Hey folk's!

I imagine that a lot of people here study alchemy for the same reason I do.. to help people!

I would like to start a thread, with the purpose that as a community, we can rationally present forth one straight forward process, proven by both science, and antiquity, to be both reasonable easy for any budding alchemist to produce, and that we can all confidently stand in agreeance, that such substance is capable of improving ones health.

Anyone willing to start the ball rolling. I suppose the dream out come here would be for someone experienced in creating potable oil of gold or oil of silver (which recently underwent a scientific trial and both showed to SIGNIFICANTLY improve ones blood chemistry)

I will share links for that study later on today.

Please help me help the poor and needy. I promise you divine blessings in return. (Me and God are pretty tight )

It's not what you know, it's who you know.