by Fasting. However, at certain stages, I could see why Fasting might not be a solution, but in the Early Stages, then yes, I will say without a doubt that Dry Fast/Water Fast alone can rid you of Cancer.

    Just my thoughts.

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    This guy cured his late stage cancer (at age 85) which had spread to the bones throughout his body. He could hardly walk and was bleeding often. Totally cured himself just drinking reishi mushroom tea. He was even able to play golf later at age 91.

    Reishi is arguably one of the most important materials in chinese medicine.

    I'm lucky enough to live somewhere that has a relatively abundant supply of wild specimens to forage.

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